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Искусственные сооружения железнодорожного транспорта: Искусственные сооружения по протяженности составляют в среднем менее 1,5% общей длины пути...

Как ухаживать за кактусами в домашних условиях, цветение: Для кого-то, это странное «колючее» растение, к тому же плохо растет в домашних условиях...



1. Thank you for helping me.

2. I remember your telling me the story five years ago.

3. It`s no use arguing about trifles.

4. He dreams of becoming a sailor.

5. We enjoyed walking slowly along the silent streets.

6. You will enrich your vocabulary by reading more English books.

7. There is no chance of his winning the first prize.

8. I remember seeing you somewhere.

9. Peter`s hobby is seeing all new films.

10. This flat needs redecorating.

11. I am thinking of seeing this film again.

12. Seeing you is always a pleasure.

13. There is no accounting for his strange behaviour.

14. Excuse my interrupting you.

15. This film is worth watching.

16. I insist on your coming in time for the lectures.

Задание 18.9. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на герундий.

1. Repairing cars is his business. 2. It goes with­out saying. 3. There is no chance of winning. 4. Would you mind closing the door?. 5. There are two ways of getting sug­ar: one from beet and the mother from sugarcane. 6. Jane Eyre was fond off reading. 7. Miss Trotwood was in the habit of asking Br. Dick his opinion. 8. Have you finished waiting? 9. Taking a cold show­er in the morning is very useful. 14. I like skiing, but my sister prefeis skating. 11. She likes sitting in the sun. 12. It looks liked raining. 13. My watch wants repairing. 14. Thank you for coming. 15. I had no hope of getting an answer before the end of the month. 16. I had the pleasure of dancing with her the whole evening. 17. Let's go boating. 18. He talked without stopping. 19. Some people can walk all day without feeling tired.


Задание 18.10. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на герундий.


A. I'm really looking forward to going to New York.

B. Are you? I'm not. I can't stand visiting noisy cities.

A. But New York is wonderful. I love seeing the skyscrapers, the museums, the historical monu­ments, the Statue of Liberty... .

В. I hate visiting museums. I'm not looking for­ward to going at all.

A. Oh, it's so excising! I like listening to the sounds of New York - the traffic, the different languages... .

B. As for me, I hate visiting noisy cities!

A. Oh, come on! It'll be fun. New York's a great big melting pot of people from all over the world. And the world capital is worth seeing. It's so interesting!

В. That's what you think. And the city's so dirty, you know.

А. You are right, it, is dirty. Вut it, is beautiful, too. The Big Apple is really worth visiting!

Задание 18.11. В следующих предложениях замените придаточные дополнительные герундием c прeдлогом of.

Образец: She thought she would ge to the country for the weekend.

She thought of goings to the country for the weekend.

1. I thought I would come and see you tomorrow. 2. I am thinking that I shall go out to the country tomorrow to see my mother. 3. What do you think you will do tomorrow? — I don't know now; I thought I would go to the zoo, but the weather is so bad that probably I shan't go. 4. I hear there are some English books at our institute bookstall now. — So you are thinking that you will buy some, aren't you? 5. I thought I would work in the library this evening, but as you have comer, I won't go to the library.


Задание 18.12. B следующих предложениях замените придаточные времени герундием c предлогом after.

Обраец: When she had bought everything she needed,

she went home.

After buying everything she needed, she went home.

1. After she took the child to the kindergarten, she went to the library to study for her examination. 2. When he had made a thorough study of the sub­ject, he found that it was a great deal more impor­tant than he had thought at first. 3. After I had hesi­tated some minutes whether to buy the hat or not, I finally decided that I might find one I liked better in another shop. 4. When she had graduated from the university, she left St. Petersburg and went to teach in her hometown. 5. When he hand proved that his theory was correct, he started studying ways and beans of improving the conditions of works in very deep coalmines.


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