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Почему я выбрал профессую экономиста Почему я выбрал профессую экономиста. Моя будущая профессия - экономист, я выбрал специальность, которая в государственном списке профессий названа так: «Финансы и кредит».

Почему одни успешнее, чем другие Почему? Даже при наличии хорошей мотивации возможны неудачи. Посмотрите на муху, бьющуюся об стекло в попытке вырваться на улицу.

Match the words (1-6) with the definitions (A-F)

1 _ agriculture

2 _ crop

3 _ cultivate

4 _ produce

5 _ domesticate

6 _ plant


A a large group of cultivated plants

8 to put seeds in soil

C growing plants and raising animals

D to make something

E to raise a crop from seeding to harvest

F to tame an animal


Read the sentence pair. Choose where the words best f it the blanks.

1 water supply / irrigation

A The river is the farmer's ____ _

B______ helps farmers grow crops in areas with little rainfall.

2 harvesting / farming

A. _______includes raising animals and crops.

B. Farmers wait until crops are mature to start_________________

5. Listen and read the text book passage again. Then say three things you have learnt from the text. Track 1


6. Listen to a conversation between a student and teacher in a history class. Track 2

Choose the correct answers.


1. What is the conversation mainly about?

A a way to predict floods

B an early irrigation method

C the number of early farmers

D the most common early crops


2. How did farmers control water?

A. They put gates in ditches.

B They filled ditches with dirt.

C They carried water in buckets.

D They planted far from the river.


7. Listen again and complete the conversation. Track 3


Student: 1, _________Mrs. Anderson.

I have a question about the first farmers.

Teacher:Great. What is it?

Student:Well, they were in a desert. How did they irrigate their 2_______ ?

Teacher:Oh, with 3________ . They connected their fields and the Nile River.

Student:Okay. So, 4_________ moved through the ditches to the fields.


Student:Then, I have another question. How did they 5__________ the water?

Teacher:The ditches had 6_________ . They opened and water flowed through.



8. Use the conversation from Task 8 to fill out the student's notes.





Farmers got water from___________________________

Water came to the fields in________________________

They controlled water by_________________________



Text № 1: Preparing, seeding, and planting

Before you read the passage, talk about these questions.

1. How are fields in your country prepared for planting?

2 What planting methods are the most common in your country?


2. Read the section of The Farmer's Guide. Then, mark the following statements as

True (T) or false (F).

1. Amendments add nutrients to soil.

2. Herbicides should be applied weeks after planting.

3. Broadcast seeding is effective with oats.


Match the words (1-5) with the definitions (A-E).

1 _ seeds per pound

2 _ broadcast seeding

3 _ plant density

4_ amendment

5_ seeds per square foot


A. a method of scattering seeds

B. amount of seeds planted per square foot

C. the number of seeds in a pound of seeds

D. the number of plants in a certain area

E. a substance added to improve soil

Read and translate the text № 2: Preparing, Seeding, and Planting

Although different crops demand different preparation, some practices apply to almost any crop. And what you do before planting is just as important as what you do after. Preparing the topsoilis always key. Test it in late summer to determine if amendmentslike lime, sulfur, or phosphorous are needed to adjust acidity. If the soil is nutrient -deficient, add fertilizer.

Likewise, most fields require treatment with an herbicide.Waiting two weeks to plant after using some herbicides is recommended. Once the soil temperatureis right, planting can begin. The seeding rateis determined by the ideal seeds per poundand seeds per square foot.Be sure to calculate the appropriate plant density.A miscalculation will result in low emergence.The actual planting of seeds will vary by crop. Broadcast seedingmay work for some seeds, while seed drills work better for small grains such as wheat or oats.

Fill in the blanks with the correct words and phrases ram the word bank.


Soil temperature seeding rate topsoil

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