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Number the words in the right order to make sentences.


1 cat / The / eyes. / has / green

2 long tail. / This / cat. / a / has

3 Lee / many / has / books.

4 friends. / many / have / I

5 house. / a / big / Mrs. Cohen / has

6 have / My sisters / birds. / two

Circle the reflexive pronoun in each sentence. Draw a line back to the subject it is reflecting.

1. I dressed myself this morning.

2. He made breakfast all by himself.

3. We had to cook for ourselves since mom didnТt want to make dinner.

4. When you go shopping for me, buy a present for yourself.

5. She created all the Christmas decorations by herself.

6. The new robotic toys can put themselves away.

7. They used to camera on the cell phone to take pictures of themselves.

8. The man talked to himself as he walked down the street.

9. The parrot admired itself in the mirror for several hours each day.

10. I used a video to teach myself how to knit.


Fill in the right reflexive pronoun


1. Franz always asks _______________ why English is so crazy.

2. I consider _______________ to be an intelligent person.

3. The computer will reboot _______________ after the program installation.

4. Jörg and Birgit drive _______________ to work every day. They don't take the bus.

5. Sonja cleans her room by _______________. She never asks for help.

6. We are going to repair our house by _______________.

7. You and your coworker must finish on this project _______________.

8. I will finish these questions by _______________.

9. Tom saw a reflection of _______________ in the mirror.

10. Rita thought about killing _______________, but she realized it was wrong.

5. Use `this´ or `these´

1. Is _________ my drink?

2. _________ aren´t my trainers.

3. Is _________ an interesting museum.

4. _________ are new bikes.

5. _________ is my house.

6. _________ is a hill.

7. _________ are donkeys.

8. What is _________?

9. Did you drop _________?

10. Hi, Jane! _________ is Michael.


6. Use `that´ or `those´

1. __________ a big supermarket.

2. __________ are her CD´s.

3. Are __________ your books.

. __________ is a big shop.

5. __________ is John´s house.

6. __________ is a mountain.

7. __________ are horses.

8. What are __________?

9. We can do better than __________.

10. No, __________ is not mine.

Choose the correct pronoun.

Ќачало формы

1. __________ book is expensive.
a) This
b) These

2. __________ cat is small.
a) That
b) Those

3. __________ pens are blue.
a) This
b) These

4. __________ movie is funny.
a) That
b) Those

5. __________ airplanes are very big.
a) That
b) Those

6. __________ morning is perfect for a walk.
a) This
b) These

7. __________ car is expensive.
a) That
b) Those

8. __________ candy is delicious.
a) This
b) These

9.__________ children are cold.
a) That
b) Those

10. __________ food is healthy.
a) This
b) These


Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.


1. Where is Pancho from?
A. Paraguay
B. Peru
C. Portugal

2. How many brothers and sisters does Pancho have?
A. 11
B. 12
C. 13

3. What is his father's job?
A. taxi driver
B. dentist
C. police officer

4. What does his mother do?
A. She owns a beauty salon.
B. She runs a small family store.
C. She works at a bread shop.

5. Which thing does Pancho NOT say?
A. His brothers and sisters help his mom.
B. His mom sells food like eggs and sugar.
C. His mother enjoys her job very much.


My family

Hi, my name is Andrey and I'd like to tell you about my family. On the whole, our family is large. There are three generations there. They are my great-grandmother, my grandparents and my parents. My father has a brother - he's my uncle, my mother has two sisters - my aunts; they have their children - my cousins. Besides, there are many in-laws in the family. I don't have any nephews or nieces, but I have a brother.

I don't see all my relatives very often - mostly on some special occasions. The last happy event was my cousin's wedding the previous year, it gathered all our family.

