Архитектурное бюро: Доминантами формообразования служат здесь в равной мере как контекст...

Экологические группы птиц Астраханской области: Птицы приспособлены к различным условиям обитания, на чем и основана их экологическая классификация...

Перевал Алакель Северный 1А 3700: Огибая скальный прижим у озера, тропа поднимается сначала по травянистому склону, затем...

Часть 3

Прочитайте утверждение A-H и следующие за ними тексты, установите, соответствие между утверждениями и содержанием текстов.

A. Hotel location

B. High level of service

C. Breakfast included into service

D. Hotel amenities

E. Guestrooms provided in the hotel

F. Fitness facilities in the hotel

G. Hotel area attractions

H. Hotel features

1. Most of the hotels have been built on islands that were uninhabited for years. Moreover, the quest bungalows, restaurants provide Westerners with high level of comfort and luxury. The accommodation is also very different from the other places, but anyway you can relax there the best.

2. This hotel contains 353 rooms. Coloured furnishings compliment the leather chairs and ottomans. Amenities include plasma televisions featuring web television, star line service, and video game consoles. Bedding includes down pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets. In-room safes are complimentary and high-speed Internet access is available. For guest convenience, rooms include minibars and room service is available 24 hours daily. Guest baths include complimentary toiletries and bathrobes, heated towel racks and bathroom telephones.

3. The hotel was opened in 1963 and has hosted presidents, entertainers and corporate travelers. Decor features chandeliers, marble floors and rugs in rich blue and gold tones. Guests dine on contemporary fare at the hotel’s Palette, which showcases art and cuisine.

4. Children Stay Free – 16 Years and Under. Restaurants. Business services. Concierge desk. Steam room. Comp newspapers in lobby. Room service (24 hours).

5. Book a stay in a “Breakfast Package room” category and receive accommodations as selected and complimentary daily American breakfast for two at the Palette Restaurant and Bar. Breakfast offer includes tax and gratuity.

6. Spa services. Sauna. Fitness equipment – 24 hours. Massage-treatment room.

7. The hotel sits only four blocks north of the White House and is within three miles of the Smithsonian Museums, monuments, government buildings and nation’s landmarks. The Airport is five miles away.

8. White House – 5 blocks4 Washington Monument – 6 blocks; Ford’s Theater – 0,7 miles; Air and Space Museum – 2.0 miles; Natural History Museum – 2.0 miles; National Gallery of Art – 2.0 miles.

(Романова Л.И. EГЭ.. Английский язык. Чтение)


Часть 4

Прочитайте текст. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные в скобках, так чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. Некоторые слова могут оставаться без изменения.


In Brazil, families are traditionally large. Maternal and paternal sides of the family are considered equally important. The _______ (ELDER) who cannot care for ________ (THEY) live with their children, it is considered improper to send them to a ________ (NURSE) home.

The tradition of male authority in the Brazilian family is gradually giving way to more equality between the sexes, and more careers outside the home ________ (BECOME) available for women.

Children usually leave home when they ________ (MARRY), and male _______ (CHILD) may leave sooner for __________ (EMPLOY) reasons. Family members rely on one _______ (OTHER) for assistance, and young people often work outside the home to help support their families.

(Романова Л.И. EГЭ.. Английский язык. Чтение)

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