Нейроглия (или проще глия, глиальные клетки): Структурная и функциональная единица нервной ткани и он состоит из тела...

ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ ЗЕМЛИ: Прошло более трех лет с тех пор, как Совет Министров СССР и Центральный Комитет ВКП...

Построение спирали Архимеда: Спираль Архимеда- плоская кривая линия, которую описывает точка, движущаяся равномерно вращающемуся радиусу...

Before you read the passage, talk about these questions

1 How has technology improved farming in your country?

2 What are the negative effects of technology in farming?

Text № 3: Revolution farm equipment

Save time and labor by our mechanized solutions works for you. Call for pricing.

Save water with this drip irrigation system.It featuressmart irrigation control toprevent over wateringduring rain or high wind.

The Magic Dripper promotes healthy plants while using 25% less water than other

leading irrigation systems.

Make your life easier with the latest in tractor technology. DO you lose focus driving your tractor back and forth for hours at a time? Improve your precision with this auto-steer tractor. Let GPSguide your plows and planters with the self-propelledIntelli-Farm Tractor.

Planting seeds is quick and easy with the Sow Better system for air seeding, which accommodates a variety of seeds and bulbs. Relax and let the Sow Better start this year’s crop. The Sow Better also prevents overplanting.

Never worry about misplacing your paperwork again. Thisautomated bin systemprovides safe storage for your products and records. The Right – Bin

keeps track of your past and current information in one easy- to- use computer database.


Read the product listing from an equipment manufacturer. Then, mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F).

1 _ Smart irrigation control uses 25% less water

than other irrigation systems,

2 _ The Sow Better can plant seeds or bulbs.

3 _ The Right-Bin stores information on a computer,



Match the words (1-6) with the definitions (A-F).

1 _ auto-steer

2 _ overplanting control

3 _ air seeding

4 _ self-propelled management

5 _ smart irrigation

6 _ automated bin


A. a method for organizing harvests

B. a method for planting seeds using compressed air

C. planting too many seeds in an area

D. a watering system that senses and adjusts to moisture levels

E. able to move on its own power

F navigating without a human driver


Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part.

1. Giving plants more water than they need is wasteful and harmful to the plants.

__________ a _____ ____

2. The science used to create new tools and methods is making farming more efficient.

t _________ o ___ _____

3. New tractors have a system where the tractor navigates itself.

a _ _ _ ___- _ t __ _____

4. Using a system that drips water limits waste.

d _____ i _______ i ___ __ _

5. Some modern equipment is guided by a satellite navigation system.

__ ___ _____


5. Listen and read the product listing from an equipment manufacturer again. What does the Magic Dripper prevent? Track 10


6. Listen to a conversation between a farmer and a salesperson. Check (.I) the features of the irrigation system mentioned. Track 11

1. inexpensive

2 .water sensors

3. timers

4. automatic shut-off


7. Listen again and complete the conversation. Track 11

Salesman:Ms. Silva, I think you'll be very impressed with this new irrigation technology.

Farmer:I don't know. We're happy with the 1 ___ ____ _

____ we have now. What's so exciting about your one?

Salesman:Well, the Magic Dripper saves time and water. And that

means it saves money, too. How often do you 2 ___ _ ____ ____ timers?

Farmer:Probably 3 a week.

Salesman:This system will change that. It adjusts itself when it senses rain.

Farmer:That sounds nice, but that's not going to save all that much.

Salesman:The Magic Dripper will respond 4 ___ ____ _ ____ you or your workers can.

Farmer:That's 5 _______________ _

Salesman:It has sensors in the soil. So the machine knows exactly when to shut off the drippers. 6 _______ _ timers.

Farmer:Well, that does seem more effective than what we use now.


With a partner, act out the roles below based on Task 7. Then,

Switch roles.


I think you'll be impressed with this ...

It saves time and water.

Well, that does seem more effective than ...

Student A:Student A: You are a salesman. Talk to Student B about:

• a new irrigation system

• system parts

• benefits of the system

StudentB: You are a farmer. Talk to Student B about irrigation systems.



9. Use the conversation from Task 8 and the product listings to write an advertisement for a new piece of agricultural equipment. Include the equipment's uses, methods, and benefits.

Magic Dripper



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