juridical body implementation to supervise to issue survey Load Line Certificate Certificate for seaworthiness Certificate for Minimum Freeboard acknowledgment merchant vessel insurance society to establish dues and charges BRT (Brutto Registered tonnage) GRT (Gross Registered tonnage) NRT (Net Registered tonnage) reliability sea-going vessels solidity [sә´lidәti] to lower fitness load line freight-carrying capacity bankruptcy hurricane force юридический документ, орган выполнение вести контроль, наблюдать (за чем-л.) выпускать осмотр, инспекция Свидетельство о грузовой марке Свидетельство о Мореходности Свидетельство по Минимальной Линии Загрузки признание, подтверждение зд. документ, признающий что-л. торговое судно страховое общество учреждать пошлины и налоги брутто регистрированный тоннаж брутто регистрированный тоннаж нетто регистрированный тоннаж надежность морской транспорт плотность, прочность уменьшать, снижать годность, соответствие грузовая линия, линия нагрузки грузоподъемность банкротство; несостоятельность ураганная сила





Register of shipping is the juridical body. Its main objective is to increase safety of navigation. There is Register of Shipping not only in our country but in Great Britain – British Lloyd’s, in France-French Veritas, in Sweden-Swedish Lloyd’s, in Norway-Norwegian Lloyd’s and American Bureau in the USA. Register of Shipping supervises for the implementation of international conventions, takes part in the work of international organization.

Register works out and issues classification rules, for sea-going vessels, construction rules and also rules for ship’s measurement and definition of their load line. Register defines the degree of wear, conducts survey and produces the following documents: Load Line Certificate, Certificate for Seaworthiness, Passenger Certificate, Certificate for Minimum Freeboard and Certificate for the use of Shipboard radio station.

Vessels, which are built according to these rules, are given adequate certificate of class in the Register. This certificate is acknowledgment of vessel’s reliability and fitness for the navigation.

Class of the merchant vessel defines solidity thus gives the right to define Load Line and region of navigation. Insurance societies establish the amount of the insurance sum on the technical class basis and take correspondent dues from Ship-owners and Shippers for the cargo carried on board. We know that dues and charges for the services rendered to the ship are always calculated from gross Register Tonnage. It is the work of shipping register to ascertain BRT, GRT and NRT of any vessel. Vessel's class is lowered in case of the loss of original solidity after accidents, even partially.

Lowering of the class is unprofitable for the ship-owner because this may lead to increase of the insurance does and also to increase of the minimum Freeboard that is to reduction of freight-carrying capacity.


ANSWER THE QUESTIONS:1. What is Register of Shipping? 2. What is its main objective? 3. Does Register of Snipping exist only in the USA? 4. What does Register of Shipping supervises for? 5. What does Register of Shipping work out? What documents does it issue? 6. What does the ship built according to the rules receive? 7. What do insurance societies establish? 8. Why can the ship’s class be lowered? 9. Is it profitable for the ship owner? Why?




Exercise I. a) Find English equivalents in the text: юридический документ; регистр судоходства; выполнение; норвежский; шведский; вести контроль; свидетельство; соответствующий; груз; торговое судно; страховое общество; учреждать пошлины и налоги; страховая сумма.


b) Give Russian equivalents using words of the unit: Register of Shipping, juridical body, objective, France, French, Sweden, Swedish, Norway, Norwegian, American Bureau, to supervise, implementation, certificate, adequate, acknowledgment, merchant, insurance, profitable, freight, seaworthiness, reliability, to ascertain, tonnage, correspondent.


Exercise II.Agree or disagree with the following statements. Use the following phrases to express your opinion:


Agreement: I completely agree with you; yes, you are quite right; I have no objections.
Disagreement: Sorry, but I can’t agree with you; I am afraid you are wrong/mistaken; it seems to me the idea is different.

1. Register of Shipping is a juridical body. 2. Its main objective is to help passengers to book tickets. 3. Register works out and issues classification and construction rules as well as rules for ship’s measurement and definition of their load line. 4. Built according to these rules vessels are given adequate certificates. 5. This certificate testifies to vessel’s reliability. 6. Class of a merchant vessel defines its buoyancy.
7. Insurance societies establish the amount of insurance sum on the technical class basis. 8. Dues and charges rendered to the ship are calculated from Minimum Free board. 9. Vessel’s class is lowered in case of the ship owner’s bankruptcy.

