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Ex. 25. Insert articles where necessary

1. Great American Lakes are Lake Huron, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan & Lake Erie. 2. north of Scotland is known for its beauty. 3. Are Urals higher or lower than Alps? 4. It was Burns who wrote My hearts in Highlands. 5. Mediterranean Sea washes Europe, Asia & northern coast of Africa. 6. What oceans does Panama Canal connect?- I suppose Atlantic & Pacific Oceans. 7. Seine flows through Paris to Atlantic Ocean. 8. Alaska is the biggest & coldest state in USA. 9. Where are Canaries situated? 10. United Kingdom consists of 4 parts: England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, or Ulster. 11. Himalayas are the highest mountains in Asia. 12. I went to German Republic last summer, but I havent been to Netherlands yet. 13. I would like to see Hague. 14. Thames is not the longest river in Great Britain but it is rather wide & navigable. 15. In north there are Cheviots. These are the mountains which separate England from Scotland. 16. Brazil is the largest country of South America. Amazon, the widest river in world, flows there. 17. What city is the capital of Philippines? 18. Republic of China is the third largest country in world after Russia & Canada. 19. Antarctic is the home for penguins, dolphins & whales. 20. She was sent to ..Persian Gulf as a war journalist. 21. The highest peak in North America is Mount McKinley. 22. Iceland is a volcanic island. 23. If you want to see Lake Victoria & Mount Kilimanjaro, go to Kenya. 24. It hasnt rained for several hundred years in Atakama in South America. 25. Many centuries ago Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii. 26. Most toxic waste water drains directly into ..Labe River in eastern Bohemia. 27. The most famous Italian river is Tiber, which runs from Apennine Mountains & empties itself into ..Tyrrhenian Sea. 28. I wish I could visit Lake Chad in North Central Africa. 29. You simply must come to Tatras for skiing. 30. French Riviera is on Mediterranean south coast of ..France. 31. Lake Tanganyika is the second largest lake on Dark Continent. 32. In 1819 the British bought an island on Malay Peninsula which they named Singapore. 33. White Tower in London was built between 1078 & 1098. 34. They always stay at Coral Sand Hotel when they come to Sidney. 35. Excuse me, how can I get to Natural History Museum? 36. Supreme Court is the highest tribunal in USA. 37. Freer Gallery of Art has a rich collection of Asian & American Art. 38. Does this bus go to Sheremetyevo Airport?-Yes, it does. 39. You can say whatever you like in Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. 40. Who built St. Basils Cathedral? 41. Most news comes from BBC & CNN. 42. Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, National Gallery are the usual sights in ..English capital. 43. The capital of Republic of San-Marino is San-Marino. 44. London Zoo is the oldest in the world. 45. Charing Cross Bridge is a railway bridge which crosses Thames in Central London. 46. Statue of Liberty is a gift from the French people to the American people. It stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbour. 47. About 190 states are members of United Nations Organization. 48. Elbrus is highest peak of Caucasus. 49. This expedition has just returned from Antarctic.


Ex. 26. What proper nouns are used with the definite article?

1. Kilimanjaro 1. United Arab Emirates

2. Jenisei 2. Sudan

3. Bermuda 3. Far East

4. Elbrus 4. Brussels

5. Hudson Bay 5. Netherlands

6. Laptev Sea 6. Booker Prize

7. Urals 7. Hague

8. Kalahari Desert 8. Art Theatre

9. Volga 9. Riviera

10. Carpathians 10. Northern Europe

11. Indian Ocean 11. St. Jamess Park

12. Madeira 12. Peacock Inn

13. Etna 13. Baker Street

14. English Channel 14. Russian Museum

15. Palm Beach 15. Salisbury Cathedral

16. Arctic Circle 16. Wailing Wall

17. Olympus 17. Middle East

18. South Pole 18. Southern Africa

19. Bridge of Sighs 19. Roman Empire

20. Jutland Peninsula 20. Miami Airport

21. Suez Canal 21. Nobel Prize

22. Sicily 22. Republic of Ireland

23. London Bridge 23. Athens

24. Kara-Kum 24. Winter Palace

25. Amur 25. Republican Party

26. Malay Archipelago 26. Eiffel Tower

27. Aleutian Islands 27. National Association of Teachers


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