bow rear stern cargo space water ballast bunk starboard port side weather deck lower deck / underdeck fresh water beam frame, bend bilge keel hull plating chart house нос задний корма грузовой трюм водяной балласт койка правый борт левый борт открытая / верхняя палуба нижняя палуба пресная вода бимс шпангоут скуловый киль наружная обшивка корпуса штурманская рубка



Main Parts of a Ship

The main body of a ship is called hull. This is the area between the main deck, the sides and the bottom. The front part is the bow, the rear part is stern. Decks and bulkheads divide the hull up into several watertight compartments. Some of them are used for the dry cargo (cargo holds) or the liquid cargo (tanks). The hull contains engine room, cargo spaces and a number of tanks. Some tanks are used for fresh water and water ballast. The space between the holds and the bottom of the hull contains double bottom tanks. These are used for ballast water and fuel.

Traditionally sailors use different words at sea. A bedroom is called a cabin. A bed is a bunk. The sailors call a kitchen as a galley. Right is starboard and left is named port. The group of people who work on board is called the crew. Sailors also refer to their vessels as she rather than it.


ANSWER THE QUESTIONS:1. What is the main body of a ship? 2. How is the front part of a ship called? 3. What is the stern? 4. What do you know about the ship’s structure? 5. What is the difference between tanks and holds? 6. Where is fresh water stored? 7. How is kitchen called on a ship?



Exercise I. a) Find English equivalents in the text: нижняя палуба; переборка; танк; левый борт; трюм; корпус; передняя часть; трап; машинное отделение; пресная вода.


b) Give Russian equivalents using words of the unit: accommodation; cargo spaces; hold; dry cargo; galley; bunk; weather deck; stern; main bulkhead; to store ballast water; double bottom tank; superstructure.


Exercise II. Read the dialogue and translate into Russian.

Chief Officer: Ah Mr. Hansen, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m the Chief Officer. I believe you want to see some places on the ship?

Mr. Hansen: Ah yes, hello there. That’s correct.

Chief Officer: Ok, let me show you the way. First, we can look at the bridge. Please turn right and go up these stairs one level... It’s in front of you there.

Mr. Hansen: Yes, I see. Very good. Everything seems to be in order. Which way to the radio room?

Chief Officer: The radio room is on the right and the chart house is behind us.

Mr. Hansen: I see. Is the Radio Officer in there?

Chief Officer: No, he isn’t. Let me show you the hospital.

Mr. Hansen: Certainly.

Chief Officer: Ok, go straight ahead to the end of the corridor. It’s on the starboard side.

Mr. Hansen: All right, then. And where are the cabins?

Chief Officer: The officers’ cabins are one level below us. The ratings’ cabins are two levels down.

Mr. Hansen: Ok.

Chief Officer: So here we have the hospital. Do you want to see inside?

Mr. Hansen: No, that’s not necessary. There is somebody in there.

Chief Officer: In that case Captain MacMillan is ready to see you. Please come this way. We can turn left here and his office is on the port side.

Mr. Hansen: Very good. Thank you for showing me around.


Exercise III. Translate into English or Russian where it is necessary.


1. What are the structural parts of the ship’s hull? – Это бимсы, шпангоуты, скуловые кили, наружная обшивка, переборки, и палубы.


2. How many life rafts are there on board? – Четыре. Они находятся в кормовой части шлюпочной палубы: два по левому борту, два по правому.


3. Как называется по-английски грузовое пространство, расположенное под открытой палубой над трюмами? – Its English name is “tweendeck”.


4. Извините, Вы можете сказать мне, где находится помещение аварийного дизель генератора? – Sure. It’s in the fore deck house, between holds 1 and 2.


5. How can I get there? – Поднимайтесь двумя палубами выше по трапу правого борта и идите в носовую часть судна. После первого трюма, на Вашем пути, есть рубка. Дизель генератор находится в той рубке.


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