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I am a first year student of Chernivtsy Institute of Trade and Economics It is one of the affiliations of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics. The university is one of the leading higher educational establishments in Ukraine. A lot of highly-qualified specialists train students for the non-production sphere, that is trade, business (home and international), financial institutions and banks, state administration and authorities, public catering, hotel and tourist complexes, the Customs,etc

Chernivtsy Institute has three faculties (schools): the Economics and Management faculty, the Accounting and Finance faculty, the Entrepreneurship faculty. There is also the faculty of Postgraduate Studies where one can receive a second higher education. Students can study either at the day department as full-time students or at the correspondence department which provides classes for part-time students. The term of studies lasts from 4 to 5 years depending on the subject you major in.

To become a student you must pass entrance examinations or preliminary interview. The tuition at our institute is generally free of charge, but those who study on a contract basis pay for their tuition.

Our institute grants Bachelor, Specialist or Master degree in such fields as international economics, economic cybernetics, marketing, economy of enterprise, accounting and auditing, finance and credit, hotel and tourism management, management of organizations.

Our institute occupies three buildings in the centre of the city. Students have all necessary facilities to study: modern classrooms, laboratories equipped with personal computers. The institute library is well-stocked with text-books, reference literature and periodicals. There is also a reading hall where students can read for their classes. Those who go in for sports can do so in our gymnasium under the guidance of professional coaches. Our students have all opportunities to master foreign languages, carry out research projects and take part in different conferences held at the institute each year. Students that come to our institute from other places have at their disposal a cozy dormitory, where accommodation facilities are provided at reasonable prices.

The teaching staff of the institute do their best to give the students a sound economic education and prepare highly-qualified specialists for the national economy of our country.

Assignment 6. Make a written translation of paragraphs 2, 3 and 4.

Assignment 7. Answer the following questions in written form:

1. What sphere are the students of Chernivtsy Institute of Trade and Economics trained for?

2. How one can become a student of the institute?

3. Do all the students pay for their tuition?

4. What facilities does the institute provide the students with?

Assignment 8. Translate into English.

1. я Ц студент „ерн≥вецького торговельно-економ≥чного ≥нституту.

2.я вчусь на першому курс≥ денного в≥дд≥лу факультету економ≥ки та менеджменту.

3. Ќаш≥ зан€тт€ провод€тьс€ в зручних аудитор≥€х, обладнаних персональними компТютерами.

4. —туденти мають вс≥ можливост≥ одержати грунтовну економ≥чну осв≥ту.

5. ѕ≥сл€ пТ€ти рок≥в навчанн€ € спод≥ваюсь отримати диплом спец≥ал≥ста з обраноњ спец≥альност≥.


Assignment 9. Get ready to speak about Chernivtsy Institute of Trade and Economics.

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