Read and translate the dialogue.


INTERVIEWER: So, you're the Personnel Officer.

BIRGITTA: That's right. I'm in charge of the Personnel Department.

INTERVIEWER: And what exactly does your job involve?

BIRGITTA: Well it involves the relations between the firm and its employees and also the personal satisfaction of employees.

INTERVIEWER: Could you explain that?

BIRGITTA: Well, there are four main areas. I look after training. I make sure that employees have the right training program. And I monitor their progress in the training.


BIRGITTA: Then secondly I'm concerned with performance appraisal. INTERVIEWER: ‘Performance appraisal'? What's that?

BIRGITTA: Yes, well... Performance appraisal involves looking at the performance of every employee in his or her job. Line Managers carry out performance appraisals every year. I liaise with Line Managers. I make sure that the performance appraisal is carried out correctly. And I monitor the performance of every employee.

INTERVIEWER: Mm, I get it.

BIRGITTA: Thirdly, I'm responsible for job recruitment. I place job advertisements in newspapers. I organise job interviews and arrange transport, accommodation, etc.


BIRGITTA: And finally, I have to deal with problems.

INTER VIEWER: What kind of problems?

BIRGITTA: Well, I deal with any problem that affects an employee's performance. Sometimes this involves personal and family problems.


Read the dialogue once again and answer the questions.

-- Which department does Birgitta work in?

-- What are the four main areas of her job?



Task II

1. Read and translate the text.




Mr. Elford is in charge of the Marketing Department. What exactly does marketing involve? It involves finding out what the market wants and making sure that the department supplies it. And very importantly, the department makes sure that the market knows the department can supply it. So they deal with two main areas — market research and promotion. As for market research, they have to analyse the market. Sometimes this involves sending out questionnaires to customers. And of course they monitor closely the research done by other organisations. They are concerned with publicity for their own products. So they organise promotion campaigns and advertise the products. In the department one person responsible for TV advertising, another for magazine advertising, and another for mail shots (разовые рассылки рекламных материалов в прямой почтовой рекламе). A mail shot involves sending details of a new product to all potential customers. Mr. Elford's department liaises with other departments. For example, Mr. Elford as Head of Marketing liaises with the Sales Manager. They set targets for the sales representatives. They have to try to meet the targets.


2. Read the text once again and answer the questions

--- What is Mr. Elford?

--- What does marketing involve?

--- What other departments does the Marketing Department liaise with?


3. Make a list of the Marketing Department’s duties.


4. Read and translate the text.

a) a legal adviser - юрисконсульт; советник по правовым вопросам

b) to be available – быть в наличие

c) to serve – служить; работать

d) to develop – совершенствовать

e) to implement – выполнять, обеспечивать выполнение

f) commercial law – торговое право

g) civil code – гражданский кодекс

h) dispute resolution – разрешение судебного спора

i) ameliorate [ә΄mi:ljә͵reit] – улучшать

j) constraint [kәn΄streint] - ограничение

k) private investment - капиталовложения частного сектора, частные инвестиции

l) Civil Law – гражданское право

m) litigation – судебное дело, процесс

n) transaction – хозяйственная операция, сделка

o) lending - предоставление займов [кредитов, ссуд], кредитование

p) advocacy [΄ædvәkәsi] - адвокатская деятельность


A legal adviser

The following position is available.

A Legal Adviser will serve for one year on a team developing and implementing commercial law reforms. The Adviser will assist the civil code process with respect to (относительно) commercial law issues, work on reforms in commercial dispute resolution, and identify and work to ameliorate constraints on private investment.

The Adviser must be an expert, have high knowledge of commercial law, Civil Law, litigation, business / corporate law, especially international commercial transactions, international lending and legal aspects of trade financing, experience and ability in human rights advocacy, full command of the English Language, written and spoken, and good management ability.


