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There is every reason to believe that mass media play a great role in modern society. Their positive aspects are obvious. They give us useful and interesting information and news and also help to have an enjoyable free time. Young people and adults seek information about weather, sporting events, and available entertainment, local, national and international news. People need information in order to conduct their lives intelligently, for professional and academic purposes.

The term of mass media was specially coined to call al possible means of obtaining information from such sources as radio and television, printed materials such as newspapers and magazines, and more recently, from computer network, such as the Internet.

There are thousands of newspapers printed in the world. They remain a popular sourceof information. They range from thick daily newspapers both quality and tabloids, which are read by millions of people across the world, to small, local weekly papers, which offer news. There are a lot of magazines to all tastes. Both newspapers and magazines are sold in the streets all around the city, but you can also subscribe to any of them at the post office. My family doesn’t subscribe to any newspapers; we usually buy them at newsagent’s. My Dad likes reading… because…., my Mum likes reading….because there she can get information about….

Radio is another source of information. There are dozens of radio stations in Russia. Most of them broadcast music but of different styles. You can also listen to weather forecast, sports news, talk shows, news, and daily horoscopes. You can take part in different quizzes and win a prize. My favorite radio station is…..I like listening to it when I….

Television has become an important source of information. In its popularity television overtook radio and newspapers. No doubt that television started to produce great influence on people. It combines all the advantages of other media and satisfies different tastes. Many programs keep people informed of current events in politics, sports, economics and so on. Besides news programs, you can watch a lot of entertainment. They let people relax; help to forget about problems at work. The variety of modern TV channels and TV programs satisfies all tastes. You can watch all types of films, music concerts, talk shows, TV games, and so on. As for me, I prefer watching….

However, nowadays many programs and films show too much violence and blood, it can damage our image of the world we live in. Another negative influence of TV is that it doesn’t stimulate creative thinking and makes people dependent on the views expressed by others.

The Internet is the newest kind of mass media. Information is becoming even more available because of advances of the Internet. In the Net people can find nearly all information they need, get the latest news and do the shopping without leaving home. Email communication has become one of the most popular ways of keeping in touch with people all over the world.

On the whole, it is hard to imagine modern society without mass media. That is why it is often called information society.


Give a 2-2.5 minute talk on“Mass Media.”

Rememberto say:

• About the role of mass media in modern life

• About different types of mass media

• What the negative effects of mass media are

Answer the question: “Where do you prefer to get information from? Why?”



Give a 2-2.5 minute talk on“Television”

Rememberto say:

• What your favorite television programs are

• If your taste in television programs has changed over the years and why

• When you watch television

• If you watch television with or without your family and friend


Answer the question: “Is there any negative influence of television on people?”



Give a 2-2.5 minute talk on “Press”

Rememberto say:

• What newspapers and magazines young people prefer reading nowadays

• If you read Russian, why/why not?

• If you would like to be a reporter, why/why not?


Answer the question: Can the Internet replace newspapers in future? Why/Why not?



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