Exercise 2. Put the dialogue in the right order.

Unit 1


Mr. Johnson: What shall we have? A full course, I suppose? Im awfully hungry.

Mr. Campbell: So am I. And Im thirsty, too.

J.: Then lets have a glass of mineral water first or some orange juice.

C.: I prefer orange juice with ice.

J.: Waiter! Iced orange juice and a glass of mineral water, please.
(To Mr. Campbell) Now lets see the menu. And here is the wine card, too. How about some hard drinks?

C.: I wouldnt mind having a brandy.

J.: So its one brandy. And its whisky and soda for me. Now comes the hors doeuvre. What do you suggest?

C.: A salad would do, I think.

J.: And I think Ill have shrimps. Now for the soup.

C.: Shall we have chicken broth?

J.: Id better take tomato soup. For the fish and meat courses they have broiled salmon, lamb chops and roast beef.

C.: I shant have any fish course. Ill just try the roast beef.

J.: And I dont want any meat. Id rather order perch. Now what is there for dessert? (Reads) Apples, pears, strawberry ice-cream, rice pudding... What do you say to ice-cream?

C.: Well, I dont mind.

J.: So, thats settled: two ices.

Active Vocabulary

a bill / cheque

to book in advance / to reserve

Is this table vacant (reserved)?

What shall we have / start with?

May I have the menu? (Lets see the menu.)

What would you like?

What about/What would you say to

How would you like it cooked?

Courses (full course / 3-meal course):

a starter / appetizer / hors d'oeuvre

an aperitif

for the first (second, third) course

a main course / fish and meat coarse / entrée [`ɒntrei]

a dessert

a side dish / a la cart

Its a la cart

You lead -

to be hungry / thirsty

the wine card / list

hard / alcoholic drinks

beer / light drinks
soda / gas / mineral water / fizzy drinks

Salad would do.

Thats settled.

chicken broth / noodles (vegetable, meat, fish, tomato) soup

two for dinner? ?

Trimmings -

Daily special




Medium / underdone

Well done


Coffee (black or white)

Wines: dry, medium (semi)-dry, sweet, white, red, rosé, fortified, claret

Describing food:

tasty - tasteless: a negative word


sweet - bitter




tender - tough

fatty - lean

fattening: food which makes you put on weight

Likes and preferences

I like coffee more than tea/ I prefer juice to fizzy drinks

I adore milk shakes

I dont like dry wine, Id better have semi-dry one

I dont mind having corn for trimming

I hate any kind of beer

I enjoy sitting near the beach and looking at the sea

Exercise 1. Look at the following menu and answer the questions.

Broccoli Soup
Home-made Chicken Liver Paté
Tagliatelle with Courgettes, Cream and Bacon

Main Courses

Baked Salmon with Spinach

Breast of Chicken in a White Wine Sauce with Mushrooms
Grilled Fillet Steak in a Pepper Sauce
Mushroom Risotto

Chocolate Mousse

Fruit Salad

Ice Cream


1. Which starter doesnt contain vegetables?

2. Which dish contains pasta?

3. Which dish may be rare or well-done?

4. Which dish is definitely cooked in the oven?

5. Which dish will probably be quite spicy?

6. Which dish contains alcohol?

7. Which meat may be fatty or tough if you are unlucky?

8. Which dessert(s) will be quite sweet?

9. Which dessert must be very fresh?

10. You are on a diet (= you are trying to lose weight) and you do not want to have a fattening meal. Which would probably be the best dish to choose for each course?

Exercise 2. Put the dialogue in the right order.

Woman: I think Ill have some fish, please.

Waiter: Its a Greek dish - a kind of pie with layers of aubergine and lamb and tomatoes, topped with a creamy cheese sauce.
Waiter: Rump or fillet, sir?

Man: Medium rare.

Waiter: Im afraid we havent any sole left, madam, but the turbot is excellent.

Man: Whats this?

Waiter: What would you like to follow?
Woman: Then Ill have the turbot.
Waiter: And you sir?

Man: Oh, jacket potato, mushrooms, and a side salad, please.
Woman: The duchesse potatoes, please, and some spinach.
Man: Rump, please.

Waiter: And how would you like it cooked?
Waiter: What vegetables would you like with your fish, madam?

Man: I think Ill settle for a steak.
Waiter: Thank you.


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