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Replace underlined words with the personal pronoun

1. Peter helped the schoolboys to translate the text. 2. Mother asked Mary to wash the plates. 3. My friend writes a letter to his sister. 4. Jane took threebooks from the library. 5. His cousins live in Moscow. 6. Our grandfatherand grandmother will come tomorrow. 7. Anna does her home task every day. 8. Paul likes reading. 9. The students have a training at the gymnasium. 10. In the evening all the members of our family get together.


Finish the sentences in the same way

Example: We invited her to stay with us at our house.

1. He invited us to stay with _______________ house.

2. They invited me to stay with _______________ house.

3. I invited them _______________________________ .

4. She invited us ______________________________ .

5. Did he invite him ____________________________ ?


Complete the sentences in the same way

Example: I gave him my address and he gave me his.

1. I gave her ____ address and she gave me _____ .

2. He gave me ____ address and I gave him _____ .

3. We gave them ____ address and they gave us _____ .

4. She gave him ____ address and he gave her ____ .

5. You gave us ____ address and we gave you ____ .

6. They gave you ____ address and you gave them ____ .


17. Look at the picture. The Smiths, Mary and David, are going on holiday with their children, Sue and Peter. They have four new suitcases, a red one, a blue one and two brown ones for the children. They must take them from the bus. Fill in the gaps with the possessive pronouns


David: Now, this is my suitcase, isn’t?

1. Mary: No, it is not _____ , it’s _____ . I have the red one. ____ is blue.

2. David: Yours? Well, where is _____ ?

3. Peter: Here’s _____ , Daddy, this blue one here.

4. Sue: No, that’s not ____ . It’s this one.

5. David: Ah, good. Yes, this one is ____ . Now, where are _____ , children?

6. Mary: _____ are brown, David. I think they are over there.

7. David: I see… These ones?

8. Sue: No, Daddy. Those are not ____ . They’re too big. These ones here are ____ .

9. David: Good. Now we have all _____ .One, two, three…. Where is Mummy’s?

10. Sue: You are holding ____, Daddy.

David: Oh yes, how silly of me!



Study the table


  + - ?
I We You They work do not work (don’t) I We Do You They   work?
He She It works does not work (doesn’t) he Does she it

Present Simple (Indefinite)употребляетсядля выражения постоянных состояний; повторяющихся и повседневных действий, а также непреложных истин и законов природы.

Слова, указывающие на время Present Simple:

Every day / week / month / year (каждый день, каждую неделю, месяц, год);

Often (часто), seldom (редко), always (всегда), usually (обычно), never (никогда).

Example: I seldom watch TV. – Я редко смотрю телевизор.

She likes to read. – Ей нравится читать.

They don’t go to the cinema. – Они не ходят в кино.

Does he go to the university? – Он ходит в университет?


Open the brackets and put the verbs into the correct form

1. She (to learn) English. 2. I (to like) music. 3. I always (to get) up at 7 o’clock. 4. I usually (to have) a cup of coffee and a sandwich for breakfast. 5. He (to live) not far from the university. 6. It (to take) me ten minutes to get to the university. 7. The lessons usually (to begin) at eight o’clock. 8. We often (to have) dinner at the canteen. 9. She (to watch) TV every evening. 10. They (to like) reading.

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