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XV. Role-playing

Work in two groups, one playing the university lecturers, the other presenting students. Both groups are discussing one and the same exam. Compare their versions and make your conclusion as to the difference in approach:

Exam: English Literature.

Results: Dave Robertson — Sat Charles Hope — Poor

Duncan Holmes — Good Dorothy Baird — Very Good

Jenny Richards — Good

XVI. Compose a short story to which the pictures on pp. 187-189 might serve as an illustration. Use prompt words and phrases listed betow:

physicist; theory of relativity; treading on air; full of sweet reminiscences;

cast a glance; a sudden shock; come to realize; a guilty conscience;

first traces of fatigue; tired-out;

with a wet towel round his head; in frustration; a dazed look; a tub of water; scattered all over; peeping inside; puzzled;

strange visions; welcome cheerfully; arm-in-arm; a cane;

in a frenzy of enthusiasm; leaning on; lunatic asylum.

XVII. Film "Mr. Brown's Holiday". Film segment 5 "Is it Good to be a Student?" (Chrichester). a) Watch and listen, b) Do the exercises from the guide to the film.

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