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Give your own replies to the Verbal Context of Ex. 1 and 6

9. Read the following situations. Convey the attitudes suggested in brackets:

Don't cry. I wish I hadn't been so rude. You have all me sym­pathy. (regret, sympathy)

Oh, tell me it is not true! Lie to me! Lie to me! Tell me it is not true! (pleading)

Oh, what a dear little puppy! (sincere appreciation)

Thank you so much. (sincere gratitude)

I don't think it will last long. (reassuring)

I think I'll go to bed. I'm so tired. (plaintive)

10. Listen to the dialogue on the tape ("Dinner-table Talk"). Pick out sentences containing the High Fail + the Low Rise. Say what attitude is conveyed in them. Use these sentences in conversational situations of your own.

11. Listen to the Verbal Context and express sympathy in the replies. Use the proper intonation pattern:

Verbal Context Drill
Oh I'm cold. Poor thing! I do think, it's a pity. I'm so sorry! Never mind.
He says he's ill. What a disappointment! Can you imagine it! Too bad! Bad luck! Just fancy! Things do happen!
I can't come this evening. Oughtn't you to be ashamed of it! What a disappointment! How extraordinary!
I haven't seen Jenny for ages! Terrible, isn't it! Too bad for words! Good Heavens! How very peculiar! What a pity!
Janet seems to be avoiding me. Isn't she a fool! What a tragedy! I simply can't think! I do think it's a pity!
You've made the same mistake again. Aren't I a fool! Good Heavens! Fancy that! I simply can't think! What a shame!
The jacket's worn out already. What a disappointment! Poor me! What a pity!
Michael has just died. Perfectly horrid! Too bad for words! What a tragedy! Wasn't it absolutely tragic!
They won't help us. Wouldn't it be simply appalling. Oughtn't they to be ashamed of it! Beastly, isn't it!

12. This exercise is meant to develop your ability to hear and re­produce intonation in conversation.

a) Listen to the dialogue "About the Job" carefully, sentence by sen­tence. Write it down. Mark the stresses and tunes. The teacher will help you to correct your variant. Practise reading each sentence of your correct­ed variant after the cassette-recorder.

B) Record your reading. Play the recording back immediately for your teacher and your fellow-students to detect your errors. Practise the dialogue for test reading.

13. Make up conversational situations, using the following phrases:

He hasn't even got to ... yet.

That's my idea of ... .

Are you sure you don't want to be ...?

Is it my ... we're planning, or yours?

No, I'm sorry, ... but I... .

Look here.

All right, all right, there is no need to ... .

I really wanted to be ... .

I haven't made up my mind yet.

Maybe not.

Well, that's not the way I look at it.

You haven't answered my question yet.

I don't want to at all.

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