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E. Prepositions of Spatial Relationship


¬ современном английском €зыке предлоги €вл€ютс€ средством выражени€ отношений существительного, местоимени€, числительного либо герунди€ к другим словам в предложении.

A. The Structure of Prepositions

ѕо своей структуре предлоги дел€тс€ на:








According to согласно According to his words Mike is a gifted artist.
As to (as for) что касаетс€ As for your lexical test, I am really pleased with the results.
because of из-за She didnТt accept the invitation because of her splitting headache.
by means of посредством She found a lot of friends by means of the Internet.
due to благодар€, в силу, из-за Due to his hard work Peter entered the university.
for the sake of ради Every year the Browns go to the Crimea for the sake of their kids.
in case of в случае In case of robbery ring up 102
in connection with в св€зи с Take my warmest congratulations in connection with your birthday party
in spite of, despite smth несмотр€ на In spite of rainy weather they went for a walk. Despite piercing pain in her ankle she went to the ball.
instead of вместо She bought apples instead of oranges.
on account of по причине, из-за On account of her illness she had to miss the conference
thanks to благодар€ Thanks to her patience he recovered.

Exercise 1. Complete the following prepositional phrases by choosing a word from the list below.



a cost, the influence agreement, the benefit, answer, the compliments, behalf, good terms, reference, means, peace, pity,

1. at a cost of

2. at ___________ with

3. by ___________ of

4. for ___________ of

5. in ___________ with

6. in ____________ to

7. on ___________ of

8. on ___________with

9. out of ________ for

10. under _________ of

11. with __________ to

12. with __________ of


Exercise 2. Complete the following prepositional phrases by choosing a word from the list below.




account, addition, common, exchange, favour, odds, regard, respect, the exception, the expense, the sake, virtue


1. 1. in ___exchange_____ for

2. 2. in _______________ with

3. 3. in _______________ to

4. 4. in _______________ of

5. at _______________ with

6. at _______________ of

7. with _____________ to

8. with _____________ of

9. for ______________ of

10. out of ___________ for

11. on ______________ of

12. by ______________ of


B. Prepositions of Time:

at at five oТclock, at dawn, at noon, at lunch, at night, at the weekend, at Christmas, at Easter в п€ть часов, на рассвете, в полдень, во врем€ ланча, ночью, на выходные, на –ождество, на ѕасху
in in June, in 2007, in the evening, in spring, in nineties, in a minute в июне, в 2007, вечером, весной, в 90-е, через минуту
on on weekdays, on Christmas Day, on Wednesday, on Tuesday evening, on May 10, on a sunny day в будние дни, в день рождества, в среду, во вторник вечером, дес€того ма€, в солнечный день
by by the end of the year, by 5 p.m., by September к концу года, к п€ти часам вечера, к сент€брю
during during the party, during his spring recess ¬о врем€ вечеринки, во врем€ его весенних каникул
for for three days, for a couple of weeks в течение трех дней, в течение нескольких недель
after after lunch после ланча
fromЕtill from dusk to dawn, from 6 till 8, from May till July от заката до рассвета, с 6 до 8, с ма€ по июль
since since evening, since then с вечера, с тех пор
within within an hour, within a month в течение часа, в течение мес€ца

Exercise 1. Insert the necessary prepositions of time:

1. I left work ______ ten o'clock last night.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
2. I saw Bob in the street ______ yesterday.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
3. I didn't get time to come and visit you ______ last Tuesday.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
4. He used to be a regular visitor ______ Tuesdays.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
5. I phoned her up and spoke to her ______ Wednesday morning.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
6. I last saw him ______ the beginning of September.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
7. I saw him sometime ______ June.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
8. Were you at the last meeting ______ July 13?
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
9. We bought the company ______ Thursday, 22 May.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
10. I spoke to her ______ three weeks ago.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
11. I bought this computer ______ the start of the summer.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
12. I bought this computer ______ the summer.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
13. I bought this computer ______ last summer.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
14. This style was very popular ______ the 1970's.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
15. They were very popular ______ the middle of the 19th Century.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
16. I was still at school ______ 1993.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
17. I met him ______ January of last year.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
18. I knew John Brown quite well ______ when I was at university.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
19. I took over this job ______ the middle of last year.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  
20. I was in a meeting ______ all day yesterday.
a) at  
b) on  
c) in  
d) (no preposition)  


ü Patient: Doctor! Doctor! I think IТm a dog.

