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Listen to a fellow-student reading the replies, point out his errors in pronunciation

6. Use the Fall + Rise in the replies. Say what attitude you mean to render

Verbal Context Drill
How's your mother getting on? She's off to the Crimea in a week.
And when do we start? At nine in the morning, imagine.
Whose plan is it then? It's Fred's, 1 suppose.
But you said he lived in St. Petersburg. So he did, the last time I heard from him.
Oughtn't she to tell father? She did, apparently.
You're going out in the rain? Yes. I like walking in such weather.
What's the film like? It's not bad, actually.
I wonder where the children are. Oh, there they are.
I thought you finished your.-work at five. So I do, usually.
I'm a student of the Univer­sity now. I'd love to study at the Uni­versity.
Oh, why are you late? I'm awfully sorry. It was not my fault.
(Can I borrow your um­brella?) I seem to have lost mine.
She got the leading part in the new play. I didn't know she was such a good actress.
It's a wonderful picture! I knew you'd like it.
I missed you so much. You can't imagine how glad I'm to see you.
My mother is dangerously ill, Jane. You have all my sympathy. Sorry, I can't come and help you, dear.
I feel so miserable, mother. What's the matter, dearest?
No, you mustn't go to the cinema today. But I've only been there once this week.
I think, I'll never be happy again. Oh, you'll soon get over it.
I tell you, I won't do it. Why are you always so ob­stinate?
You must follow her advice. Must I always do as she says?
I'm going to get up. Now, don't be so silly. (You'll catch another cold.)
Mummy, I'm bored, come and play with me. When are you going to stop bothering me?
You must bring the book at once. Would you mind waiting until evening?
I must go now. Good night, Jane!
Oh dear, oh dear! What shall 1 do? Do stop crying! What's the matter?
May I come and see you on Monday? Do you really think you can come?
(Come, Margaret. It is too late.) I insist on going home im­mediately.
(Here you are at last.) I am happy to see you.
I think I'll never do it. Oh, don't say that!
Mother, I've lost your gloves. I told you not to take them.
But I can't speak English. Yes, you can.
Do you really want him to come? I wish he would.
Are you ready, Bill? No, I can't work it out for myself.
No, no, I shall never do it Now, do be reasonable.
Do you write poetry? I do, occasionally.
Would you like to hear one of my records? (Oh, I'd love to.) I adore music.
How are you, Mrs. Nelson? Very well indeed, thank you.
Do you' have milk in your tea, Tony? Yes, please.
How is your daughter, Mrs. Smith? She is staying with my mother for a few days.
What's her name? That's the third time you've asked me that.
She's failed the second time today. What a disappointment for her!

7. Say the following sentences with a) the High Fall + the Low Rise; b) the Descending Head + the Low Rise. Observe the difference in attitudes:

Verbal Context Drill
I love marmalade! Don't eat it all at once.
I must be off now. Good-bye! Let me see you again to­morrow.
Would you like a cup of tea? Yes, please.
Here I am, Mother. Where have you been all this time?
Why don't you join our golf club? I think I shall one of these days.
He has been away for two hours. Don't worry. It's not too late.
(Look! Everything is white!) I thought it was going to snow.
(Cheer up!) I do hope you'll pass your exam.
He said he forgot to ring you up. Was that the real reason?
Your son was late for the first lesson today. I was afraid he might be late.
(Oh, stop bothering me, child.) Can't you see I'm tired?
Will you post this letter for me? All right.
Good morning, David. Hullo there.
I thought 1 asked you to go to the dean's office. All right. Just a minute.

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