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Косвенная речь


Задание 17.1. Переведите на русский язык обращая внимание на согласование времен.


1.I knew that he had never missed the lectures.

2.I hoped he wouldn't come and spoil the party.

3.We thought that they were a happy couple.

4.Everybody was sure that she was a liar.

5.Strange! I thought I had left this textbook at home!

6.He said that he was very tired.

7.They didn't know that he had seen the doctor already.

8.He said he wouldn't go to college on Friday.

9.I expected that you would introduce me to your teacher.

10.She said she was glad to see us.

11.He said that he wanted to place an international telephone call.



1.Why did you say you had been absent the day before?

2.He wanted to know why you had missed the lecture.

3.Mike told me she would be there very soon.

4.She promised she would call us some day the following week.

5.The doctor asked me when I had caught cold.

6.Father promised that the journey by train wouldn't be so tiresome that time.

7.They were afraid that the repairs would cost a fortune.

8.Mother thought the children were playing football in the yard.

9.Sam told me that he had been reading that book for the whole night

10.Translate the sentences into English paying attention to the sequence of tenses.


1. Masha said that she usually spent her holidays in the south.

2. She said that she had spent her holidays in the Crimea the year before.

3. Boris said that he went to the south every year.

4. He said that he was goingto a rest-home the next day.

5. Ann told us that they hadnt yet come.

6. She told us that they had arrived in St. Peterburg the day befor.

7. I said that I had been in London the year befor and that my friends in London sometimes invited me to spend my holidays with them.

Задание 17.2. Переведите на английский язык обращая внимание на согласование времён


1.Я думала, что вы опаздываете в кино.

2.Она была уверена, что ее сын придет из школы рано.

3.Нина вспомнила, что не записала номер телефона своей под­руги.

4.Я не ожидал, что мой брат заболеет.

5.Медсестра сказала, что доктор придет только после 12 часов.

6.Почему он сказал мне, что никогда не видел тебя?

7.Я не думал, что мое мнение так важно для тебя.

8.Она обещала, что выучит английский язык перед поездкой за границу

8.Они говорили, что знают его хорошо.

9.Он сказал, что готовится к экзамену.

10.Почему он не позвонил нам, как обещал?

11.Они говорили, что он сегодня задержится.

12.Я думал, что они друзья.

13Он говорил, что не похож на своего брата.

14.Начальник сказал, что он занят.

15.Лена не знала, почему ее подруга разговаривала с ней так


Задание 17.3. Передайте следующие предложе­ния в кocвeннoй речи.



1.“I think he is a clever man,” says Elisabeth.

2.”Michal never seems angry or irritated,” remarks Alina.

3.”Barny is in the garage,” says Norma.

4.”He was born in Chicago,” she says.

5.”What you have just told me is very surprising,” John says to Constance.

6.”I can’t understand what the professor is talking about,” says Flora.

7.”My mother will be glad to have you over for dinner,” says Maurice.

8.”We have lived here for a long time,” says Monica.

9.”He is a good speaker. No one can beat him in a public argument.” Remarks Sheila.

10.“You dance so well,” says Nick to Polly.

11.”I shall never forget this day,” says Moira.

12.”We did not have dinner here,” say the boys.

13.”I shall tell you this story when you finish chopping onions,” says Belle.

14.”You won’t believe me if I tell you everything,” answers Louise.




1.”I am sorry to disturb you,” said Mike to Elisa.

2.”The taxi is waiting,” said the porter.

3.”I am Monica’s teacher of history,” said Mr O’Brian.

4.”I’ll be all right in a minute,” said Flora.

5.”I am deeply grateful for all Michelle has done for me and my family,” said Gloria.

6.”You have been generosity itself with your cousins,” said the teacher.

7.”Moira always comes home for dinner,” said Mr Collins.

8.”Everyone took me for my twin brother there and behaved accordingly,” said Tom.

9.”I asked the professor some questions”, said Nelly.

10.”My mother wants to know if you are coming to see her tomorrow,” she said.

