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Translate the phrases in bold. Complete the sentences about you and your family

Ex: Harriet is the youngest person in my family.

1. People often say I look like _____ . 2. I lookvery different from_____ .3. My hair is _____ my mother’s / sister’s. 4. My eyes are _____my brother’s / my grandmother’s. 5.I’m _____than my brother / sister / cousin. 6.My mother is _____ than my father. 7.My father is the _____ person in my family. 8.In my family, _____ is more organized than _____.


Make eight sentences about the people in your class using comparatives and superlatives. Use some of the ideas below.

Ex: Patrick has shorter hair than Stefan.

long / short hair tall / short young / old dark / fair hair big / small hands heavy / light bag number of rings warm / cool clothes bright / dark top number of books number of brothers and sisters

Study the table

Nouns in Plural (множественное число существительных)

a card   a lot of cards
a box boxes
a factory factories
a shelf     a lot of shelves
a wife wives
a roof roofs
a belief beliefs
a child   a lot of children
a man men
a woman women
a foot feet
a tooth teeth
a goose geese
a mouse mice
a phenomenon phenomena
a datum data
a penny pence
an ox oxen
a sheep     a lot of sheep
a swine swine
a deer deer
a person people
a fish fish

NB: These things are plural in English

scissors glasses trousers jeans shorts

tights pyjamas

Example: a pair of jeans or some jeans (not a new jeans)

Write the plural

church sheep restaurant country

gentleman leaf wolf man

goose box deer swine

student potato cartoon dress

child woman chicken ox


Some of the sentences are right but most are wrong. Correct the sentences that are wrong

Example: I’m going to buy some flowers. – OK.

I need a new jeans. – WRONG. – I need a new pair of jeans.

Or I need some new jeans.

1. It’s a lovely park with a lot of beautiful tree. 2. There was a woman in the car with two mens. 3. Sheep eat grass. 4. David is married and has three childs. 5. Most of my friend are student. 6. He put on his pajamas and went to bed. 7. We went fishing but we didn’t catch many fish. 8. Do you know many persons in this town? 9. I like your trouser. Where did you get it? 10. The town centre is usually full of tourist. 11. I don’t like mice. I’m afraid of them. 12. These scissor isn’t very sharp.


20. Which is right? Complete the sentences

Example: It’s a nice place. Many people gothere for a holiday. (goor goes?)

1. Some people ________ always late. (is or are?)

2. The president is not popular. The people ________ like him. (don’tor doesn’t?)

3. A lot of people ________ television every day. (watchor watches?)

4. Three people ________ injured in the accident. (wasorwere?)

5. These gentlemen ________ my brother. (knoworknows?)

6. ________ the police carry guns in your country? (DoorDoes?)

7. ________ this goose big or small? (Isor Are?)

8. I need my glasses but I can’t find ________ . (itorthem?)

9. I’m going to buy _________ new jeans today. (aorsome?)

10. The police _________ looking for the stolen car. (isorare?)



Study the vocabulary, read the words aloud


a flat [flæt] – квартира

a district ['dɪ strɪɪ kt] – район

a block of flats [blɔk ɔv flæts] -многоквартирный дом

a floor [flɔ:] – этаж

a living room ['lɪvɪŋrum] – гостиная, зал

a bedroom ['bedru:m] – спальня

a study ['stʌdɪ] – кабинет (в доме)

a nursery ['nɜ:s(ə)rɪ] – детская

a kitchen ['kɪʧɪn] – кухня

a bathroom ['bɑ:θru:m] – ванная комната

a hall [hɔ:l] – прихожая, холл

cosy ['kəuzɪ] – уютный

to overlook [əuvə'luk] – выходить на (об окнах)

a lot of [lɔt ɔv] – огромное количество (чего-л.,кого-л.)

a sofa ['səufə] – диван

an armchair [ɑ:m'ʧɛə] – кресло

a wall unit [wɔ:l 'ju:nɪt] – стенка (мебельная)

a carpet ['kɑ:pɪt] – ковер

a bed [bed] – кровать

a mirror ['mırə] – зеркало

a wardrobe ['wɔ:drəub] – платяной шкаф

furniture ['fɜ:nıʧə] – мебель

a desk [desk] – письменный стол

a bookcase ['bukkeıs] – книжный шкаф

a chair [ʧeə] – стул

a bookshelf ['bukʃelf] – книжная полка

a cupboard ['kʌbəd] шкаф, буфет

a cooker ['kukə] – плита

a fridge / a refrigerator [frıʤ] / [rı'frıʤ(ə)reıtə] – холодильник

comfortable ['kʌmf(ə)təbl] – удобный

modern ['mɔd(ə)n] – современный

convenience [kən'vı:nıəns] – удобство


Read the text, find the words from the vocabulary and make your own sentences with some of these words

Our flat

My name is Vova. I live in a new district of Tyumen with my father and mother. We live in a new block of flats. There are twelve floors in it. We live on the fourth floor. We have a very nice flat. There are four rooms in it: a living room, a bedroom, a study, a nursery, also there is a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and a hall.

The living room is not very large, but it is very cosy. It has got two windows. The windows overlook the street. There is a sofa, two armchairs, a wall unit and a TV set in the room. There is a beautiful carpet on the floor. There are two pictures on the wall.

In the bedroom there are two beds, two small tables and two lamps above the beds. There is also a mirror and a wardrobe in the room.

The furniture in my room is very simple: a wardrobe, a bookcase, a table and two chairs. The room is big.

The study is small. There is not much furniture there. There is a desk, a sofa, an armchair, a bookcase and many bookshelves. We have a lot of books. They are on the shelves and in the bookcase. There is a computer and a telephone there.

The kitchen is large. There is a cupboard, a cooker and a fridge there.

The bathroom is not very large. There is a shower, a bath and a toilet in it.

Our flat is very cosy and comfortable.


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