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Задание 15.16. Переведите предложения на русский язык. Определите времена выделенных глаголов


1. He runs a large travel agency.

2. The theif enters the room and opens the safe.

3. Skill comes with practice.

4. She’s been practising that song for hours.

5. He’s working hard these days.

6. He’s gaineda lot of weight recently.

7. Tom’s picking me up at 7 o’clock tonight.

8. She’s staying with a friend in London at present.

9. The ferry arrives at 10:00 am.

10. They’ve been talkingon the phone since 9 o’clock this morning

11. Oh no! Someone’s been readingmy diary again.

12. You feel dizzy because you’ve been lyingin the sun for too long!

13. He has just cleared out the garage.

14. He’s such a boring man, who’s always makinga fuss about nothing.

15. With the help of a good teacher, Gary’s becominga very good pianist.

16. We’ve been out four times this week.



1. They have sold their house and gone on a tour of the world.

2. Here comes the train!

3. She opened the cupboard, took out a dress and put it on.

4. They received the telegram at 10 o’clock that evening.

5. She was upset because she had been waiting to hear from her son for day.

6. They were still discussing the plan at midnight.

7. They were flying over the Andes when the plan crashed

8. James Dean madeone film with Natalie Wood.

9. Tom was reading out the data while Sara was writing it down.

10. She had finished mostof the work by he time her boss arrived.

11.She missed the end of the film because she had fallen asleep.

12.He always went to work by train.

13.She was pleased because she had been giventhe job

14.We had been livingin the same house for twelve years beforewe decided to move.

15.He left his job because he had been feelingdissatisfied formonths.


1. I think I’ll gohome now.

2.The bus for Brighton departsin an hour.

3.We’ll be sallingaround the islands this time next month.

4. By May he will have been livingabroad for six years.

5.The men are deliveringthe furniture tomorrow.

6.Look at the baby! Hes going to eatthat worm!

7.Perhaps we’ll see Nicky at school today.

8.He’s going totake a few days off next week.

9.I’m sure you’ll havea wonderful holiday.

10. WillJobe stayingwith you this Easter?

11.I’ll be havinglunch with Sam tomorrow as usual.

12.They will have madea decision by Friday.

Задание 15.17. Употребите необходимое время.


A: What 1) … (do) tonight?

B: 2) … (try) to finish my homework because I 3) … (go) to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday and I 4)… (not/be able) to do it then.

A: What time 5)… the wedding…(start) on Saturday?

B: The ceremony 6)… (begin) at 2 o’clock, then I 7)… (go) to the party in the evening.

A: 8)… any of your friends… (be) there?

B: Well, my cousin says I can bring a friend. 9)… (you/do) anything on Saturday night?

A: No, but I 10)… (feel) shy if I don’t know anyone.

B: Never mind. It 11)… (be) a big party and I’m sure you 12)… (have) a great time.

A: OK, then. Thanks very much.


Dear Debbie,

Since you want to know what I 1)…’m doing… (do) next week, I thought I’d write and let you know. It 2)… (be) a very busy week. On Monday I 3)… (go) to York. I 4)… (probably/be) there for three days, and by Wednesday I 5)… (meet) every important artist in the town. If everything goes well, I 6)… (go) to Newcastle on Thursday morning. There I 7)… (meet) the chairman of the Arts Council. Then on Friday and Saturday I 8)… (visit) several small towns in the area to see what their galleries are like. By Sunday I 9)… (travel) for days and I imagine I 10)… (be) very tired, so it looks like I 11)… (not/come) to your party on Sunday night. Sorry! I hope you 12)… (invite) me to the next one. Give my love to Mike.





Sue Thomas is a fashion designer. She 1)… (make) clothes ever since she 2)… (be) a young girl. She 3)… (get) her first job in a clothes factory when she was sixteen. She 4)… (sew) buttons onto a shirt one day when she 5)… (have) a brilliant idea for a design. After she 6)… (speak) to her bank manager, she got a loan and she 7)… (open) her own little workshop. Now she 8)… (make) lots of money. Next year she 9)… (open) a shop which will sell all her own designs. She 10)… (sell) clothes to a lot of famous people, including film stars and singers, and she 11)… (think) she will be vety rich soon.



Kevin Adams 1)…loves… trains. He first 2)… (see) one when he was four years old and he 3)… (think) it was great. He 4)… (go) to a different railway station every week and 5)… (writedown) the engine number of every train he sees. He 6)… (do) this since he was eight. By the time he was fifteen he 7)… (collect) over ten thousand different engine numbers in various counties. Once, while he 8)… (stand) in a station in Chesfire he saw something very unusual. He 9)… (wait) for over an hour for a train to go by when suddenly he 10)… (see) a very old steam train coming down the track. It 11)… (not/stop) at the station and, as it passed, Kevin noticed that all the passengers 12)… (wear) old – fashioned clothes. When he told the station guard about this, the poor man turned pale. He said that no steam train 13)… (pass) thought that station for years, and that the last one 14)… (crash), killing everyone on board.



1. Martha usually…..(visit) her grandfather every weekend.

2. His eyes are hurting because he…..(forget) to put on his sunglasses.

3. I’m exhausted; I think I…..(go) to bed.

4. It was kind of you….(invite) me to dinner.

5. She’s really looking forward to…..(meet) you.

6. I’ve been looking for Sue for hours, but I…..(not/be able to) find her yet.

7. When I was in Africa, I…..(bite) by a poisonous spider.

8. If you….(remember) to bring your cheque book, you would have been able to pay for your meal.

9. She….(play) that computer game since 7 o’clock this morning.

10. I…..(talk) to my mother on the phone when I heard the scream.

11. Do you think you……(finish) that book by tomorrow?

12. Tom suggested…..(go) for a picnic, but I didn’t feel like it.

13. He allowed me……(borrow) his motorbike.

14. She had to cycle to work while her car……(repair).

15. Your father will be disappointed with you if you……(not/pass) the test.

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