EXERCISES. 1. Listen carefully to the following conversational situations

1. Listen carefully to the following conversational situations. Concen­trate your attention on the intonation of the replies:

Verbal Context Drill Statements (sounding apologetic, appreciative, grateful, regretful, sympathetic, persuasively reassuring, pleading, plaintive)
Don't you like it? I don't, frankly.
Any news of Tim? He's coming home soon.
Haven't you finished it yet? I've only just begun it, as a matter of fact.
It looks like rain, I'm afraid. Perhaps it would be better to stay at home in that case.
I've had it six years now. You'll be buying a new one soon, I imagine.
Whyever bring a mac? It was raining when I left this morning.
I thought of going for a stroll. I'll come too, if I may.
It was quite an accident But I told you not to touch it.
So it was you who borrowed my spade. I do hope you didn't mind.
He's accepted your offer. I didn't dream he'd take me seriously.
It's a wonderful photo. I knew you'd like it.
Help? Certainly. I was sure I could count on you.
But why didn't you tell me? So sorry.
I thought you ought to know. Thank you for telling me, I do appreciate it.
I really must go now. I do hope you have a com­fortable journey.
It's all so discouraging. I know exactly how you feel.
Sorry I haven't returned it yet. That's quite all right. I'm in no particular hurry for it.
I've already been waiting a year. Then surely a few more days won't make much difference.
It's an absolute scandal. There's no need to get so worked up about it.
I do wish he'd mind his own business. But he was only trying to be helpful.
What's happened to Jack? It's always the same. He's hardly ever on time.
I'm afraid he failed his exam. I'm not at all surprised. He did absolutely no work for it.
  Special questions (sounding plaintive, pleading, weary, despairing, arm,sympathetic)
It was my treat. How much was it?
How big did you say it was? Oh, why don't you listen, Charley?
Three thousand he paid for it. When will the poor fool learn wit?
Did you call, Frank? Yes, what's the time please?
I have to go out now. When will you be back, d'you think?
  General questions (sounding plaintive, pleading, sometimes impatient)
Perhaps I could help. Do you think you соuld?
Come and have a game, Phil. Will you stop bothering me? Can't you see I'm busy?
May I have another bun? D'you really think you can eat it?
  Imperatives (sounding plaintive, pleading, reproachful)
I'm afraid I've lost it. Never mind.
Quickly. Wait a minute.
What's all the knocking 'about? Oh, don't just sit there. Open the door.
What's upsetting you? Do shut the door. There's such a draught.
I really must go. Please stay a little longer.
I'd willingly fetch some more. Please don't bother on my account.
Whatever shall I do? Carry on as usual, if you can.
When shall I start? Start right away, if that's convenient for you.
  Exclamations (warm, sympathetic, encouraging, plaintive, puzzled, surprised)
I've invited him for tea. Jolly good! Good show!
That's the second time he's failed. Poor old Peter!
I thought I asked you to make up the fire. All right!
And we'll have a new car­pet. Just a second! (Where's the money coming from?)
Here I am at last. Hullo, Stephen! (It is good to see you.)

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