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Ex. 17. Respond to the following statements using the superlative of the adjectives

Example:You’ve got a rich collection of paintings. This one by Titian is quite valuable. What about the painting by Rafael? – The painting by Rafael is the most valuable in my collection.

1. England’s football teams are well-known. Arsenal is famous. What about Manchester United? 2. All these people are poor. Bill has got little money. What about Ted? 3. We’ve got three cars. The red one is quite powerful. What about the black one? 4. This is a lazy group of workmen, but Bob is a hard worker. What about David? 5. We’ve visited some castles in Eritain. The one in Berwick is rather old. What about the castle in Tantalon? 6. We’ve got a very good basketball team, but Evans is a bad player. What about Ford? 7. This is a very bad class, but Paul is a good student. What about Hew? 8. We’ve got a good army, but Martin isn’t a skilful soldier. What about Phil? 9. These four video cassettes are all boring. Cassette 1 is rather boring. What about cassette 3? 10. These young people are all intelligent. Kate is very intelligent. What about Nicky? 11. The buildings in the street I live are rather old. The buildings next to my house is ancient. What about the building at the end of the street? 12. Everybody considers Ford a fast car. What about Jaguar?

Ex. 18. Complete the following sentences using as…as with adjectives in brackets.

Example:Let’s walk. It’s … taking the bus. (quick). – Let’s walk. It’s as quick as taking the bus.

1. His voice sounded … music. (sweet). 2. Why did he get the job? I’m … him. (well-qualified). 3. You won’t find a cheaper hotel round here. They’ll all be … this one. (expensive). 4. I’m going to sleep on the floor. It’s … sleeping in that bed. (comfortable). 5. There’s no choice for you to get to town. The way through Calver is … the way through Bakewell. (difficult). 6. I thought you were nice but you are … everybody else. (bad). 7. The talk to Henry was … all the previous ones. (useless). 8. David still believes that his friends are … as mine. (good and reliable). 9. I’m not surprised that Antony is … his father in his early days. 10. I was absolutely sure that a Toyota was … a Ford. (powerful).

Ex. 19. Compare objects using either as…as or so…as in the negative sentences.

Example:I’m quite tall but you are taller. – I’m not as/so tall as you.

1. The weather is still unpleasant today but two days ago it was worse. 2. He is well in his fifties but his wife is young, about 30. 3. My salary is high but yours is higher. 4. I know Pete was a bit nervous before the interview but usually he’s a lot more nervous. 5. The Williams are rich, they’ve got much money. But the Smiths are richer as they’ve got more money. 6. I wish I had money enough to buy this grey car. But the blue one is cheaper. 7. This year is better for the company, but last year was very bad. 8. Oxford is ten miles farther from London than Cambridge. 9. Australia is large but Africa is larger. 10. The Black Sea is warm but the Caribbean is warmer.


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