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Read the letters and decide what letter types they are

Uses an impersonal style; includes advanced vocabulary; includes only facts; uses short forms; omits pronouns; contains literary devices; uses examples of the passive voice; uses short, zappy style; is an example of colloquial English.


Dear Ms. Johnson,

I am writing in response to your request for advice on choosing a career.

The nursing profession is both enjoyable and rewarding; however there are also negative aspects that have to be considered. Most importantly a lifelong commitment of very hard work is required. A nurse must be prepared to work long hours, often under stressful conditions. You are encouraged to pursue a career in nursing if it interests you, but consideration of other options is also recommended. Microbiology, for example, is a profession within the medical field which can be equally rewarding, yet less stressful than nursing.

I hope you find this information useful. Please contact me upon reaching a decision...

Yours sincerely,

Alice White



Dear Tracy,

Just got your letter and sat down straight away to tell you what I think.

You know I've been a nurse for years and it's been fan, but sometimes I wish L'd taken an easier road. Nursing is like being a mother: you work long hours, you worry about people all the time, and nobody ever says thank you. If you want to be a nurse, go for it, but think about it first. Why don 'tyou study microbiology? It's interesting and you don't have to work 24 hours a day and come home every night with a pounding headache from the stress.

Hope I've been helpful! Let me know what you decide.

Love, Jennifer



July 24, 2002

Dear Jean,

It was so good to get your last letter and hear about the new happenings in your life. Your new job sounds very interesting and I'm sure you will enjoy working there.

Things are very much the same here. We all miss you, but we understand that this new job will be a good career move for you.

I have been busy with the newly organized –“ј1 at the twins' school. The first meeting was last Thursday evening and about 20parents showed up. We got to meet the new teachers and then became acquainted with some of the other parents whose kids are in the same room with the twins. They are so excited that I am able to help their teacher now that I have decided to be a stay-at-home mom. That translates into batches and batches of cookies I'll be turning out for school functions.

Think it s time for me to stop and prepare dinner. Write when you have time and keep us informed as to how you are getting along.

Love, Alice

Note: –“ј Ч Parent-Teacher Association.

II. Post-Reading Activities.

1. After reading a sample personal letter, give equivalents to the following sentences.

I was glad to receive your letter. Your new job seems to be interesting. I think you'll like your new job. I think it'll be important for your future career. We got to know each other. I became a housewife. I'd better end now.

2. Explain the meaning of:

→ new happenings;

→ a good career move;

→ a stay-at-home mom;

→ batches and batches of.

3. Look the letters through to find information about:

٧ Alice's attitude to Jean's new happenings in her life;

٧ the first –“ј meeting;

٧ Alice's decision.

4. Read the sample letters and find derivatives of the following words:

To happen, acquaintance, excitement, decision, preparation, information, seemed, enjoyment, organization, to meet

5. FormaI letters contain set phrases. Look at the phrases aЧf. Match them and their functions 1Ч6.

a)I am writing with reference to your advert...

b)I am writing to enquire (about)...

с) I would be grateful if you could...

d)I am enclosing...

e) Yours sincerely

f) Yours faithfully

l. You are writing because you saw an advert.

2. You want you ask about something.

3. You have put something else in the envelope.

4. You are finishing your letter and you know the person's name.

5. You are finishing your letter and you used ЂDear Sir or Madamї.

6. You want somebody to do something.

6. Read the following sentences from the letter and add some logicall connected ideas.

Your new job sounds very interesting. We all miss you.

I've been busy with the newly organized –“ј at the twins' school.

I decided to be a stay-at-home mom.

Think it's time for me to stop.

7. Put an "F" for formal and an "I" for informal language. Give reasons.

Х I thought I'd drop you a line to let you Х Currently I am working at...

know... Х I feel 1 must protest about...

Х I am writing to inquire about... Х Why don't you come to

Х I would appreciate an early reply. dinner...

Х Why not pop up here to see us? Х I'd love to see you again.

Х Do get in touch. Х Thanks for the invitation.

Х Well, I think that's all for now. Х Please indicate whether you

Х I am sorry to inform you that... will be able...

Х I am writing in connection with... Х Your presence is required at..

Х I hope the matter will receive your Х I look forward to...

prompt... Х I'm looking forward to...

