Complete the sentences using the following words

advertisement applicant

to advertise to apply for

requirement position

to require experience

application to provide

to assist curriculum vitae (CV)/ resume

reference referee

1. This company is looking for a person for the ..........of a Sales Manager who will ... a Managing Director.

2. They placed an ....... in the local newspaper two days ago.

3. Their main ........ are experience and communicative skills. They also ........ that an applicant should be self-disciplined.

4. .. should have a 3 years .....

5. You must have two .. from your previous work and give names of your ......

6. Candidates should ........ their ....... and send ....... to the address given in the newspaper where the company ....... its products.

Match the words with their definitions.

1. to assist a) summary of a persons life-story with details of education and experience  
2. to apply for b) an official letter requesting a job  
3. to require c) to help  
4. application d) to need  
5. CV/resume e) to request (something) officially  
6. reference f) a statement from someone who knows a person or has worked with him that gives information about him


20. Complete the job advertisements with the best words.

Sales Accountant Manager


Salary: $24,000 per year

Edinburgh-based company is seeking a person with sales experience to 1... sales worldwide and to ... 2......... a large department in the clothing industry.

The person will also need to 3........ communication between our production, sales and marketing departments.

Background in clothing manufacturing essential.

Please contact: Sarah Atkinson, [email protected] or fax: 0131 123 7650.


Telesales Executive


Salary: $20,000 per year.

Our Telesales Executive will have the ..4...... you make effective phone calls to marketing contacts and to 5... business meetings for our clients.

Bebop offers excellent training and promotion .6........

Call Paul Glover on 020 4456 1090 or e-mail: [email protected].


Sales Manager


Salary: $26,000 per year

Conference and Events Company urgently requires a Sales Manager to 7.... a team of 8 telesales executives.

You will ....8..... the team and ..9..... all sales staff and their problems. In addition, you will ..10..... future marketing campaigns and 11.... a new marketing strategy.

Background of the candidate: experience in telesales and direct sales; at least 3 years management experience.

Location: Cheshire

Contact: Karen Poulson,

tel. 01260 271288, e-mail: [email protected]


1. a) increase b) set up c) lead

2. a) manage b) train c) direct

3. a) create b) plan c) improve

4. a) interest b) ability c) responsibility

5. a) work b) organize c) communicate

6. a) opportunities b) facilities c) qualities

7. a) boss b) lead c) drive

8. a) apply b) practise c) train

9. a) set up b) deal with c) look for

10. a) train b) control c) plan

11. a) improve b) develop c) increase


Match these words with their definitions.

  1. charismatic a) can be trusted to behave well, work hard and do what is expected
  2. reliable b) enthusiastic and determined to achieve


  1. disciplined c) has a strong personal quality that makes

other people like him and be attracted to him

  1. honest d) well-organized and following rules or


  1. motivated e) does not tell lies or cheat people, obeys the



Match the prefixes of the words to their meanings.

  1. mis manage a) not b) do badly c) former
  2. dis honest a) very b) former c) not
  3. ex -boss a) opposite b) former c) after
  4. ir responsible a) again b) not c) against
  5. pro -European a) opposite b) in favour of c) before
  6. re consider a) again b) former c) after


Read the article and answer these questions.

1. What is important nowadays to make a career?

2. Must one compete in a team?

3. What is necessary to do to be a good team player?

4. What can most effective teams solve?

5. What do most team members have besides culture within a team?

The key to success


A good team player has the key to success. It is not necessary to be the cleverest and the most reliable person nowadays to make a good career. The most important thing is to be a good team player, to share your knowledge and skills with others and not to compete with them but to compete together against the commercial enemy.

Its not always easy to be a good team member and compromise your own views for the good of the company. You must believe in the power of the team and try to find your place within it. You must be honest both with yourself and with your team members. There can even have conflicts within the team but if this process is controlled it can do the company good. Research into high-performing teams shows that each member cares for the development of his team mates. This is key to the success of a team.

Over 70% of a managers time is spent in some form of group activity, often in meetings with others. Little time is spent in one-to-one discussions. On the whole groups performance is more important than individual tasks. The most effective teams are able to solve difficult problems more easily than one person can. However, all teams must be managed by a capable person who understands that every team is unique and dynamic. Teams have their own patterns of behaviour and culture.

It is good to remember that despite culture most team members have similar aims in life such as happiness and health, success, love etc.


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