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III. Read the text and learn how doctors can help you


Being a real doctor is a very hard work. A doctor is a person who helps you to be healthy. When you are sick or hurt, a doctor helps you become well again. When you are not sick, a doctor helps you stay well. People go to school for many years to become doctors. After high school, they go to college. After college, they go to medical school. Many doctors go for special training after medical school. Some of these doctors learn how to treat children. Others learn how to treat the whole family. Some doctors study about one part of the body. They may learn to be a heart doctor or an ear doctor. What other kinds of doctors do you know?

Many families have their own family doctors. A family doctor can help if someone is sick or hurt. Parents should choose a family doctor very carefully. Members of the family should like the doctor. They should be able to talk freely with the doctor about their health problems. What else should parents think about when they choose a doctor?


When you are sick, you go to a doctor. The doctor may ask many questions. How do you feel sick? How long have you felt this way? When do you feel worse? Where does it hurt?

Then the doctor conducts your check-up. During a check-up, the doctor examines your body. The doctor tries to find out what is making you feel sick. After the checkup, the doctor talks about a treatment. The treatment is what you can do to become well again. The doctor may tell you to lie in bed. You may be given medicine. Your parents will help you do what the doctor says.


Sometimes you go to a doctor when you are not sick. You go to a doctor for a checkup. The doctor looks for changes in your body that show how much you have grown. The changes also show if you are healthy.

During a checkup the doctor learns much about your body. Your weight and height are checked and recorded. Your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and throat are also checked. The doctor listens to your heart and lungs.

During a checkup, you have a chance to ask your doctor some questions. You may have questions about your body. You may want to know how to stay healthy. Before you see the doctor, write down your questions. Take them with you when you go for a checkup.

The doctor will ask you some questions. Your answers help the doctor learn more about you. Here are some questions:

- What food do you eat?

- What exercises do you do?

- How often do you exercise?

- How much sleep do you get each night?

- Do you like school?

- Are you happy?

You can tell the doctor about yourself. Your parents can also talk to the doctor about you. Then the doctor will know von better Know≠ing you better will make it easier for the doctor to help von stay healthy.

The doctor writes down all the facts about your checkup. Your records are kept in the office. These records help the doctor treat you when you are sick.

IV. Post-reading activities

A minute for a joke: A champion was told that he had a high tem≠perature. "How high is it, Doctor?" he asked. "A hundred and one" said the doctor. "And what is the world record?" asked the champion.

V. Are the sentences true or false? Correct false state ments.

1. When you are healthy you must go to a doctor.

2. The doctor usually asks many questions.

3. During a check-up, the nurse examines a patient's body.

4. After a check-up the doctor usually prescribes medicine.

5. Your weight and height are checked by the doctor.

6. The doctor listens only to your heart.

7. You may want to know how to stay healthy.

8. You can't tell the doctor about yourself.

9. The doctor writes down all the facts about the check-up.

10. The records about your marks are kept in the office.

VI. Answer the questions.

1. The doctor may ask many questions, may he not?

2. What does treatment mean?

3. What does the doctor try to find out?

4. Can we go to the doctor when we are not sick?

5. What organs are checked?

6. What must you tell your doctor?

7. Why must the doctor know about you?

8. How does the doctor learn about your body?

9. Dors the doctor write all the facts about your check-up?

10. What questions might the doctor ask during a cheek-up?

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