7. Education in Ukraine


Education is an important part of our life. It forms our views and influences our further life. The knowledge and experience that we gain at school and at the universitrsity will help us to be independent. It will be useful for us and the people we work with.

The independent Ukraine has a developed system of education. It meets the standards of the developed countries in many respects. The system of education in Ukraine includes secondary and higher education. General secondary education is free and compulsory. The system of education also includes preschool institutions, like nursery schools or kindergartens, but they are not obligatory.

The basic element of the system of education in Ukraine is general educational school. This school has three stages: primary, junior and senior. Nowadays new types of schools appear. These are schools for gifted children. They are gymnasiums, lyceums and private schools in our country. The secondary school give basic knowledge, necessary for every pupil. Besides, there are also optional courses.They reflect pupils' interests.

Post-secondary education includes two main levels. The first one is technical schools and colleges, they train young specialists. The second one is higher educational institutions. They usually offer a five-year course of study. Nowadays a new system of training is introduced: Bachelor of Arts B.A. and Master of Arts M.A. There are state and private higher educational institutions. Many state higher educational establishments have fee-paying groups or departments. Other students are on Ukrainian state scholarship.

Ukraine has agreements on education with more than 30 countries and cooperates with more than 50 international educational organizations.



a kindergarten


a scholarship

an agreement


A Ukrainian girl is explaining Ukrainian system of education to her friend from England.

Hello, Anya!

Hello, Nick!

Listen, Anya, can you help me to understand the system of education in Ukraine? You know, in England, where I live, it is quite different.

Of, course, I will help you! Well, there are two main levels of education: secondary and higher.

That's clear. At what age do children usually go to school?

At the age of six or seven years. They have to study 1112 forms.

And then they may enter higher educational institutions.

Exactly! But they also may enter technical schools or colleges of different types after the 9th form.

And how long do students have to study at the university?

Usually, they study five years.

In England, when students receive their diploma, they may study further.

In Ukraine, post-graduate education and scientific research work are not very popular now among young people. But in some fields of science there areoutstanding research papers and discoveries.

Thank you very much for your help.

You are welcome.



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