IV. Learn how to write a resume


Elisabeth Monroe

2300 Roosevelt Avenue

Dallas, Texas

(423) 281-9031

OBJECTIVE Entry-level secretary in a company with opportunities for growth and


SPECIAL SKILLS Fluent in German, French, and English. Can operate a world processing


EXPE RIENCE Secretary/ Book-keeper, six years in France.

Worked for sales manager in a manufacturing company. Typed reports and forms, filed records, did general book-keeping.

1980 -Present. Assembly Line Worker, Panda Boots, 1114 Regent Drive, Dallas, Texas. 1979 to 1980 Machine Operator, Team Gums, 420 Shvartz St, Denver, Texas.

EDUCATION Denver College of Commerce, Denver, Texas. Presently enrolled. Have taken

courses in shorthand, accounting, and word processing. Graduated from high school, Champaign, France, June 1973.

REFERENCE Dr. Serge Monroe, 250 Fifth Street, Dallas, Texas. Professor Jessica Broun

V. Look at the "Job Suitability Questionnaire." Can you add more questions in each section?


ARE YOU: energetic? ambitious? patient? interested in people? ..
DO YOU LIKE: DO YOU MIND: WOULD YOU RATHER: working on your own? taking responsibility? .. working long hours? getting up early? a good salary comfortable working conditions chance of promotion noise? .. work indoors or outdoors? work in a big organization or a small one?  


HAVE YOU GOT:   ARE YOU:     CAN YOU: a good memory? a sense of humour? ..   logical? good at organizing? artistic? .. drive? speak any foreign language? ..

VI. Read the notes of the interviewers made while the applicants for a position of a secretary were answering their questions. Which of them would you give the job to? You should choose the only one.

Age 19. Unmarried. No working experience. Was taught to type and operate a computer at school. An excellent figure and a lovely face! Could be a fashion model, but prefers a secretarial job as a start for her business career. Doesnt mind answering personal questions.   Age 28. Divorced. No children. Has a job as shop assistant in a department store, but isnt satisfied with it for two reasons: a) finds it unpleasant to deal with some of the customers; b) lives a long way from the store.


Age 26. Married. Two children. Had two years experience of work as a secretary with Byrd & Co Ltd Gave up the job when her second child was born. Doesnt mind if somebody makes inquiries about her at her former place of work. Is fluent in French and German.


VII. Prove that proverbs (sayings) have sense:

1. Business before pleasure.

2. The work shows the workman.

3. Idleness is the mother of all evil.

4. Practice makes perfect.

5. A bad shearer never had a good sickle. (A bad workman quarrels with his tools).

6. Jack of all trades is master of none.

7. The hardest work is to do nothing.

8. Ninety per cent of inspiration is perspiration.

9. Through hardship to stare.

10. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

11. He that would eat the fruit must climb the tree.

12. He that will not work shall not eat.

13. Hell eat till he sweats and work till he freezes.

14. Doing is better than saying.

15. Make the best of a bed job.

16. By doing nothing we learn to be ill.

17. A beggar can never be bankrupt.

18. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

19. An idle brain is the devils workshop.

VIII. What would be an ideal job for you? What would you like tj have or do in your ideal job? For example:

travel overseas;

good pay;

help others.

Make a list and then discuss your list with others in your class.

IX. Work in pairs.

) Imagine you are speaking with a person who works in the field which you may choose as your future career, for example, a translator, an account executive, an assistant editor, a librarian, etc. You can ask your partner:

whether his/her job requires a lot of skills (knowledge, education, practice);

where she/he has acquired the necessary skills (knowledge, education, practice);

what she/he can advise you to do to become better acquainted with this trade or profession.


b) Think of other questions for further details. Your partner answers your questions mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of his/her job.


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