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Времена группы Perfect Сontinuous (Progressive)

Present Perfect Continuous Progressive

Задание 15.1. Переведите на русский язык, объясните употребление Present Perfect Continuous (Progressive)

1. My brother has been staying with us for three weeks.

2. It has been raining since morning.

3. He`s been working here since 1999.

4. She has been telling me how good you are since you left the room.

5. Since what time have you been sitting here? Have you been waiting here long?

6. “How long have you been looking for her?”

“For three hours.”

7. The sun is shining, but the ground it wet because it has been raining,

8. Who has been playing with the remote control? It doesn`t work!

9. “Why are you so tired? What have you been doing?”

“I`ve been working in the garden since morning.”

10. She has been playing chess since she was nine.

11. He hasn`t fit and tanned. She has been working outdoors a lot recently.


Задание 15.2. Задайте вопрос к выделенным словам.

1. He has been painting this fence for a long time.

2. My secretary has been typing the report for five hours.

3. The boys have been trying to fix that bike since morning.

4. The tourists have been waiting for the guide since four o`clock.

5. You have been talking for almost an hour without stopping.

6. Is has been snowing heavily during the whole night.

7. We have been looking for that café for half an hour.

8. He has been writing this letter since the lecture began.

9. He has been living in this city since 1990.

10. They have been repairing the road for the last five years.

11. The students have been translating the text since the lesson began.

12. I have been buying food here since I came to this town.



Задание 15.3. Задайте вопросы к следующим предложениям, используя вопросительные слова в скобках.

1. They`ve been looking for a restaurant since they came to the town. (Who? Where? What…for?)

2. She has been packing her suitcase since morning. (What? Why?)

3. Arthur has been driving for six hours without any rest. (Who? How?)

4. They`ve been answering their child`s questions the whole day. (Whose? What?)

5. Ed has been playing with his dog in the park since morning. (Who…with? Where? Who?)

6. He has been answering the director`s questions since morning. (Who? Whose? What?)

7. She has been washing up since breakfast. (Who? What?)

8. Her husband has been watching football on TV since breakfast. (Who? What?)

9. Their son has been fighting with his sister since breakfast. (Who? What? Who…with?)

10. Their cat has been trying to catch a mouse since breakfast. (What?)

11. Someone has been looking through my things. (Why?)


Задание 15.4. Раскройте скобки, используя Present Perfect (Continuous) Progressive.

1. I (to sleep) for twenty-three hours.

2. She (to work) in the library for the last two hours.

3. We just (to speak) about you.

4. What you (to do) In my absence?

5. Who (to teach) us?

6. He (to stay) here for three months; and I think my father (to enterain) him too long.

7. She (to have) a toothache since morning.

8. They (to play) football for two hours.

9. She (to dance) since the party began.

10. Where you (to sit) all this time?

11. She (to tell) a lot of lies about me, I`m sure.

12. What you (to talk) about since I left.


Задание 15.5. Раскройте скобки употребив Present Perfect или Present Perfect Continuous.


Dear Linda ,

I`m glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself in Australia.

Things at home are the same as usual . Your father 1) …has been working…. ( work) very hard. Susan 2) …………………..(just/pass) her driving test . Alex 3) ……………………(not/write) for weeks, probably because he 4) ……………..(study) very hard for his exams. Uncle Tom 5)………………..(build) a shed in the garden. I think it will be ready next mounth. Mr Brown 6) ………………….(not/feel) well recently. He 7) …..

……….(visit) the doctor four times this mounth . The her new shop yet .

The dog 8) …………….. (have) three puppies. Mrs Smith 9) ……………

(not/open) her new shop yet . The decorators 10) …………….. (paint) it for

weeks. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Australia11)…………(you/see) the famous Opera House yet ? Tina sends her love. Write to me soon.

Love, Mum




Зaдание 15.6. Переведите на русский язык и обьясните употребление Past Perfect Continuos (Progressive)

1. They had been living in this city for almost thee years when their son came back to the USA.

2. We felt very tired when we came home because we had been walking in whe eain for a long time.

3. It had been raining for two hours already when we left home.

4. Mark tried to stop Dinny, who had been talking for the last ten minutes.

5. Angela rose from the arm-chair in which she had been sitting.

6. David saw that Margie had been weeping, but didn’t say anything.

7. I thought that he had come to talk aboutthe problem which we had been already discussing for hours.

8. She had deen learning French for five years before she could speak fluently.

9. How long had you been waiting before he came?



Задание 15.7. Составьте предложения с Past PerfectContinuous(Progressive) используя слова в скобках.

