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Read the dialogues and fill in the missing phrases

manufacture, headquarters, work for, operations, multinational company, areas of business, side of business

A Manufacturing Company

A: So, who do you ______________?

B: I work for a large ____________ company called DAK group. We have five main ________________ - construction, heavy industry, shipbuilding, motor vehicles and telecommunications.

A: And which ______________ do you work in?

B: The motor vehicles division. I work in our Belgian factory. We ___________ components for our car production plants in Europe.

A: Where are DAK ________?

B: In Seoul. But the company has ______________ in over fifty countries and thirty factories all over the world.

annual turnover, employ, technical people, workforce

Company Size

A: How many people does your company __________?

B: We have sixty employees. We have about forty factory workers and ___________ and the rest are admin and sales staff. We started off with only ten people so our __________ has grown a lot. WhatТs your _________?

A: It was over 2 million euro last year.


9. Complete the text with the correct form of verbs:

launch have begin manufacture provide export


Sonara__________ in 1972 near Turin. Today, it ___________ mainly aircraft engines, but in the 1970s it also ______________ the car industry with components. It _______________ a workforce of 2,000. Sonara _____________7 5 % of its engines to other European countries. Last month, it _________a new type of engine which burns 1 5 % less fuel than other models.

Match the sentence halves.

1 Panetti employs over 3,50 0 people, a) but it plans to expand into France.
2 It introduced four new products last year, b) including 1,400 in its own retail outlets.
3 It makes bread and c) including sandwiches and pies.
4 Panetti only supplies its own shops; d) many other bakery products
5 It doesn't sell any of its products abroad, e) it does not make products for anyone else.

11. Write the missing word in each of the following sentences.

l I translating our company's mission statement into Korean.

2 Many foreign companies investing in Turkey.

3 Sonara's sales figures improving?

4 I looking for a manager with a lot of experience in finance.

5 Tom still checking the company accounts?

6 Unfortunately, the east of the country not attracting many investors.

7 You planning to break into the Spanish market, aren't you?

Match the words (1-6) to their meanings (a-f).

1 toiletries a) a group of products of the same type that a company makes
2 sophisticated b) the money a company has after paying tax and other costs
3 revenues c) who knows a lot about fashion and the modern world
4 a range d) that you can destroy without making the environment dirty
5 biodegradable e) things like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.
6 net income f) money that a business gets from selling goods over a period of time

13. Choose the present simple or the present continuous form of the verb to complete these sentences.

1 I stay / am staying at the Ritz every time I'm in New York. I stay / am staying at the Ritz at the moment.

2 She works / is working at home today. She works / is working at home every day.

3 She often calls / is calling Russia. At the moment, she calls / is calling a customer in Moscow.

4 I don't usually deal / dealing with the paperwork. I deal / I am dealing with all the paperwork while Susan is away.

5 It normally takes / is taking about two months. But this delivery takes / is taking longer than usual.

6 We normally use / are using a London firm. This time, we use / are using a different company.


14. Complete this article with the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

The Inditex group

The Inditex group ________ 1 (own) six fashion chains including Zara. It _______ 2 (have) around 1,500 stores worldwide. It_________ 3 (operate) in 44 countries. Inditex ________ 4 (employ) 27,000 people and _________ 5 (have) more than 200 fashion designers.

Currently, the fashion designers _____________ 6 (work) on next year's designs. The Inditex group___________ 7 (do) very well at the moment, and it ___________ 8 (try) to become a global fashion leader.

Amancio Ortega, the founder of Inditex, also ___________9 (invest) in property and hotels. Most of this year's investment _________10 (stay) in Spain.


15. Read the text about slogans and fill in the gaps with the missing words or phrases:

forgettable slogan positive competitors catchy characteristics


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