Characters — Mr. Priestley, Lucille, Frieda, Pedro, Olaf, Hob

Lucille: What splendid seats! We'll be able to see everything from here.

Pedro: Yes, Jan has certainly looked after us well. We'll have to take him out to dinner after the match.

The others: Good idea, Pedro, we certainly must.

Hob: And we must shout for his team. I hope Jan is in form today.

Mr. Priestley: Ihope he is. I hear they are to choose the players tomorrow for the international match and if he plays well today Jan may be chosen.

Pedro: Yes, I heard that the Selection Committee would be at the match and I told Jan he was to play his best today because they were watching him.

О1af: It must be exciting to play in an international match.

Pedro: Here are the teams coming out. Jan is leading the London team. He must be the captain.

Frieda: Yes, he is.

Hob: Jan must be a good player.

Olaf: He is; you have to be a good player to be captain of London team.

Luсille If Jan is chosen for the international match, will he have to give up his studies and go into training?

Frieda: He mustn't do that. He must go on with his studies. They are more important than football.

Mг. Ргieslley: He needn't give up his studies. He has been playing regularly and is in good form.

Hob: Jan's lost the toss and the Oxford captain has de­cided to play with the wind.

Olaf: Oh, well, they'll have to play against the wind in the second half. I see Jan is playing centre-forward. He's just getting ready to kick off. There they go.

Hob: Come on, London!

(About an hour and a half later)

Mr. Priestley: This has been a grand game. I hardly remember ever seeing a better one. Jan has played the game of his life.

Lucille: I've nearly lost my voice with shouting "Come on, London!" Oh, I wish London could win.

Mr. Priestley: I don't think they can. It must be near­ly time now. It's one goal each, and the Oxford defence is magnificent

Olaf: Yes, if my watch is right, they have three minutes to go.

Frieda: Look! Jan has got the ball. He's going like lightning towards the Oxford goal. Oh, go on, Jan!

Pedro: That Oxford centre-half is trying to stop him.

Lucille: Go on, Jan. You mustn't let him stop you.

Mr. Priestley: Jan passed the ball to the inside right, a wonderful pass.

Luсil1e: Oh! The inside-right is down; he's had to part with the ball.

Olaf: Look, Jan's got it again, he's beaten the fullback and is racing towards the goal.

Hob: Shoot, Jan, shoot! It's a goal!

Pedro: Oh, what a shot! The goal-keeper hadn't a chance.

Mr. Priestley: And there's the whistle for full time, and London have won. Well, they have to choose Jan for the international match now.

(From "Essential English for Foreign Students", Book 4, by C. E. Eckersley. A bridged)

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