ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ ЗЕМЛИ: Прошло более трех лет с тех пор, как Совет Министров СССР и Центральный Комитет ВКП...

Расположение электрооборудования электропоезда ЭД4М

Экологические группы птиц Астраханской области: Птицы приспособлены к различным условиям обитания, на чем и основана их экологическая классификация...

Часть 5

Прочитайте статью, заполните пропуски только одним словом.


Mr. Foster is a young man. He is married and has two children. He plays cricket and football 1) … his local club and works 2) … an office. He usually walks 3) … his office. He has lunch 4) … a small restaurant in his office.

Mr. Foster's office is not very large. There is a desk in it and some chairs. 5) … the desk there is a shelf 6)… books and in the center of the room there is a table. There is a vase with flowers on it. 7) … the walls in his room there are some pictures and a map.

8)… his desk there is a box 9)… which there are some old Roman coins; nobody uses them 10) … money now. Mr. Foster collects them.



Часть 6

Прочитайте текст. Заполните пропуски словом, подходящим по смыслу, образованным от слова, данного справа.


Family Album


Nick: There are many photos in your family album, Ann. Could you tell me what … you have with the people in the pictures? Ann: Look here. This is our family photo on the first page. This my father, mother, my … sister and myself. Nick: Oh, your parents look very young and … How old are they? Ann: My father is 40, he is … . My mother is 36, she is … . She works in the supermarket as a shop assistant. Nick: And your father? He wears the uniform. Is he a military man or a militiaman? Ann: He is a military man and serves in the Far East. Nick: And whose photo is this? Ann: My friend's. Her name is Kate. She is funny and pretty, isn't she? Nick: She is very … . Is she your class-mate? Ann: Oh, no. Kate is a student. She lives next door to me and she is helpfu. Nick: And who is this smiling woman? Ann: This is my father's … sister. She is young. My aunt Mary is …, she is single. Look here! And can you recognize me in this baby? Nick: It's hardly possible. You are crying bitterly but your mother is happy.   relate     young cheer   strength attraction   beauty   old marry    

Часть 7

Образуйте словосочетания, соединив слова из двух колонок


  1. get
a)a shopping list
  1. falling
  1. adjacent
c)the receipt
  1. tea
  1. coffee
  1. wall
  1. to pick
  1. to compile
  1. make
  1. checkout
  1. pay in
  1. cooker
  1. block of
m)in love
  1. cash


Часть 8

You have received a letter from your English-speaking friend Denis.


I have been to many different countries. Now I’ve just returned from Italy. It is a wonderful country! I liked everything there. I’m thinking of travelling to Russia next summer.

What is the weather like in summer? Should I bring some warm clothes? What do you recommend to take there anyway?


Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions.


Часть 9

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