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I. Перепишите сложные существительные, определите основное слово; переведите их на русский язык


a household, a landlord, a bellboy, a skyscraper, motion-picture, a showcase


II. Образуйте причастие I от следующих глаголов, переведите словосочетания на русский язык.

a (to design) company – a designing company, an audience (to listen), children (to play), a nation (to move), a plane (to land), a party (to explore)


III. Употребите возвратные местоимения.

1. They found … in the dark, unpleasant place. 2. You look very pleased with … 3. Can’t you recognize … 4. He amused … playing with the dog. 5. She asked … a question? 6. We have often done the same thing … .


IV. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на видовременные формы страдательного залога.

1. Young people from many foreign countries are taught at Moscow University. 2. He was elected Home Minister last year. 3. I’m sure a lot of questions will be discussed at the conference. 4. The streets are well planned in New York. 5. The answer was received yesterday. 6. A seminar for teachers will be organized in spring.


V. Образуйте причастие II от следующих глаголов; переведите словосочетания на русский язык.

a (to reconstruct) monument – a reconstructed monument, a competition (to organize), lands (to explore), a (to know well) man, methods (to employ), people (to settle)


VI. Перепишите предложения, обратите внимание на придаточные предложения; переведите их на русский язык.

1. If my mother buys a cake, we should have a very nice tea party. 2. If I live in Moscow, I should visit the Tretyakov Gallery. 3. She would have tried to enter the university, if she had known English. 4. if he doesn’t come in time, shall we have to wait for him? 5. If you put on your glasses you would see better. 6. I should have written you a letter, if you had given me your address.


VII. Прочитайте текст, переведите его письменно; ответьте на вопросы после текста.

The American Dream House

The Americans, as no other nation in the world, are crazy about organizing annual competitions in different spheres. They try to find out who is the best in music, motion pictures and talk shows, decorating cars, architecture, etc.

In 1997 a competition “The American Dream House” was held.

We know that dark Victorian houses had been spread in America for a long time. They were considered to be uncosy.

A designing company “Taliesin Architects” headed by famous architect Frank Right created the project “The American Dream House”. According to it the house should have large windows and a lot of space; childrens’ rooms should be apart from parents’. Besides children have separate bathrooms and toilets in their part of the house. There are practically no staircases in the house. It is very convenient for elder people and invalids.

The main idea of the project is a space unity and comfort for all members of the family. They could always be together, communicate and at the same time don’t disturb each other. For example, one can have supper in the dining room, while the other is cooking something in the kitchen and children are watching TV in the in the living room.

At the same time the house is divided into functional zones. They are separated from each other by partitions and ceilings of different height. The tallest ceilings are in the kitchen and living room (12 feet).

Large windows let in a lot of light; besides there is a system of artificial lightning in the house. If we have a look at the plan, we can see that the main idea is the maximum usage of housing space and comfort. The average housing space is 2100 square feet (195 square metres).

There are several entrances in the house. The entrance from the garage is near the kitchen. And there is no need to carry heavy begs through the house. Windows in the bedrooms face the garden and you can have a good rest there.

The architecture of the house is rather simple. The house must have harmony with nature, landscape and be hospitable. Roofs and windows are very important elements.

The interior of the house depends on its hostess. There may be two bedrooms for parents or three childrens’ rooms in their own parts of the house. Families with small children may combine a kitchen and a dining room. The bedroom near garage has one more door and you can easily transform it into your office.

The house can be two – storeyed and have different variations.




partition to face hospitable     перегородка выходить на гостеприимный



1. What are the Americans crazy about? 2. Who created the project? 3. What is the main idea of the project? 4. The house is divided into functional zones, isn’t it? 5. What can you say about the architecture of the house?


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