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Задание 18.6. Paскройme скобки, уnoтребляя требующуюся форму инфинитива

1. They seemed (to quarrel): I could hear angry voices from behind the door. 2. They are supposed (to work) at the problem for the last two months. 3. The only sound (to hear) was the snoring of grand­father in the bedroom. 4. Her ring was believed (to lose) until she happened (to find) it during the gen­eral cleaning. It turned out (to drop) between the sofa and the wall. 5. They seemed (to wait) for ages. 6. I hate (to bother) you, but the students are still waiting (to give) books for their work. 7. Не seized every opportunity (to appear) in public: he was so anxious (to talk) about. 8. Is there anything else (to tell) her? I believe site deserves (to know) the state of her sick brother. 9. Не began writing books not because hem wanted (to earn) a living. 11. I consider myself lucky (to be) to that famous exhibition and (to see) so many wonderful paintings. 11. Не seems (to know) French very wells: he is said (to spend) his youth in Paris. 12. The enemy army was reported (to overthrew) the defence lines and (to advance) towards the suburbs of the city. 11. The woman pretended (to read) and (not to hear) the bell. 14. You seem (to look) for trou­ble. 15. It seemed (to snow) heavily since early morn­ing: the ground was covered with a deep layer of snows.


Задание 18.7. Paскройme скобки, уnoтребляя требующуюся форму инфинитива.


1.I hate (to bother) other people.

2.I hate (t brother) by other people.

3.She likes (to like) and (to tell) how pretty she is.

4.He seemed (to watch) the film very attentiveli.

5.He seems (to see) a lot in his numerous trips.

6.It was too difficult (to explain) .

7.She had a lot of housework(to do).

8.There are no people (to trust) here.

9.There are many books (to read).

10.There is a lot of housework (to do) taday.

11.The wind seems (to blow) since we came here.

12.The wind seems (to blow) every day.

13.The door seems (to blow) shut by the wind.

14.He pretended (to earn) a lot of money.

15.He claimed (to earn) enough money to buy the car.

16.There was no land (to see).

17.(To see) her once was what made him happy.

18.He was happy (to see) her before he left.

19.He was happy (to inspect) by such a famous surgeon.

20.The committee is said (to study) the documents and they have made a conclusion.

21.The committee is said(to study) the documents at the moment.

22.The committee is said (to invite), so we expect them next week.

23.I am glad (to help) you with this problem, so it will be no troble at all.

24.I am glad (to help) you. It was no trouble at all.

25.I am glad (to help) you at this difficult time, I hope it will soon be over.

26.I think he deserves (to know) this.

27.I think he deserves( to tell) about this.

28.He was the first person in our house (to be) to all the continents.

29.He was the first person in our group (to be) to Africa, so he felt very excited about this perspective.



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