Х I've been meaning to write to you for ages. Х Drop by for coffee sometime.

8. A girl received price information and a letter from a lady called Mrs. Saunders. She decided to book a boat for her friend's 16th birthday. Complete her letter using some of the phrases above.

Natasha Morgan 10 Ward Square London SE 16 4 AT 20th April

Mrs Saunders

Fishy boat hire

42 Market Street



Dear Mrs Saunders

Thank you for your letter and the catalogue. I__________ about booking the boat for

my friend's birthday on 14 June. I__________ a deposit of £100.

I________ let me know what time we would be able to have the boat and when

should bring it back. I look forward to hearing from you.

Natasha Morgan

9. Match the letter beginnings and endings.


Opening Paragraph Closing Paragraph
1. I'm writing to ask you for some advice. a) They are looking forward to your coming.
2. In your last letter you asked me about Mary's children. b) I'll be very much obliged for any consideration.
3.1 enjoyed my stay at your cousin's. c) Remember me to John.
4. It was so nice to learn about your marriage. d) I hope to see you and your husband soon.
5.1 miss you a lot. e) Please keep me informed as to how you are getting along.
6. I'm writing to apologize for my long silence. f) Please keep in touch.


10. You want to book a room for a dancing party that you and your friends are organizing. Look at the advert for a possible room. Plan a letter asking if the room is available for the night you need. Use the notes to help you.

Room available in a large out-of-town building.
Suitable for up to 200 people, wild parties.
Easy to get to.
For more details, enquire in writing, giving details of
why you want to use it to
Mrs James, 218 Oxford Street, Chippenham.

~ Write the addresses in the correct position.

~ Think about how to open your letter.

~ Say why you are writing, refer to the advert.

~ Ask for details to be sent to you.

~ Close your letter.

~ Do you know the name of the person you are writing to?

III. Speaking.

Write a letter to a person you would like to invite to your place. Your letter will have three paragraphs, each paragraph with a different idea. The following questions will be helpful. Use answers in future letters.

~ In the first paragraph you will invite your friend.

~ In the second paragraph you'll tell your friend why you would like to visit him.

~ In the third paragraph you will write about your plans: what you will do, where you will go when your friend comes.

a. What is the name of your friend/relative?

b. Why would you like to invite him/her to visit you?

c. When would you like to invite him/her to see you?

d. How long would you like him/her to stay with you?

e. Where would you like to take your friend (places to visit and see)?

f. What would you like to do while he/she is with you?

IV. Supplement.

Text 1

1. Read and translate the text.


For centuries people have used the postal system to exchange ideas with others in distant places. Before the telegraph, telephone, radio, and television were invented, the postal system was the only safe way of getting news from and giving news to people in faraway places. Today the postal system is an important and economical means of communication.

Processing a letter that has been mailed involves several steps. First, postal employees pick up mail from the box and put it into mailbags. Then the bags are placed in a truck and driven to the post office. In large post offices, postal clerks empty the mailbags into a machine that sorts the letters according to size. This machine feeds the letters into another machine called a facer-canceller. The facer-canceller arranges the letters so that they all face the same way. Then it cancels (marks) the stamps on the envelopes so they cannot be used again. It also prints the date and location of the post office on the envelope. Then another machine is used to separate the letters according to their general destination. In small post offices, however, the postal clerks do all this work by hand.

After the mail is sorted, it is placed into mailbags and transported by airplane, truck, or train to the post office closest to its destination. There the mail is sorted into local areas. When a letter carrier is given the mail for a certain area, he/she separates it according to street and house number. Then the letter is carried to its destination.

2. Complete the sentences.

1. Stamps are... so they can't be used again.

a) destroyed; b) damaged; c) controlled; d) cancelled;

2. In small post offices, the mail is sorted by....

a) letter carriers; b) machine; c) trucks; d) hand;

3. The postal system is a(n)... means of communication.

a) expensive; b) unusual; c) economical; d) difficult;

4. Postal employees pick up the mail and put it into....

a) mailboxes; b) mailbags; c) letter carriers; d) stamps;

5. A... delivers the mail to its destination.

a) facer-canceller; b) letter carrier; c) plane; d) machine.


Text 2

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