IV. Complete the dialogue on the ICQ according to the text above.

1 (2007 -2008)


I. Listen to the story and answer the questions.

1) Last year the woman visited .


A. Crete B. Greece C. Cyprus


2) The woman is going to....


A. Crete B. Croatia C. Greece


3) She and her husband are staying in a .


A. town B. hotel C. a small village


4) They are staying by the .


A. forest B. sea C. ocean


5) The bungalow is booked for .


A. forty nights B. a fortnight C. thirty nights


6) Bungalow means .


A. cooking and cleaning B. eating out C. no swimming


7) The woman's husband enjoys on holiday.


A. cooking B. sing C. to eating out


8) He can cook .


A. breakfast B. cookies C. fast food


9) Local restaurants are .


A. awful B. dirty C. very good


10) The man decided to try .


A. Malta this year B. Malta next year C. Turkey this year

II. Read the text attentively and choose the right form from the variants below.

Frankie (11) green and very tall. He has yellow eyes, black hair and a small nose. He also has enormous hands and (12). He isn't pretty. In fact, he's very ugly and people (13) him a monster. They are afraid of him and always run away (14) they see him. But Frankie isn't bad! He is an intelligent man and he loves reading. He has (15) of books in his little house.

He likes writing stories. He sells his stories (16) make money. He also likes (17) his computer and the Internet to write to people. They don't know that he is ugly and they enjoy his letters. They sometimes ask him for his photograph, but Frankie never sends it.

Frankie enjoys gardening. There are a lot of vegetables, fruit trees and roses in (18) big garden. He loves roses! He puts bread out in the garden for the birds so there are a lot of birds too. They (19) afraid of him!

Frankie never eats meat. He doesn't like it. He eats vegetables, fruit and bread. Because he doesn't like it when people run away from him, he orders all his shopping by the Internet. The shop delivers his shopping to his house. In this way, people don't see him and he feels (20). And when it is raining he doesn't have to go out of the house. He doesn't like the rain and he is afraid of thunder and lightning.

11) A. is B. are C. am

12) A. foot B. feet C. foots

13) A. calls B. write C. call

14) A. when B. how C. by

15) A. much B. lot C. a lot

16) A. by B. for C. to

17) A. gaming B. using C. eating

18) A. his B. him C. at

19) A. not be B. are not C. is not

20) A. happiest B. happier C. the happier

III. Complete the phrases using the information from the text.


21) Frankie has .

A. black hair and big hands and feet

B. green eyes and a small nose

C. small hands and feet


22) People like writing to Frankie because .


A. they don't know that he is ugly

B. they meet him in the supermarket

C. they like to eat meat too


23) Frankie is .


A. a good person B. an evil person C. a beautiful person


24) He lives in .


A. a big house without a garden

B. a small house with a big garden

C. a small garden


25) He a lot of books.


A. reads B. speaks C. does


26) Frankie sends his photo to .


A. his Internet friends B. nobody C. the shop


27) Birds .


A. don't come into the garden B. come into the garden

C. are afraid of Frankie


28) Frankie likes .

A. gardening B. eating meat C. shopping in malls


29) Frankie goes to .


A. the supermarket B. the theatre

C. the garden to put the bread for the birds


30) Frankie is happy when .


A. people don't see him

B. he doesn't see birds

C. he is in the supermarket


IV. Complete the dialogue on the ICQ according to the text above.

F is for Frankie, B is for Betty (Frankie's pen pal)


- B: Hello, Frankie!

- F: Hi, Betty!

- B: Where are you from?

- F: I (31) England.


A. am from B. born in C. is from


- B: How old are you?

- F: I am (32).


A. fifteen old B. fifteen years old C. fifth


- B: Do you go to school?

- F: No, I (33).


A. am not B. is not C. do not


- B: Have you got any pets?

- F: Yes, I have (34).


A. a birds B. birds C. birdes


- B: What is your hobby?

- F: I like (35).


A. garden B. gardening C. people

- B: Do you like to eat meat?

- F: No, I don't, but I (36) vegetables.


A. like B. likes C. loves


- B: Do you write stories?

- F: Yes, I do and I sell (37).


A. they B. them C. him


- B: What do you write about?

- F: I write about different (38).


A. animal B. animals C. animalz


- B: Are they nice?

- F: Yes, they (39).


A. nice B. is nice C. are


- B: I want to read them!

- F: I can send them (40).


A. by you B. from you C. to you

V. Choose the correct explanation for the words according to their meaning in the text.

41) enormous =

A. very big B. hungry C. stupid

42) ugly =

A. beautiful B. pretty C. not beautiful

43) afraid =

A. scared B. sad C. nice

44) intelligent =

A. stupid B. kind C. smart

45) garden =

A. house B. roof C. flower yard

46) shop =

A. flat B. house C. store

47) in this way =

A. so B. why C. there

48) bad =

A. not good B. good C. not pretty

49) rose =

A. bread B. shop C. flower

50) rain =

A. ice B. water C. fire


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