Pattern:I looked out of the window. The sun was shining.

But the ground was wet.

It had been raining.

1. Mary woke up suddenly. She was frightened. (She / to dream)

2. Jim came home. He was tired. His hands were dirty. (He / to work /in the garden)

3. She was tired and angry when I came home. The first things she told me was that she hated music. (Our neighbour / to practise / the piano)

4.When I entered the room no one was smoking. But there was a smell of cigarettes. (Some one / to smoke / in the room)

5. Ben felt frustrated. He was staring hopelessly at the lock. (He / to try / to open his own door / an hour)

6. When Mother came home, Jake and Larry were in different rooms. They didn’t want to talk and Larry had a black eye. (They / to fight)

7. When the test was over, the students looked really tired. (They / to write / two hours)

8. Betty came from the beach. Her eyes were red. (She / to lie / in the sun / too much)

9. When the children came home, dinner was ready, but Carol was tired and couldn’t eat at all. (She / to cook / morning)

10. When he got up from the table, his eyes hurt and his head was going to burst. (He / to read up / for the exam)

11. When Jane opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was deep snow lying everywhere. She ran up to the window. There had been no snow the day before. (It / to snow / all night)


Задание 15.8. Объедините предложения, употребляя Past Perfect Progressive. Переведите предложения на русский язык.


Pattern: They began watching TV. After half an hour their parents came. –

They had been watching TV for half an hour when their parents came.


1. We had arranged to meet in the café. I came and began waiting. After fifteen minutes I realized that I had come to the wrong café.

2. Mr and Mrs Thompson went to live to Sussex. Six months later their son joined them.

3. We started to play football at about three. Somewhere about half past three it began to rain.

4. Bernard couldn’t calm the baby down. It was crying. After fifteen minutes his wife came.

5. The teacher left the room. The boys began to fight. After ten minutes the teacher came back and they were still fighting.

6. Jane came home. She realized that she had left her keys somewhere. She tried to find them in her handbag. After ten minutes her husband came with the keys.

7. Mother started cooking dinner. After ten minutes Hazel came to help her.

8. Brian was trying to fix his car. After three hours he gave up the idea.

9. Faith sat down and began to write her report. After half an hour her sister called her.

10.She worked for this company. After 25 years she retired.

11. My sister studied French. Then, after five years, she went to France.

12. Pete began to play chess when he was six. He took part in his first tournament when he was ten.

13. The orchestra began playing. After ten minutes a man ran into the hall.

14. The family began watching an interesting film. After half an hour the TV broke down.

15. We settled down in London. After a fortnight our two cousins joined us.

16. We sat down to dinner. After five minutes the door-bell rang.

17. Margaret went to the park. After ten minutes she realized she had forgotten to close the door.


Задание 15.9. Раскройте скобки употребив Past Simple или Past

Perfect Progressive .


1.He (to look) at her.He (to know) she (to cry).

2.She (to tell) him about her plan which she (to think about) all morning.

3.Molly (to close) the book which she (to read) and (to look up)

at her mother.

4.Through the window he (to see)the room wrere they (to sit) previous night.

5.Paul (to think) for some time before he (to dare) to answer.

6.They (to sit down)to dinner which Mother (to cook)all morning.

7.How long Tony (to read) when this terrible accident (to happen)?

8.When I (to come)everyone (to stop) talking.They (to talk) about my birthday and the presents and (not to want) to tell my anything beforehand.

9.When the lesson (to be) over, the teacher (to ask) the student to turn in the tests they (to write) since its beginning.

10.How long this man (to stand) theere and (to watch ) you before you (to notice) him?

11.How long they (to wait) for a taxi before it (to come)?


Задание 15.10. Раскройте скобки употребляя Past Simple,Past Perfect или Past Perfect Progressive .

