Module control assignments for self-work

Assignment 1. Write the following words in normal English script. The first is done for you. Which of them are defined below? Write a corresponding word after the definition.











1) compensation which is offered, given or accepted in return for work or service

2) a person who organizes and manages a commercial project

3) wealth, supplies of goods, raw materials, etc which a person, country, etc has or can use

4) money paid for the use of someone elses money


Assignment 2. Look at the table comparing three satellite TV channels. Complete the sentences about them using adjectives in brackets in the correct form and writing the corresponding numerals in words.



  Anchor TV Bland TV Colt TV
Number of viewers per day 4 mln 2 mln 3 mln
Yearly profit $ 52 mln $54 mln $58 mln
Hours of sport per week      
Growth of viewers in last year 10% 35% 30%
Number of employees      
Quality of programmes good excellent fair

1. Anchor TV has number of viewers per day (high). people watch Anchor TV every day.

2. Colt TV is than Anchor TV (profitable). It earned dollars last year.

3. Bland TV is channel for sports fans (suitable). It shows hours of sport every week.

4. The number of Colt TV viewers grew than those of Anchor TV(fast). The number of Colt TV viewers has grown by

5.Anchor TV has number of employees(large). people work for Anchor TV.

6. According to critics, Bland TV shows programmes (good).

Assignment 3. Supply the correct form of the verb in brackets. Answer the questions following the text in written form.

My friend (to be) Nicolas Donetti and he (to be) a manager. He (to work) for a big firm in Rome, Italy. The firm (to have) a lot of branches all over the world and Nicolas (to deal) with the partners in other countries. He (to need) to discuss many problems with them, so he (to try) to improve his English and (to attend) English classes twice a week after work. It (not to be) easy to find time for English studies but he (to work) hard to be among the best students in his group.

His job (to be) very interesting. He generally (to start) at eight oclock and often (not to finish) until six at night. The journey to and from work (to take) about 45 minutes each way and when he (to come) home he (to need) some time to relax. He usually (to have) a nice meal with his family which (to take) him about an hour. Then he (to spend) nearly an hour on his English. If there (not to be) any English class that day he (to have) free time which he (to devote) to reading, watching TV or going out with his friends. Nicolas (to try) to get eight hours sleep to be in good form for the next day. It only (to take) Nicolas half an hour to get ready in the mornings as he (not to bother) with breakfast.

1. What time does Nicolas get up?

2. What time does Nicolas go to sleep?

3. Why does Nicolas study English?

Assignment 4. Write the verbs in brackets in the past form and learn how Mike Brandt memorized new English words. Answer the questions following the text applying the Passive Voice.

I(to write) the words and expressions I (to want) to learn on individual cards and (to keep) them in a box file. In the section at the front I (to keep) the new words that I (to hope) to memorize. I (to spend) a couple of minutes every day looking through them. In the middle section of the box (to be) the words that I half (to learn). I(to try) to look at them every week. Then at the back of the box(to be) the words I(to think) I(to know) quite well. I(not to look) at them very often.

1. What were the words and expressions written on? 2. Where were the cards kept? 3. What words were kept in the front/ in the middle/ in the back section of the box file? 4. How much time was spent every day on learning the new words? 5. How often were the words in the middle/back section looked through?

Assignment 5. Read and translate the following text.


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