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Changed, upfront, view, exchange, bring, noisy, free, mini, locked, reception


1. Can you get someone to____ our bags to our room?

2. Are the sheets_____ every day?

3. We didn't take anything from the_____ -bar.

4. I _____ my key in my room

5. Do I leave the key at the ______ desk?

6. Do I have to pay _____ (= in advance)?

7. Is there somewhere I can ______ money around here?

8. The fan is really_____. Can I turn it off?

9. Is this service______, or do I have to pay for it?

10. The_____ is fantastic. We can see the whole city!


29. Write the correct word to complete each of the following sentences. Choose from the following options:

sheets, cost, maker, service, included, room, control, safe, call, comfortable.

1. Can I get a wake-up _____ at 6:30 AM?

2. Our (bed) _____ are dirty. Could you please change them?

3. How much does it______ to make a call to Brazil?

4. The coffee-______ doesn't work.

5. Is breakfast _______ in the price?

6. Do you have room_____?

7. The remote-_______ doesn't work.

8. What's the combination for the_____?

9. This_____ is too noisy.

10. Our bed is very______.

30. Choose the correct words/phrases to complete the conversation with the hotel reception clerk:

HOTEL CLERK: The Four Seasons Hotel. How can I help you?

YOU: Hello, My name is Mr. Wong. I'd like to reserve a room. Do you have a)_________________ from March 10th to March 13th?

1) any available

2) free

3) some free

HOTEL CLERK: Yes, we do. Would you like a double room or a single room?

YOU: b)_________________ the double room per night?

4) What costs

5) How much is

6) What is the price

HOTEL CLERK: It's $75 per night... And the single room is $65 per night.

YOU: I'm looking for a room that would be nice for a romantic weekend. Which of the two c)_________________?

7) is recommended

8) do I recommend

9) do you recommend

HOTEL CLERK: I'd go with the smaller one, the single room. It's much nicer... And two people can stay in that room.

YOU: OK, perfect. I'd like to d)________________ that one then.

10) reservation

11) reserve

12) make

HOTEL CLERK: Alright. I've made that reservation for you. And how will you be arriving?

YOU: We'll be arriving e) _______________.

13) by car

14) on March 10th

15) with my wife

HOTEL CLERK: Perfect. We have an underground lot where you can park your car.


31. Choose the correct words/phrases to complete the conversations with the hotel reception clerk:

YOU: Can you a) _________________ a good restaurant around here?

1) recommend

2) say

3) tell

HOTEL CLERK: Hmm... there aren't any restaurants around here...

YOU: What about b)_________________?

1) in city

2) in the city

3) central

HOTEL CLERK: There are a lot of good restaurants in the area of the city called Uptown. If you go to Central Avenue, you'll see about 10 different restaurants, all of which are highly recommendable.

YOU: Great! How do we c)_________________ Central Avenue from here?

1) come at

2) arrive in

3) get to

HOTEL CLERK: When you exit the parking lot, turn left on Main Street. Keep driving for about 10 blocks, and you'll come to Central Avenue. Turn right. The restaurant zone is about 5 blocks from there.

YOU: So, we have to d) ________________ on Central Avenue?

1) go straight

2) make a right turn

3) make a left turn

HOTEL CLERK: That's correct. Would you like me to draw you a map?

YOU: No, thanks, I think e) _______________.

1) we'll be fine

2) we will go

3) we will try


32. Choose the correct words/phrases to tell someone that you LIKE or DON'T LIKE something:

1) I love this room. It's very _________________!

a) pretty

b) dirty

2) I don't like this room. It's _________________!

a) very clean

b) filthy

3) I love this view. It's really _________________!

a) boring

b) beautiful

4) I like this restaurant. The food is very _________________.

a) tasty

b) bad

5) I don't like the way he behaves. He's very _________________!

a) rude

b) nice

6) I love the service here. It's very _________________.

a) rude

b) professional

7) I'll pass on (= I won't take) the room. It's too _________________.

a) noisy

b) quiet

8) I'll pass on (= I won't take) the room. It's a little too _________________.

a) inexpensive

b) expensive

9) I don't like this room. It doesn't seem _________________.

a) dangerous

b) safe

10) I really like this room. It's very _________________.

a) cozy

b) ugly


33. Choose the correct, most natural-sounding response according to the context of the conversation:

YOU: Hello. a)_____________ a one-way ticket to Singapore, please.

1) I'd like to buy

2) I purchase

3) I can buy

CLERK: Alright. And when would you like to leave?

YOU: b)_____________ Monday if possible.

1) Following

2) Next

3) Coming

CLERK: So, the 22nd of May... We have a flight at 7:30 AM. It's $450... should I go ahead and book it for you?

YOU: Yes, c)______________, please book it.

1) perfection

2) is perfect

3) that's perfect

CLERK: OK... and your name?

YOU: It's David Boreanaz. Would you like me to d)______________ my last name for you?

1) letter

2) spell

3) number

CLERK: Yes, please.

YOU: B-O-R-E-A-N-A-Z. And when does the flight e)______________ (= arrive in) Singapore?

1) get in to

2) get up at

3) get up to

CLERK: Let me check... It arrives in Singapore at 2:00 PM local time.


34. Choose the correct words/phrases to correctly complete the following QUESTION and ANSWER pairs:


1) Q: Do I keep going _________________? A: No, you have to turn at the next intersection.

a) straight

b) left

2) Q: Do I turn right at the next set of lights? A: No, turn _________________.

a) straight

b) left

3) Q: Is it too far to walk there? A: Yes, you'll have to take a _________________.

a) bus

b) walk

4) Q: Can you show me where it is on the _________________? A: Sure, it's right here.

a) cart

b) map

5) Q: Is the post office next to bank? A: No, it's _________________ the bank.

a) across from

b) across

6) Q: Do I take the next _________________? A: No, take the one after that.

a) leave

b) exit

7) Q: Am I going the right _________________? A: Yes, you are.

a) direction

b) way

8) Q: Am I going in the right _________________? A: No, you have to turn around.

a) way

b) direction

9) Q: Is this the _________________ to Indianapolis? A: No, you're on the wrong highway.

a) way/road

b) point

10) Q: Where's the _________________ gas station/bank/hotel, etc.? A: It's about 2 blocks from here.

a) near

b) nearest


35. Read the article about Japanese people in Britainand answer the questions:

1. How many Japanese work in Britain?

2. What is Masami Sato's job title?

3. Does Masami Sato like living and working in London? Why/Why not?

4. Why is she working in London?

5. What are her job opportunities in London?

6. When is she going home?

7. Does she want to go home? Why/Why not?

8. In what way is life in Britain difficult for Japanese?

9. Describe one cultural difference between Japanese and British people.

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