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II. Lead in. Work with vocabulary

1. Make up sentences:

English a foreign language to me.

is spoken in my many countries.

a truly internation language.

my favourite subject.

the mother tongue of nearly three hundred million people.

2. Fill in the blanks with the necessary words in brackets:

1. Please... the last word, (say, understand, repeat)

2. I can read English but I cannot... it. (say, tell, speak)

3. I know grammar well, but my... is poor, (language, pronunciation, meaning)

3. Make up questions and let your fellow-students answer them:

study a foreign language?

Do you speak English?

have English lessons every day?


Are your lessons interesting?

you sometimes tired after lessons?


Why do you study foreign languages?

canТt you speak English well?

do you learn grammar?

4. Complete the following sentences:

1. Is there anybody who speaks...?

2. What is the... for...?

3. The... for... is....

4. If you want to speak well you....

5. The word combination "mother tongue" means....

6. English is spoken in....

5. Translate into English:

1.јнгл≥йська мова Ч м≥й улюблений предмет.

2. Ѕа≠гато людей розмовл€ють англ≥йською мовою.

3. јнгл≥й≠ською мовою розмовл€ють у ¬еликобритан≥њ, —Ўј,  а≠над≥.

4. „и ви розмовл€Їте англ≥йською мовою?

5. јн≠гл≥йська мова Ї м≥жнародною.

6. Ѕагато англ≥йських сл≥в мають к≥лька значень.

6. Give synonyms to the words in bold type:

1.What English-speaking countries do you know?

2. What is his mother tongue?

3. To know a foreign lan≠guage is very important nowadays.

4. He knows French very well.

5. Can you translate this sentence?

III. Read and translate the text.


English is an international means of communication. It is studied as a foreign language at secondary and higher schools of our country.

As for me I like English very much. I studied English at school and I'm studying it now. I study it every day because I want to have a good command of the language.

I am sure if I work at it systematically as I do now I will know the language very well. I try to do my best to master English as quickly as possible. I study pronunciation, vo≠cabulary and grammar. I try to speak English with my teachers and with my friends. I read much and do many language exercises. I have many English books. I know that foreign languages are of great importance in our modern life.




English is the national language in such countries as Britain, the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is the mother tongue of nearly three hundred million people. Many people speak English in Japan, China, India and African countries. But many more use it as an international means of communication, because English has become a truly international language.

Science, trade, sport and international relations of vari≠ous kinds have given the English language the status of one of the world's most important languages. Many scien≠tific and technical journals are written in English although they are not necessarily published in England or other English-speaking countries. At numerous international meetings and conferences, English is the main language. The Olympic Games and other multinational sports events cannot do without it.

The role English plays today is the result of historical processes. The English language, in the course of its historical development, has met with so many influences from abroad that its lexical and grammatical structure has come to reflect in many ways its international use.

English is a language which is indeed able to cope with the most diverse tasks of international communication.


IV. Language development.

1. Read and dramatize the following dialogues:

A: I am studying English now.

¬: Are you really? They say it's very difficult.

A: I don't think English is easy.

B: Why do you think so?

A: Because I have to work hard learning a lot by heart.

A: I am going to be an engineer.

B: Why?

A: For a number of reasons.

B: What reasons?

A: The main one is I like engineering.


A: What do you think the best sort of job is?

B: To be a designer.

A: As for me I like engineering.

B: To my mind, the best one is the job you like the most.

2. Complete the following dialogues:

A: Hello. My name is Nick.


A\ Are you an engineer?


A: What's your job?



A: Do you speak English?



V. Speaking

Communicative situations

1. Give a piece of advice on how to learn English

2. Advertise the language you are studying nom. Why do you study it?

3. Speak now:

а) the importance of English language;

б) how to use a dictionary.

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