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Not many people know everyday functions and commitments of a pharmacist. Going to your local pharmacy is one of the most routine trips, but have you ever wondered what people dispense your drugs?

Pharmacists are experts in drug discovery, development, preparation and usage. They are both professional scientists and qualified health care practitioners. Pharmacists work in. hospitals, in the community and in the pharmaceutical industry. They promote the safe and effective use of medicines and ensure quality patient care. Often, pharmacists are the first point of information on medicines for the public and other health care professionals, and must be effective communicators.

Pharmacists, or pharmaceutical chemists, are specialized individuals in the field of chemistry. Their responsibilities are to take care of patients' health and in many cases their lives.

The knowledge of medications is absolutely vital for a pharmacist. Pharmacists not only dispense medications, they also teach general public about drugs and advise them on safe use. This is probably the single most important responsibility of pharmacists. If they cannot educate healthcare staff and general public about medications, there is a serious risk that drugs will be misused. A pharmacist explains to the patient when to take the medications and how they must be taken.

Pharmacists also have to keep track of the newest drugs on the market and have the ability to answer questions regarding them as well. Pharmacists never stop learning about medications and pay attention to detail in such an important sphere.

Also pharmacists are responsible for doctor's prescriptions and dispensing the medication ordered. Pharmacists check that the right amount of drugs is dispensed, and that the patient receives correct instructions. Pharmacists also have to dispense medications correctly and accurately. They make sure that the right drug is dispensed, and that it is given to the right patient in the right dosage. They are capable of compounding and mixing drugs for a wide range of applications as prescribed by physicians.

Nowadays pharmacy as a profession continues to grow and expand as well as pharmacist's duties.

III. Post-reading activities.

1. Skim through the text and find sentences expressing its main idea.

2. Answer the questions.

1. Who is a pharmacist/pharmaceutical chemist?

2. What are the main duties of a pharmacist?

3. What is absolutely vital for a pharmacist?

4. What should pharmacists check?

5. What are pharmacists capable of?

6. Is it necessary for the pharmacists to continue learning about medication? Why?

3. Write a summary of the text in your own words. Then read your summary and discuss it with your partner.

4. Read and learn the information about the pharmacist's duties. Using this information make up a dialogue between a patient and a pharmacist.

- Pharmacists are the people that are behind the counter of the pharmacy, always in a white coat and looking professional.

- Pharmacists must know their work extremely well, our lives depend on them.

- Pharmacists have to know the most common drugs up to and including any new drags that is placed on the market.

- Pharmacists have to know computerized pharmacy medication to be able to order what drags they need.

- Pharmacists should have time to come and chat with you about the type of medications you have and any side effects that they may cause.

- Pharmacists make you feel like you're the most important person in the store at the time.

- Pharmacists have to know about aseptic techniques for preparing sterile products and the ability to use equipment such as computers and pharmaceutical packaging equipment.

- Pharmacists also have safety and health precautions that must be strictly followed.

- Pharmacists have to deliver medications to meet standard or emergency patient care.

- Pharmacists have to keep accurate records and they are totally responsible for any controlled substance in their pharmacy while keeping and maintaining an inventory.

- Pharmacists must know every drug on the market, what it is used for and the possibly interactions with other drags.


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