Essential Vocabulary (II)


Some popular sports

archery skating artistic

gymnastics (callisthenics) skiing boxing

cross-country skiing car (motorcycle) racing down-hill skiing

cycling ski-jump diving

slalom fencing sky diving (parachuting)

figure-skating swimming gymnastics

weight-lifting gliding windsurfing

hang gliding wrestling mountaineering

arm-wrestling rowing and canoeing yachting

athletics (track-and-field) marathon (race) discus (hammer, javelin)

pole vault (vaulting) throwing race/run

high (long, triple) jump shot putting hurdle races


Some popular games

Open-air games

badminton n net-ball n [52]

basket-ball n rugby n (colloq. rugger)

cricket n (lawn) tennis n

football n (colloq. soccer) volley-ball n

golf n water polo

hockey n

Indoor games

chess n squash n

draughts n table-tennis n

Sports Terms

amateur (professional) sport cup (final, semi-final) match

indoor (outdoor or open-air) sports championship n, е.g. national

football championship sport n

compete v sports n = events

competition n, е.g. inter- sports adj, е.g. sports jacket

college cup competition (shirt)

con'test v sporting adj

'contest n, е.g. world gym nastics tournament n

contest (rivalry in singing, beauty)


crew n (used for sportsmen opponent (rival) n

rowing or sailing a boat) sportsman (athlete) n

national (Olympic, college) sportswoman n team

official (umpire, referee, judge) n


fan (colloq.) n, е.g. a foot- spectator n

ball fan sports enthusiast

shout for v support v

Scoring system

best (record, fastest) time point n, е.g. How many

defeat v points have they won?

draw n, е.g. The match runner-up n

ended in a draw. score n, е.g. The score of the

draw v, е.g. The two teams drew. game was 6:4 (six to four).

goal n score v, е.g. He scored

lose v 20 points. Neither side

loser n scored in the game (нe

victory n забила гол).

Competition sites and sports equipment

barbell n net n

beam n play-ground n

chessboard n puck n

chessman n racket n

club (stick) n rings n

discus n ski jump

draughtsman n sports hall

gym n boxing gloves

javelin n trampoline (батут) n

jumping (spring) board uneven (parallel), asymmetric bars

Word Combinations

athletic training to win the team (personal,

to follow a tournament national, world) champion-

(competition, etc.) ship

to kick the ball to win by 2 (3, etc.) goals

to score a goal (20 points) (points)

to keep the score to win with the score 4 to 0

to end a game in a draw in smb.'s favour

(to draw a game) to set up (break) a record

to win a prize (a cup, the record holder

victory) the world (national, European) record

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