11.The doctor said: “You will have to stay in bed for another five days.”

12.The instructor pointed out: “Only the best players can participate in the Olympics.”

13.He said: “It was difficult for me to persuade her to come here.”

14.Mabel said: “As soon as you come to our town, visit my house.

15.”You are able to solve this problem without any outside help,” said Monica to Jess.



1.” I posted your letter yesterday,” said Pearl to her.

2.”I’ll have another talk with him tomorrow,” said Agnes.

3.”You have a beatiful place here,” said Pete.

4.”Jessica arrived last night and she wanted to see you,” said Adny.

5.”You’ll never guess whom I met today. It was Flora!,” said Nick.

6.”I have not seen him this morning,” said Luke.

7.”He’ll meet Betside here today,” she said.

8.”I saw Jack at the University today,”said Anne.

9.”Tonight I shall stay at home and read what the editor has given to me,”said Nelly.

10.”If you come tonight you will see a cheerful crowd of people,” said Bass.

11. Stella remarked:”A minute ago I wouldn’t have thought I would do it.”

12.”The McMillans moved to Glasgow two months ago and I have lived in their house since then,”said Stella Gibson.

13.”Tomorrow I shall do it myself,” said mother.

14.”Now everything has changed here, you won’t recognize a thing in this company,” said the chief executive.

15.”I heard Meg say she would come on Thursday next week,” said Barb.


Задание 17.4. Передайте следующие повелительныe предложе­ния в кocвeннoй речи.

1. Their teacher said to me: "Hands this note to your parents, please." 2. Oleg said to his sister: "Put the letter into an envelope and give it to Kate." 3. "Please help me with this work, Henry," said Rob­ert. 4. "Please bring me some fish soup," he said to the waitress. 5. "Don't worry over such a small thing," she said to me. 6. "Please don't mention it to anybody," Marry said to her friend. 7. "Promise to come and see me," said Jane to Alice. 8. He said to us: "Come here tomorrow." 9. I said to Mikes: "Send me a telegram as soon as you arrive." 10. Fa­ther said to me: "Don't stay there long." 11. Peter said to them: "Don't leave the room until I come back." 12. "Take my luggage to Room 145," he said to the porter. 10. He said to me: "Ring me up to­morrow." 14. "Bring me a cup of black coffee," she said to the waiter. 15. "Don't be late for dinner," said mother to us. 16. Jane said to us: "Please tell me all you know about it." 17. She said to Nick: "Please don't say anything about it to your sister."


Задание 17.5. Передайте следующие повествовательныe пред­лoженuя в косвенной речи.


1. Не said: "I have just received a letter from my uncle." 2. "I am going to the theatre tonight," he said to me. 3. Mikes said: "I spoke to Br. Browne this morning." 4. He said to her: "I shall do it today if I have time." 5. I said to them: "I can give you my uncle's address." 6. Oleg said: "Му room is on the second floor." 7. Не said: "I am sure she will ring men up when she is back in St. Petersburg." 8. Misha said: "I saw them at my parents' house last year." 9. Не said: "I haven't seen my cousin today." 10. "I don't go to this shop very often," she said. 11. Tom said: "I have already had breakfast, so I am not hungry."



1. He said to me: "They are staying at the Grand Europe Hotel." 2. He said: "They are leaving next Monday." 3. The clerk said to them: "You can leave the key with the maid upstairs." 4. Masha said: "I usually spend my holidays in the south." 5. She said: "I spent my holidays in the Crimea last year." 6. Bois said: "I go to the south every year." 7. He said: "I am going to a health resort tomorrow." 8. Ann said to us: "They haven't yet come." 9. She said to us: " They arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday." 10. I said: "I was in London last year. My friends in London sometimes invite me to spend my holidays with them." 11. Nick said: "I have never been to Lon­don. I think I shall go there next year." 12. He said: "I shall not stay with my friends too long."



Задание 17.6. Передайте следующие специальные вопросы в косвеной речи.