But speaking about a family we usually mean our blood relations, i.e. moth≠er, father, sisters or brothers. My parents are rather young. My father is 39, my mother is 37. My mother's name is Tatyana Petrovna. She's an accountant in a big trading company. She has to work hard and must be very attentive, so she comes home very tired and I do my best to help her. I'm proud of my mother and love her very much. She's smart and good-looking. My father's name is Aleksey Ivanovitch. He is an engineer. He's clever, industrious, but a bit absent-minded sometimes. He has a perfect sense of humour. He has his own way in everything, and I respect him for that. My grandmother Lydia Stepanovna (my mother's mother) also lives with us. She's in her late sixties, but she's quite young in spirit. She likes reading and gardening. She's a very active person. She's either mending something or making something or doing something to entertain herself.

There's no one we call the head of the family, but my granny's advice and opinion are very important in any decision we take.

I have a brother called Dima. We are very much the same in character and appearance, only he is four years my junior. But in spite of the age difference we're very close. We have common interests - we both like sport, reading and computer, but I should say he is too inconsistent and rarely does his best. In other words, he is not bad, when he makes an effort. He is very energetic. It takes him half an hour to do his homework and then he rushes out to play foot≠ball because he is crazy about it. There is one more member of the family. Our dog is the most important person in our house. Rex is a sheep-dog. He is very gallant and devoted to his masters. He does not like to stay alone when we are out, but whenever we return he meets us with such a joy and energy that make our spirits bright.

I don't think that our family is an ideal one, but it is a very stable, ordinary family. We are very close; often take care of one another when someone has a problem. We support each other, we are helpful when we have some difficulties, and though sometimes we have some rows, we always try to find a compro≠mise.


Active vocabulary

1. generation - поколение

2. relative = relation - родственник

close (near) relative - близкий родственник distant relative -дальний родственник blood relative -кровный родственник

3. in-law Ц родн€ со стороны жены или мужа mother-in-law -теща, свекровь father-in-law -тесть, свекор daughter-in-law -невестка, сноха son-in-law -з€ть

sister-in-law - невестка, золовка brother-in-law -з€ть, шурин

4. accountant = book-keeper - бухгалтер

5. industrious = hard-working -трудолюбивый

6. absent-minded - рассе€нный

7. be in one's early (last, late) sixties, etc. - бытьслегказа 60,(между 60и 70,под 70)

8. wedding - свадьба

9. be 5 (6, 7) years smb's junior (senior) - быть на 5 (6, 7)лет младше (старше) кого-либо

10. have rows = to quarrel - ссоритьс€

11. be a pensioner = be retired - бытьнапенсии

12. an only child - единственный ребенок

13. twins - близнецы

14. orphan -сирота

10. step-mother- мачеха step-father -отчим

10. half sister (brother) - сводна€ сестра (брат)

11. foster parents - приемные родители

12. adopted children - приемные дети

13. be married (to smb.) - быть женатым (замужем) (за кем-то)

14. get married - выходить замуж (женитьс€)

21. divorce smb. - развестись с кем-то be divorced -быть в разводе

21. be single - быть неженатым (незамужем)

22. bachelor - холост€к

23. widow - вдова

24. widower- вдовец

21. take after smb. = be like smb. = resemble smb.- быть похожим на кого-то (пойти в кого-то)

21. housewife = homemaker (Am.E.) -домохоз€йка


Answer the questions.

1. How many generations are there in Andrey's family?

2. Do they often meet each other?

3. What events can bring all the relatives together?

4. What do Andrey's parents do?

5. How old are they?

6. Does his grandmother still work?

7. What does she enjoy doing?

8. Who's the head of his family?

9. Does Andrey have a younger or an elder brother?

10. How many years is he Dima's senior?

11. Do they have common interests? What are they?

12. What doesn't Andrey like in Dima's character?

13. Do they have a pet in their family?

14. The family have rows sometimes, don't they?

15. Does Andrey love his family?


Discuss the following questions with your partner:

1. What kind of family do you live in?

2. Is your family large or small?

3. How many are you in the family?

4. Do you know much about your family tree?

5. What relatives have you got?

6. Where do the members of your extended family live?

7. Do you get on well with your family members?

8. How often do you get together?

9. What do you do together?

10. What does family mean to you?

11. When do you think we need our families the most?



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