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A. Переделайте предложения в прошедшем и будущем времени

You may read a book now.

He can speak English very well.

They must read for their exam today.

Students in Oxford must wear a uniform.

You can show better results if you don't work by fits and starts.

Mike must pass the credit test today.

You may go for a walk as soon as you finish your homework.

Students can get a scholarship if they are at the top of the group.

B. Translate the sentences into Russian, paying attention to the use of the modal verbs.

The examination is to begin at nine o'clock.

You should start thinking about your future job now.

They have to leave home early so that not to be late for classes.

He won't be able to pass his exam if he doesn't work hard enough.

You look very much alike. He could have been your brother.

I need your help.

He should be waiting for you outdoors.

He ought to become more serious.

He cannot have failed.

They may be asked this question, too.

Задание 19.22.Переведите на английский язык.


1. Можно войти?

2. Он умел читать, когда ему было четыре года.

3. Мне нужен твой совет.

4. Тебе следовало бы подумать об этом раньше.

5. Я не хочу (не буду) помогать тебе.

6. Студенты должны прийти в училище до того, как директор отметит отсутствующих.

7. Ты мог бы учиться лучше.

8. Нам пришлось брать такси, чтобы успеть на поезд.

9. К сожалению, они вынуждены остаться в городе во время летних каникул.

10. Ему нужно остаться в техникуме после занятий.

11. Ты должен был написать это письмо еще вчера.


Задание 19.23. Употребите мoдaльный глагол may (might) или выражение to be allowed to.

1. He ... go home if he likes. 2. As soon as the boy ... leave the room, he smiled a happy smile and ran out to join his friends outside. 3. The doctor says I am much better. I ... get up for a few hours every day. 4.... I bring my sister to the party? 5. Не asked if he ... bring his sister to the party. 6. After they had finished their homework, the children ... watch TV. 7. He ... joins them sports section as soon as he is through with his medical examination. 8. Becky's mother said that everybody ... take part in the pic­nic. 9. If you pass your examinations, you ... go to the south. 10. ... I borrow your car, please? 11. Не asked if he ... borrow my car. 12.... I have a look at your newspaper?


Задание 19.24. Переведите русский язык.



1. I have not written the composition. I shall have to write it on Sunday. 2. We did not have to buy bis­cuits because granny had baked a delicious pie. 3. Will you have to get up early tomorrow? 4. I had to do a lot of hoatework yesterday. 5. She had to stay at homed because she died not feel well. 6. Pete had to stay at home because it wads very cold. 7. Mike had to write this exercised at school because he had not done it at home. 8. They had to call the doctor be­ca.use the grandmother was ill. 9. Why did you have to stay at home yesterday? — Because my parents were not at home and I had to look after my littler sister. 10. It wads Sunday yesterday, so he didn't have to be at work, but he had to do a lot at home. 11. I am sorry I wouldn't come yesterday. I had to work late. 12. Why do you have to get up early to­morrow? 1з. I had to go to the hospital to visit my aunt. 14. What did you have to learn by heart? —At school, I had to learn a beautiful poem "Leisure" by William Henry Davies.



1. We were to get there before the others. 2. Не was to tell her where to find us. 3. She was to grad­uate that year. 4. She was to wear that dress at the graduation party. 5. Hе is to come here at five o'clock. 6. Them train was to leave at five-fifteen.7. I was to wait for her at the railway station.8. We were to go to the cinema that afternoon.9. They were to start on Monday. 10. Не was to tel­ephone the moment she was out of danger. 11. Roses were to be planted round the pond. 12. Thee was to be a discussion later on.



1. You cannot read so many books. 2. You need not read so man books. 3. Nick cannot go to school today. 4. Nick need not go to school today. 5. She cannot translate this article. 6. The need not trans­late this article. 7. Му sister cannot write this let­ter: she is very busy. 8. Му sister need not write this this letter: I shall phone them. 9. She cannot buy bread. 10. She need not buy bread. 11. He could not stay there for the night. 12. He need not have stayed there for the night. 13. We could not do all this work. 14. We need not have done all this work. 15. She could not cook such a big dinner. 16. She need not have cooked such a big dinner. 17. The could not write the composition. 18. The need not have written the composition. 19. I could not go to the library. 20. I need not have gone to the li­brary.


Задание 19.25. Вставьте модальные глаголы can, may, must или need.


1. Peter ... return the book to the library. We all want to read it. 2. Why ... not you understand it? It is so easy. 3.... we do the exercise at once? — Yes, you ... do it at once. 4.... you pronounce this sound? 5. You ... not have bought this meat: we have eve­rything for dinner. 6. I ... not go out today: it is too cold. 7.... I take your pen? — Yes, please. 8. We ... not carry the bookcase upstairs: it is too heavy. 9. We ... not carry the bookcase upstairs ourselves the workers will come and do it. 11. When ... you come to see us? — I ... come only on Sunday. 11. Shall I write a letter to him? — No, you ... not, it is not necessary. 12.... you cut something with­out a knife? 13. Everything is clear and your ... not go into details now. 14. He ... not drink alcohol when he drives. 11. Don't worry! I ... change a light bulb. 16. Ву the end of the week I ... have finished writ­ing my book. 17. She ... not call the doctor again unless she feels worse.


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