Fill in the correct plural of the word.

1. These (person) are protesting against the president.

2. The (woman) over there want to meet the manager.

3. My (child) hate eating pasta.

4. I am ill. My (foot) hurt.

5. Muslims kill (sheep) in a religious celebration.

6. I clean my (tooth) three times a day.

7. The (student) are doing the exercise right now.

8. The (fish) I bought is in the fridge.

9. They are sending some (man) to fix the roof.

10. Most (houswife) work more than ten hours a day at home.

11. Where did you put the (knife) ?
On the (shelf) .

12. (Goose) like water.

13. (Piano) are expensive

14. Some (policeman) came to arrest him.

15. Where is my (luggage) ?
In the car!

Write in a, an, some, any.

1. There's ______angel on the top.

2. There are ______ornaments on the tree.

3. Are there ______lights on the tree?

4. There isn't ______Christmas tree in the house.

5. There's ______ jam on the wooden table.

6. Is there ______bread in the basket?

7. There aren't ______ vegetables in the fridge

4. Complete the sentences with the words.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, apples, carrots

There is some fresh ________ on the wooden table. There aren't any ___________ in the big bag, but there are some ________ there. There are no green ________ on the table, but there are some tasty red _________ there.

Correct the sentences.

1. Are there any milk in the fridge?

2. There is no tomatoes in the salad.

3. Is there some sugar in this coffee?

4. There are some hamburger on the menu.

5. I'd like any potatoes, please.

6. There are some jam on the bread,

7. There's some fly in my soup.

8. We've got some banana.

9. There isn't some money in my pocket.

10. There is some posters on the wall.

11. Is there a salt in this soup?

6. Choose some, any, much, many, a lot of, a little, a few and put in the sentence.

1. There aren't car parks in the centre of Oxford.

2. Eating out is expensive here. There aren't cheap restaurants.

3. Liverpool has of great nightclubs.

4. Hurry up! We only have time before the coach leaves.

5. We saw beautiful scenery when we went to Austria.

6. There are a shops near the university.

7. It's very quiet. There aren't people here today.

8. There are expensive new flats next to the river.


1 Listen to the song "Home on the range" and complete the lyrics with the missing words.


1st Verse:
Oh, give me a…., where the buffalo roam, home
Where the deer and the antelope…, play
Where seldom is … a discouraging..., heard, word
And the skies are not … all day. cloudy

Home … on the range, home
Where the deer and the antelope….,
Where seldom is ….a discouraging …
And the skies are not …. all day.

Where the … is so pure and the zephyrs so free air

The breezes so balmy and … light

That I would not exchange my … on the range home

For all of the … so bright cities

Answer the questions.

What is this song about? What do people feel singing it?

3. Find the Russian equivalents of the famous sayings and proverbs about home:

  • East or west- home is best.
  • Home, sweet home
  • No places like home
  • My home is my castle …

4. Study the different types of houses in Britain, learn new words:

-Terraced houses are built in a row or joined on to others to form a street, or a square or a circus.

-Semi-detached houses are two houses joined together by one common wall and probably with common chimney stacks.

-A bungalow is a fairly modern house built on only one level. Old people prefer living in such houses.

-A cottage is a small, usually old house in the country.

- A flat is a set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor of a large building. The usual American word is apartment.

-A large, grand house is a mansion.



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