Exercise III.Translate into English.

1. Главная цель Регистра Судоходства это увеличение безопасности судоходства. 2. Регистр Судоходства следит за выполнением международной конвенции. 3. Регистр определяет степень изношенности судна и его мореходность. 4. Хорошие суда получают соответствующие свидетельства, которые являются признанием их надежности и качества. 5. Известно, что пошлины и налоги исчисляются из общего тоннажа. 6. Понижение класса судна ведет к понижению его грузоподъемности. 7. Регистр судоходства имеет своё название в каждой стране.



Exercise I.Use the verb in proper tense form. Pay attention to Conditional sentences.

1. If we ______ (not / to follow) the pilot’s instructions, the liner would have had an accident. 2. If the Queen’s power were not limited by Parliament, Great Britain _____ (not/ to be) a constitutional monarchy. 3. If the country were not rich and had to import from our country, our ships _____ (to bring) to this country food products and raw materials. 4. If you had come to the port, you _____ (to see) a lot of ships approaching the harbor. 5. If the Chief Mate ordered, we _____ (to inspect) the life boats. 6. If our port were all-purpose dry cargo port, we _____ (to construct) specialized loading / unloading terminals and elevators in it. 7. If the river hadn’t frozen in winter, this port _____ (to open) to navigation round the year. 8. If you felt down from the ladder, you _____ (to hurt) yourself. 9. If you were allergic to any drugs, you ______ (not / to give) this medicine. 10. If the gale hadn’t become stronger, there _____ (not / to be) high waves and twigs _____ (not / to break) off the trees.


Exercise II.Paraphrase the sentences using Conditional Sentences.

Model: He promises to come early. I want to speak to him.
If he comes early, I will speak to him.


1. Our propeller is often damaged. Our engineer will repair it. 2. I am free of watch. I will go shore. 3. They promise to arrive at this port. We can meet them. 4. We must consult the contract. We want to know when the vessel leaves. 5. Let him go to our captain. The captain wants to give him some instructions. 6. He promises to be here before 10 o’clock. I want to see him. 7. He can’t operate a liner. He never studies navigation. 8. The storm is beginning. But the wind won’t reach the hurricane force. 9. We should take a pilot. We don’t know this harbor. 10. The cadets didn’t see timber-carriers. They didn’t visit the exhibition. 12. The cargo wasn’t fastened properly and the ship had a list to starboard. 13. The tanker spilled oil near the coast. Animals, birds and fish were in trouble. 14. There was an accident at the port yesterday because the process of loading wasn’t controlled properly.


Exercise III.Translate into English.


1. Если бы нашего капитана не было на борту, старшему помощнику пришлось бы заменить его и выполнять его обязанности. 2. Когда их сменят на вахте, они смогут сойти на берег и осмотреть город. 3. Если бы я был ответственным за службу технической эксплуатации, я бы нес вахту в машинном отделении, обслуживал и ремонтировал её оборудование. 4. Если радист получит штормовое предупреждение, он сразу же сообщит об этом капитану. 5. Если бы матросы подготовили вчера судно к отправке, мы бы уже давно вышли из этого порта. 6. Если бы я умел, я бы настроил аварийный передатчик сам.
7. Если вам покажут оборудование радиорубки, обратите внимание на приборы спутниковой связи. 8. Если бы нас проинструктировали на прошлом занятии, мы бы быстрее научились пользоваться секстантом и другим навигационным инструментами. 9. Если нам будет нужно пополнить запас продовольствия, мы возьмём курс (to head for …; to make for …) на ближайший порт. 10. Если бы вы отрегулировали систему кондиционирования воздуха, этого бы не произошло.



Exercise IV.Make a report (not less than 500 words) about one of the topics given:

Lloyd’s Register. 2. Indian Register of Shipping. 3. Shipping Register of Ukraine. 4. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 5. Bureau Veritas. 6. American Bureau of Shipping. 7. Registro Italiano Navale.


Exercise V.Retell the text.


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