5. Make a list of the legal adviser’s duties.


6. Read and translate the text.

a) an audit adviser – консультант по аудиту

b) the Audit Department – аудиторский отдел

c) audit service – аудиторский сервис

d) local legislation - местное законодательство

e) professional auditing standards – аудиторские стандарты

f) secure – безопасный; защищать; гарантировать

g) accountability - отчетность, подотчетность

h) public money - правительственные денежные средства

i) public funds - государственные фонды или средства

j) public assets – правительственные (государственные) активы

k) the Director of Audit – начальник аудиторского отдела

l) audit reporting - заключение аудитора; отчет о результатах ревизии

m) public accounts - отчет об исполнении государственного бюджета, государственный бюджет

n) statutory [΄stætjutәri] body - орган, учреждённый статутом

o) mismanagement - плохое или неправильное управление

p) fraud [fro:d] - мошенничество, обман

q) regulations - правила; нормы; инструкция

u) current audit procedures – действующие аудиторские процедуры


Audit Adviser

Mr. Robe is the Audit Adviser in the Audit Department of the Government. The Department is responsible for the provision of audit service. It operates in accordance with local legislation and professional auditing standards. The Audit Department secures accountability for public money, funds and assets.

Mr. Robe assists the Director of Audit. He is to achieve two principle objectives: the independent examination and a high level of audit reporting on the public accounts of Government and statutory bodies; and the provision of high quality reports on all aspects of Government financial management, mismanagement and fraud. More specifically, his job involves strategic and operational audit planning. Mr. Robe assists in the modernisation of the Department's operations. He ensures that the public audit service operates to the highest quality and standards. He has expert knowledge of government and commercial finance and accounting, all relevant regulations and current audit procedures.


7. Make a list of the audit adviser’s duties.


8. Read and translate the text.


a) payments – платежи

b) checking – проверка, контроль

c) expense - трата, расход; издержки

d) claim – требование, заявление

e) issuing cheques – выписка чеков

f) amounts – суммы денег

g) rota [΄rәutә] - расписание дежурств

h) be valid – соответствовать действительности

i) sign in - регистрироваться по прибытии

j) burglar alarm system – сигнализация

k) security patrols – дежурство охранников




Tom Feng is a young man. His dream is to own a business. He decided to start working in his father's company. The only problem for him is which department to work in and what job to choose.

There are more than twelve departments in the company. Tom has some ideas about the jobs and responsibilities of all the departments. His father's friends told him about them.

Luc Bertrand works in the Department of Finance. He is concerned with payments to staff. He deals with the money required for trips. He is responsible for checking expense claims and issuing cheques, and he monitors the amounts paid out in expenses.

Mary Murray works in the Cartering Department. She is in charge of the company canteen. She organises food supplies, staff rotas and meals. She monitors food preparation and service, and makes sure that the canteen operates efficiently.

Larry Hersch is in charge of the Customer Services Department. He deals with customers' complaints, and makes sure that the complaints are dealt with quickly. His job involves checking that the complaints are valid. He liaises with the Production Manager. He has to write a report on every complaint.

Irene Theodorakis works in the Reception Department. She looks after visitors arriving at the company. She makes sure that all visitors sign in on arrival. She arranges taxi and bus transport for visitors. She deals with messages left for staff members, and liaises with security and switchboard staff.

George Fenn works in the Security Department. He is responsible for preventing crime within the building. His job involves checking means of access to the building. He has to test burglar alarm system regularly, and he monitors people entering and leaving the building. He makes sure that doors and windows are locked after hours, and he deals with the distribution of keys. He organises security patrols at night and at weekends.

Charles Butros is in charge of the Health and Safety Department. He is responsible for the health and safety of every employee. He has to make a record of every accident, and he monitors the accident rate in the company. His job involves inspecting machines and equipment. He organises training in safety and first aid, and he arranges talks on safety.

Tom thinks that all the jobs are very useful and interesting. But he doesn't know what to prefer. Can anybody help him?


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