1. Mother said to me: "Who has brought this par­cel?" 2. Hе said to her: "Where do you usually spend your summer holidays?" 3. Ann said to Mike: "When did you leave London?" 4. She said to Boris: "When will you be back home?" 5. Boris said to them: "How can I get to the railway station?" 6. Mary asked Tom: "What time will you come here tomorrow?" 7. She asked me: "Why didn't you come here yesterday?" 8. She asked n10: "What will you do tomorrow if you are not busy at your office?" 9. I said to Nick: "Where are you going?" 10. I said to him: "How long are you going to stay there?" 11. I said to him: "Howl long will it take you to get there?" 12. Pete said to his friends: "When are you leaving St. Petersburg?" 13. Hem said to them: "Who will you see before you leave here?" 14. The said to him: "What time does the train start?" 15. I asked Mikes: "What will you do after dinner?" 16. I asked my uncle: "Howl long did you stay in the Crimea?" 17. Ada said to me: "Where did you see such trees?" 18. I said to Becky: "What kind of book has your friend brought you?"


Задание 17.7. Пepeдaйme следующие общие вonpoсы в косвенный.


1. I said to Mikes: "Have you packed your suit­case?" 2. I said to Katie: 'Did anybody meet you at the station?" 3. I said to her: "Can you give me their address?" 4. I asked Tom: "Have you had breakfast?" 5. I asked my sister: "Will you stay at home or go for a walk after dinner?" 6. I said to my mother: "Did anybody come to see me?" 7. I asked my sister: "Will Nick call for you on the way to school?" 8. She said to the young man: "Can you call a taxi for me?" 9. Marry said to Peter: "Have you shown your photo to Dick?" 10. Oleg said to me: "Will you come here tomorrow?" 11. Не said to us: "Did you go to the museum this morning?" 12. I said to Bois: "Does your friend live in London?" 13. I said to the man: "Are you living in a hotel?" 14. Nick said to his friend: "Will you stay at the "Hiltons"?" 15. He said to me: "Do you often go to see your friends?" 16. Hem said to me "Will you see your friends before you leave St. Petersburg?" 17. Mikes said to Jane: "Will your coma to the railway station to see me off?" 18. She said to me: "Have you sent them a tele­gram?" 19. She said to me: "Did you send them a telegram yesterday?"


Задание 17.8. Передайте следующие предложения в косвеннoŭ речи.


1. "Do you know where the Browns live?" we asked a passerby. 2. "Thee are a lot of trains to my station on Sunday," said Andrew to us. "You will have no problems getting to my country place." 3. "Do you often meet my sister at the library?" he asked me. 4. "Will the teacher return our exercise books today?" asked Nick. 5. "Our nephew is a very capable young man," said the woman. "Hem has just graduated from college, but he is already a very skil­ful specialist." 6. "Sit still and don't move your head," said the doctor to me. 7. "I want to know how your cousin likes working at this hospital," said Vera to Helena. 8. "Don't forget to bring your exercise books tomorrow," said the teacher to us. "You are going to write a very important paper." 9. "How can I get to the circus?" asked the girl. "Take tram number five," said the man. 10. "I am very sorry, Katie," said Mikes, "I have forgotten to bring your dictionary." 11. "When does your mother go shop­ping?" asked the neighbour.


Задание 17.9. Восстановите прямую речь в следующих предложениях.


1. Marry wondered if Jane would be busy the next day. 2. Tom asked if Jane would come to the Phil­harmonic with him. Jane asked at what time he was planning to go. Thom said that it would take them long to get there. Jane asked where they would meet. 3. John asked Mary if she was afraid of thun­derstorm. 4. Hem asked her if she had ever walked in rainy weather. 5. Mary told John that she pre­ferred sunny days. 6. Them woman asked her son if he was in a hurry. 7. Ann asked if they would go to the country the next day. 8. Katie asked her friend what she liked to doe on her days off. 9. I asked the secretary if I might speak to the headmistress. 10. Nick wanted to know if Helen would give him her book.

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