Listen to your fellow-student reading the replies, tell him (her) what his (her) errors in intonation are

6. Listen to the Verbal Context suggested by the teacher. Reply by using one of the sentences below. Pronounce it with Intonation Pattern X. Say what attitude you mean to render:

Verbal Context Drill
Why don't you stay longer? I've no time. I'm so busy now.
When do we go there? I've just told you. At seven.
Do you really want to see her? I haven't seen her for ages.
What made you go there? I went there because I wanted to.
Why didn't you come there in time? You know how far it is.
What do you think of this picture? It's nothing less than a masterpiece.
I've no time now. I'm leaving. Where to?
You must look through it again. What's wrong about it?
He'll be here by six. What makes you so sure?
You must phone her at once. Why not you?
I missed some words. Why don't you listen?
You'd better take a taxi. What for?
Monday is a very busy day for me. Can't we meet on Friday then?
You are not a good swimmer, are you? Have I ever pretended tc be?
Mary's not here yet. Go alone, then.
It's too late to walk. Take a bus, then.
I doubt if I can do it better. Try again.
He's given up this idea. Sensible chap!
He's won. Would you believe it!

Give your own replies to the Verbal Context of Ex. 1 and 6. Use Intonation Pattern X.

8. The teacher or one of the students suggests a Verbal Context The students reply to it in turn using:

A) statements conveying personal concern, involvement or protest;

B) special questions sounding unpleasantly surprised, displeased or protesting;

C) general questions sounding impatient, protesting;

D) imperatives sounding lively, with a note of critical surprise;

E) exclamations conveying affronted surprise, protesting. Continue the exercise until everyone has participated. Work in pairs.

9. Read the following extracts. Observe the position of the logical stress:

"Tell her that you intend to marry her, but after you return from this outing, not before." (Гл. Dreiser. "An American Trage­dy")

"You don't live here?" — "No," I said, "I don't. You wouldn't if I did." [J. K. Jerome. "Three Men in a Boat")

"She was so pretty and cute. Yet she was a working girl, as he remembered now, too — a factory girl, as Gilbert would say, and he was her superior. But she was so pretty and cute." (Th. Dreiser. "An American Tragedy")

"In the taxi, returning at last to Chesborough Terrace he proclaimed happily: "First rate chaps these, Chris! Has been a wonderful evening, hasn't it?" She answered in a thin steady voice: "It's been a hateful evening!" (Cronin. "The Citadel")

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