Деформации и разрушения дорожных одежд и покрытий: Деформации и разрушения могут быть только покрытий и всей до­рожной одежды в целом. К первым относит...

Агроценоз пшеничного поля: Рассмотрим агроценоз пшеничного поля. Его растительность составляют...

Архитектурное бюро: Доминантами формообразования служат здесь в равной мере как контекст...

Read the following text and fill in the correct word derived from the words in bold

Primary schools in London are trying out an ambitious plan through which young children get an _____________ (introduce) to serious music. The idea comes from a group of famous ______________ (music) who are concerned about the _____________ (survive)of certain types of classical music. They see the plan as one possible _____________ (solve) to the problem of declining audiences at classical concerts.

Their ______________ (argue) is that an interest in classical music should be developed in early __________________ (child). They reject the idea that children are ______________ (interesting) in serious music or necessarily find it boring. The group goes into a school and gives a live ____________ (perform) or a short classical piece and then this is followed by an _____________ (explain)of how the instruments work. These sessions have proved so _________________ that they have now become a regular feature in some schools.



Read the following text and fill in the correct word derived from the words in bold.


The most _____________(success) pop group in history was the Beatles and the most__________ (excite)bands of the 1960s and 1970s were male bands. The Spice Girls were____________(usual) when they became____________(fame)in the 1990s, but now female pop groups are not only common but quite___________ (interest) from a__________ (music) point of view as well. But what happens when a schoolgirl suddenly becomes very_____________ (wealth) and well known? She leaves behind the____________ (bore) life other girl lead, earns a lot of money and buys____________ (expense) clothes. She gets___________ (invite) to trendy parties. Will she forget all her old school friends?



Talent (Longman синий)

My ___________ (favour) composer is Chopin and I am fortunate enough to have a friend who is also a very gifted ___________ (piano). As a _______________ (profession) musician, she believes strongly that ___________ (music) ability is mostly something you learn, not a ______________ (character) that you are born with. She thinks that ___________ (industry) students can improve their ability enormously. I feel really __________ (envy) when I hear my friend perform and the ecstatic ____________ (respond) that she gets from her audiences at the end of a ___________ (perform). Both the public and ______________ (criticize) agree that she is one of the country’s most talented _____________ (art). The huge amount of money she earns gives her the ___________(free) to do almost anything that she likes, which I. as a humble _________ (poem), cannot compete with.



C1 Personal Letter

You have 20 minutes to do this task.

This is a part of a letter from Sean, your English pen friend.


I’m thinking of starting music lessons. Do you play any instruments? Have you ever had lessons? I’m not really sure what instrument to choose. What do you suggest? I want to be able to play pop music, I think..


Write back to Sean answering all his questions.

Write 100-140 words.

Remember the rules of letter writing.



You have 40 minutes to do this task.

Millions of people all over the world are into different types of pop music; however a great number of people claim that listening to modern pop music shows the lack of taste and intelligence.

What can you say for and against pop music?


Write 200-250 words.

Use the following plan

1. Introduction (State the problem).

2. Arguments “for”.

3. Arguments “against”.

4. Conclusion.

For and against pop music


1. Young people search for new rhythms and new styles.

2. The words of the songs deal with the younger people’s world: their hopes, dreams, disappointments and joys.

3. The new rhythms are full of vigor and force: just what appeals to young children. The tunes are easily caught.

4. It is an experimental kind of music. Different groups are looking for new rhythms and sometimes achieve really.

5. The popularity of the genre of pop music speaks in its favor. It attracts great masses of young people. Why should we deprive them of the joy they obviously get from this music?



1. The rhythms are new but they lack variety, it’s the same monotonous rhythm again and again.

2. The tunes are mostly primitive as easily forgotten as caught.

3. The words of some songs are absolutely senseless. The songs often contain…

4. Medical research has proved beyond doubt that the volume of sound produced by powerful music at some pop concerts does great damage both to senses of hearing and to the nervous system. Cases of mass hysteria are not unusual at pop concerts.



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