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Ex. 17. Supply the missing words

1. How much … a good pair of trousers cost these days? 2. The stairs … worn by thousands of visitors. 3. Where … the scissors? – … are in the first drawer on the left. 4. The scales … broken. 5. How much did you pay for … trousers? – … were very expensive! 6. If your clothes … dirty, please put … in the laundry basket. 7. His old grandfather’s watch … made of gold. 8. All their belongings … been destroyed in the fire. 9. My earnings … not high, but at least they … regular. 10. These shorts … me at all! 11. The United States … smaller than Canada.

Ex. 18. Open the brackets & choose the proper form of the verb.

1. I feel that the jury already (have, has) thought that you are innocent. 2. The government (was, were) not able to pursue the policy which had been promised before the elections. 3. The police (is, are) investigating the case now. 4. The crew of the plane (consist, consists) of 4 people. 5. His company (was, were) founded in 1996. 6. The party (was, were) in full swing. The music was playing, the company (was, were) eating & drinking. 7. My family (is, are) early risers, so at 11 o’clock p.m. the family (is, are) always in bed. 8. The cattle (is, are) in the field now. 9. The committee (is, are) full of enthusiasm. 10. Such an organization as the board of directors (is, are) elected by stockholders. 11. The ship turned out to be a good ship, the crew (was, were) skilled seamen. 12. The government usually (consist, consists) of the prime minister & several ministers. 13. The average American family (have, has) 3 children. 14. The jury (is, are) represented by 12 people. 15. The crops (is, are) good this summer. 16. Look out! The stairs (is, are) very old. 17. In my opinion, looks (is, are) very important for an actor. 18. The police (is, are) responsible for these actions. 19. Criteria (is, are) changing. 20. The committee (was, were) set up several months ago. 21. The traffic (is, are) very heavy in this street. 22. When the traffic-lights (is, are) red, don’t cross the street. 23. The working wages (is, are) up. 24. The knowledge she had got at college (is, are) very deep. 25. The carrots (is, are) delicious. 26. The vacations (is, are) always fun. 27. The funeral (is, are) usually a sad occasion. 28. The evidence (is, are) against him. 29. The contents of the letter (is, are) made public. 30. The opera-glasses (is, are) out of focus. 31. The grapes (is, are) ripe. 32. Her clothes (is, are) very fashionable. 33. Your advice (is, are) always welcome. 34. The information he gave us (was, were) very useful. 35. A little money (is, are) better than nothing. 36. That species of spiders (is, are) commonly seen in deserts of North Africa. 37. I think her hair (is, are) dyed. 38. I don’t want to work here. The equipment (is, are) too complicated. 39. There (is, are) a lot of sheep in the field. 40. I think this (is, are) detailed research. 41. The cattle (is, are) up the hill. 42. Very few (was, were) strong enough to finish the race. 43. There (is, are) a pair of sunglasses lying on the floor. 44. Both my good trousers & my old jeans (was, were) at the laundry. 45. Many of you (are, is) going to win the race. 46. There (was, were) several letters on the top shelf of the bookcase. 47. That pair of Dior glasses (is, are) expensive. 48. When the bell rang, a few still (was, were) working on the test. 49. The screwdriver, along with the pliers, (were, was) left out in the rain. 50. The scissors (is, are) in the bottom drawer. 51. Politics usually (is, are) for ambitious people. 52. Two weeks (is, are) enough time for a camping. 53. According to the championship, one hundred pounds (is, are) easy to lift. 54. The Jaws, a movie about sharks, (is, are) very interesting. 55. The crew (are, is) asleep in their bunks down in the hold of the ship. 56. Several unusual species of birds (was, were) found in this area. 57. When a young deer (is, are) motionless, its colouring hides it well. 58. The committee (was, were) ready to make its recommendations public. 59. The family (is, are) fighting among themselves constantly. 60. The fish in the aquarium (was, were) waiting for their daily feeding. 61. Each of those species of birds (is, are) present in Texas. 62. All sheep (was, were) dipped in the spring to kill the parasites. 63. The press (is, are) requested to show their credentials to the guards. 64. Several of the fish (was, were) dying.

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