ü Doctor: Sit down, please.

ü Patient: I canТt. IТm not allowed on the furniture.


Exercise 2. Complete the following sentences with the prepositions in, on, at:

1. I'm going there ____ Monday.

2. The meeting's ____ the third of June.

3. The course starts ____ the autumn.

4. I'm going away _____ Easter.

5. She was born ___ 2002.

6. It happened ____ Wednesday.

7. It was popular ____ the 1990s.

8. I'm going skiing _____ Christmas.

9. ____ the weekend.

10. IТll call you back ____ a minute.


Exercise 3. Complete the following sentences with during, for, while:

1. She's going to study abroad ____ the summer.

2. Something funny happened _____ the lecture.

3. It happened ____ I was away.

4. Do it ____ you can.

5. _____ I was coming here it was starting to rain.

6. He's been working _____ three weeks.

7. I fell asleep _____ the film.

8. Did you see Tom _____ your vacation?

9. We talked _____ an hour.

10. _____ our stay in London, we visited a lot of museums.

11. What did you do _____ you were in London?

12. I think I need to study French _____ a few months before I go there.

13. I broke my arm _____ I was playing squash.

14. He broke into tears _____ the film.

15. Could you hold on _____ a few moments?

Exercise 3. Insert the necessary prepositions of time :

1. Jane is arriving ___ January 26 ___2 o'clock ___the afternoon.
2. It snows here every year ___December. We always go outside and play in the snow ___Christmas day.
3. Michael is leaving ___Friday ___noon.
4. Lisa started working for her law firm ___1991.
5. Franklin began working on the project ___yesterday.
6. Normally, ____New Year's Eve, it's tradition to kiss the one you love ___midnight.
7. Don't be ridiculous; there were no telephones ___the seventeenth century! The telephone was invented ___the 1870s.
8. The plane leaves ___tomorrow morning ___8:00 a.m.
9. The hills here are covered with wildflowers ____early spring.
10. We met at the restaurant ____6:30 and stayed ____10:30.


Exercise 4. Insert the prepositions of time:

My birthdayТs...... May a) in b) on c) at She'll be away...... next week a) since b) at c) until The exam is...... the tenth of December a) in b) on c) at     I always have dinner with my family..... Christmas Day a) in b) at c) on In Spain, they give each other presents..... Christmas Eve a) in b) on c) at The lecture finished..... five thirty a) at b) on c) in I hate it when people telephone......... I'm having dinner a) during b) while c) for I like to go to a party....... New Year's Eve a) in b) on c) at The term is from September...... December a) to b) for c) at He hasn't worked....... he lost his job a) since b) for c) by The car won't be ready..... Friday a) until b) in c) since You must see Paris..... the Spring a) in b) on c) at He doesn't start work until late.... the afternoon a) on b) in c) at Snow generally falls..... February a) in b) on c) at People give chocolate eggs as presents...... Easter a) on b) in c) at Did I miss anything....... I was on the phone? a) while b) during c) for I have lessons.... Mondays and Wednesdays a) in b) on c) at He didn't do the work...... his boss got angry a) since b) for c) until She was off work...... a fortnight a) for b) at c) in Nobody spoke...... the film a) during b) since c) on It's always colder....... November than September a) on b) in c) at Their first child was born..... the spring a) on b) at c) in I've known him....... a long time a) since b) for c) at I'll see you..... ten o' clock a) at b) on c) in She was born..... 1985 a) at b) in c) on    


C. Prepositions of Place

2) at - у, около, на (указывает на нахождение предмета вблизи другого предмета); The car is at the house. - в, на (указывает на участие в каком-либо действии или процессе): She is at the meeting now.
Tom is waiting for his sister at the bank.  
  Sue spent the whole afternoon at the market.    
2) on Ц обозначает на поверхности There is a new roof on the house.  
Three players are practicing on the field. (поверхность)
The frost made patterns on the window.
3) in Ц обозначает в (внутри чего-либо) The house is in the county.
There are five rooms in the house, which has a lovely fireplace in the living room.
A face appeared in the window.




  a) The children are playing in the street.
  b) Our house is on Third Street.
  c) He declared bankruptcy last week, and now he's out on the street.     (This is an idiom meaning that he's poor.)


