VI. Underline the correct words.

1. Do you can/Can you come to the meeting next week?

2. I can come/ I can to come to the meeting next week.

3. Iwon’t can’t/be able to come to the meeting next week.

4. Sorry that I didn’t could/I couldn’t come to the meeting last week.

5. Sorry that I wasn’t able to/I wasn’t able come to the meeting last week.

6. Do you will/Will you show me how to log on to the network?

7. What we can do/can we do?

8. I hope to can/to be able to fly directly to Liverpool.

9. I must speak/I must to speak with Mr Reiner as soon as possible.

10. I managed to/I could speak to Mr Reiner yesterday.


VII. Choose the correct variant in each mini-dialogue.

1. A: Are you free next Tuesday morning?

B: Sorry, I’ll have/I’m having a meeting with Sue.

A: Oh, right. Well, what about Thursday?

2. A: What are your plans for next year?

B: We’ll open/We’re going to open a new factory in Hungary.

A: That sounds interesting.

3. A: What do you think about their new marketing campaign?

B: I think it’ll probably succeed/it’s probably succeeding.

4. A: What about tomorrow at around five thirty?

B: Ok, I’ll see you then./I’m seeing you then.

A: Bye.

5. A: So as you can see, I’ve been thinking about this problem quite a lot.

B: Yes, I see. So, what are you going to do?/what are you doing?

A: Resign!

6. A: It would be nice to see you next week.

B: Yes, it would. Are you doing anything/Will you do anything on Wednesday?

A: No, I’m free.

VIII. Work in pairs. Make a dialogue in which you can express your opinion about different relations in the business world. What factors are the most important for you?




“To manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control”

Henri Fayol


The idea of management is using one’s time and energy and talents to accomplish some objectives. The most difficult part of management in the business world is to manage other people. If you are managing someone else, then you need to find a way to use their talents and their time and their energy to accomplish either an individual or a group objective. It is much easier to do if you have your goals and objectives, philosophy and concepts clear in your mind. You have to make people identify with the goals you have set for them. It is very important when a person can identify with the objectives of the organization. In this case person is much more likely to do a good job and to make your job as a manager easier. Management is manipulation to accomplish a preconceived objective. It can be any number of different types of objectives: business, personal, financial, humanitarian. So successful management takes a whole lot of varied things and harnesses them to accomplish the preconceived objective. It directs them in one way. A good manager extracts the ones which are a value in accomplishing something, and he does not waste his time with others which are of no use.

Obviously, goals occasionally have to be modified or changed. It is generally the job of a company's top managers to consider the needs of the future, and to take responsibility for innovation, without which any organization can only expect a limited life. Top managers also have to manage a business's relations with customers, suppliers, distributors, bankers, investors, neighboring communities, public authorities. They also deal with any major crises which arise. An important aspect of a manager’s activity is staff recruitment and appraisal. A good manager must be practical, authoritarian, confident, supportive, intellectual, adaptive and flexible, sociable and friendly. Top managers are appointed and supervised and advised (or dismissed) by a company's board of directors.

1. Complete the article using the following words: initiative, organization, stamina, confident, accountable, leadership, judgement, communicate, integrity.

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