1.When he (to come) home , he (to see) that something (to happen) . His wife (to cry) . Someone (to smoke) in the room, though no one (to smoke) on his family.

2.Tony (to return) to the book (to read) before his mother (to enter) . He (to try) to concentrate , but he could not . Her last words still (to ring) in his ears.

3.The town (not to be) large, but he (no to be) sorry that he (to come) there . His parents (to live) in thei very street for 30 years before they all (to leave) for London!

4.Who (to sit) her before I (to come)?

5.He (to go) back to the drawing room.His wife (to stand) near the window. She still (to look) at the garden.The leaves (to fall) down all night, and the trees (to stand) bare and (to whisper) something…When William (to come) back he (to see) that his wife (to try) to keep back tears…

6.When he (to dress),he (to go) downstairs and (to write) a long letter to his sister who (to stay) at her friends.

7.She (to phone) and (to call) a taxi. She (to sit) and (o wait) only five minutes whe a car (to come).She (to rush) to the station where Mike (to wait) already.

8.I (not to be) here ten minutes before your brother (to com in).

9.Dave (to enter) the room.Margie (to read).She (to look up) at him and (to smile).Their two sons (to sit) and (to watch) TV. They (not to talk) to each other.Dave (to see) they (to quarrel).

10.I (to try) to remember what I (to do) yesturday before he (to call).”What you (to do) in the last ten minutes before his call?”the inspector (to keep) asking.But I (not to remember) anything at all.

11.he (to wait) for half an hour already. Mrs Lamb was late. She (to look throught) the newspaper she (to buy) and thought she (to come) in vain or..she (to get) her message wrong?But Mrs Lamb (to write)clearly:”In the park”

12.What are you thinking about?”he (to ask) after he (to look at) her a few seconds.But she (not to answer).She (to try) to gather her thoughts.

13.Presently he (to run) to greet his workmate,who (to wait) for the bus,too.He (to stand) at the bus-stop already when John (to come) there.


Задание 15.11.Употребите Past Perfect или Perfect Continious.


When I entered the house something smelt awful. Someone 1)…had been cooking…(cook) and 2)…(burn) the meal. I 3) … (visit) the house once before and 4)…(meet) the family but I didn’t know what 5)… (happen) since then. The house was a mess.The children 6)… (play) in the living-room and 7)…(leave) their toys all over the floor. Someone 8)…(leave) all the windows open. It 9) … (rain) for hours and all the curtains 10) … (get) wet and dirty. I asked the children where their perents were. They told me that their mother 11) … (be) in hospital for the past two weeks. Their father 12) … (look after) them since then. Obviously he 13) … (do) his best, but he couldn’t do any better since he worked all morning and had to leave them alone most of the day. I had to do something to help them.


The Future Perfect Progressive Tense

Задание 15.12. Переведите на русский язык и объясните употребление Future Perfect Continuous (Progressive)

1. They will have been working for five hours already when we come and join them.

2. By the first of June he’ll have been working here for 14 years.

3. They will have been trying to solve this problem for two years by 2010.

4. She’ll have been writing an essay for an hour when her friends come.

5. The students will have been answering for a whole hour already by twelve o’clock.

6. She’ ll have been talking for two hours already by four. I want to use the phone, too.

7. Someone will have been playing the piano for

three hours by twenty- three. They started at eight. When are they going to stop?


Задание 15.13. Pacкройте скобки употребив The Future Perfect Progressive или The Present Simple Tense.

1. He ( to write) a letter for three hours when you ( to come).

2. He ( to learn) French for six years already when he ( to enter) this college.

3. She ( to watch) this film for an hour already when you ( to ring) her up.

4. We ( to have) dinner for half an hour tomorrow when he ( to call) us.

5. By July 1 she ( to live) here for five months.

6. When you ( to enter) the University you ( to study) languages for more then ten years.

7. The painter ( to work) on this landscape for almost a year by Christmas.

8. They ( to quarrel) for more than an hour when the police finally ( to come)!

9. The students ( to read) up for their exam for more than three hours already by the time we ( to come) to the library and ( to join) them.

10. They ( to travel) for almost a year by Christmas, but they ( not to want) to return.

11. They ( to ask) me silly questions for two hours by twelve. Why they( not to stop)?

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