Exercise 1. Insert the necessary prepositions of place:




1. I live ___________ Australia.
on at in by

2. The bank is __________ the supermarket.
next beside to side next to

3. The file is ____________ the table.
under down bottom

4. There is a restaurant _______________ the Empire State Building.
top on the top of above over

5. The bridge goes __________ the river.
above over through across

6. There's a good film __________ the screens.
by with to on

7. Paris is __________ France.
in to by at

8. Versailles is __________ Paris.
next by near at


Exercise 2. Write the correct prepositions of place:


1. I met Christine..... university.

2. Don't believe everything you read..... newspapers.

3. Christian isn't here. He's..... work.

4. Kurt's office is..... the second floor.

5. There were a lot of people..... the party.

6. Frank met Maria..... the way to work.

7. Susanne is..... a meeting.

8. I had a meal..... the train.

9. My children are..... home.

10. This is the best cake..... the world!



Man: WhatТs the best way to remove paint from a chair?

Shopkeeper: Sit down on it before itТs dry.


Exercise 3. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions:



Student A: Student B:

  a) on  
  b) in  
  c) at  
  d) of  
  Karin: I don't see it. I only see tomatoes. Karl: It's _______ the tomatoes.
  a) in  
  b) next to  
  c) next  
  d) into  
  Karin: It's not here. Karl: Oh, look ____ the refrigerator.
  a) under  
  b) at  
  c) into  
  d) in  
  Karin: I don't see any garlic. Karl: Look ______ the beer.
  a) at  
  b) behind  
  c) in  
  d) through  
  Karin: It's not there. Karl: Look on the floor. Maybe it's _______ the table.
  a) on  
  b) above  
  c) under  
  d) in  
  Karin: No, it's not there either. Karl: Maybe it fell _______ the stove and the refrigerator. Look there.
  a) on  
  b) in  
  c) under  
  d) between  
  Karl: Did you find it? Karin: Yes, but it wasn't ______ the refrigerator and the stove.
  a) in  
  b) under  
  c) between  
  d) from  
  Karl: Where was it? Karin: It wasn't ______ the refrigerator.
  a) at  
  b) of  
  c) for  
  d) in  
  Karl: Was it _____ the table?
  a) to  
  b) on  
  c) at  
  d) for  
  Karin: No, it was _____ my hand!
  a) from
  b) for
  c) into
  d) in  

Exercise 4. The preposition quiz:

1. I am ЕЕ. work.  
2. We are sitting ЕЕ.the park. It is a nice day.  
3. My car is parkedЕЕ.. the parking lot.  
4. Our house is ЕЕ..the end of the street.  
5. My sister livesЕЕ.the 6th floor.  
6. The books are ЕЕ..the bag.  
7. The books areЕЕЕthe table.  
8. There are a lot of books ЕЕ.the library.  
9. I called their house, but nobody was ЕЕ.home.  
10. There is a beautiful picture ЕЕ.the wall.  
11. The clock fellЕЕ..floor. I have to pick it up.  
12. Come sit ЕЕ. the table. It is time to eat.  
13. There is a lot of foodЕЕ. the refrigerator  
14. The cookies are ЕЕ. the top shelf.  
15. The computer is ЕЕ.the table.  
16. The horse is ЕЕ.the stables.  
17. Is your name ЕЕ.the mailbox?    
18.Are your children ЕЕ. the 2nd grade?    
19.Is anyone going to wait for me ЕЕ..the door?  

Exercise 5. Describe the picture using the suitable prepositions:

1. There are several pictures _____ the wall.

2. There are two pillows _____ the bed.

3. There's a towel hanging _____ the wall.

4. There's a towel hanging _____ a hook.

5. There's a chair _____ the bed and the table.

6. There's a jug _____ the table.

7. There are some coats _____ the bed.

8. You can see a light _____ the window.

9. There's a door _____ the left.

10. There's nothing _____ the bed.

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