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Exercise 15. Make the design of your

- living-room

- bedroom

- kitchen

V. УMy working day.Ф

Read and translate the text:УMy working day.Ф

AnnТs alarm clock rang at 7.15 as usual. And, as usual, she lay in bed for another ten minutes. Then she got up, made her bed, washed, and cleaned her teeth. Then she went back to her room where she dressed herself and combed her hair. In half an hour she was ready for breakfast, her mother usually makes it for her. After breakfast she put on her coat, took the bag and went to the University.

Ann likes to go to the University by bus, it takes her twenty minutes to get there. When she got off the bus she walked to her study. She doesnТt want to be late for the first lesson so she came to the University a few minutes before the bell. She left her coat in the cloakroom and went upstairs to the classroom. Classes begin at 8.30 and they are over 2.30 in the afternoon. She usually has four pairs a day with short breaks between them. But yesterday she had three pairs, so she came home earlier and had dinner. After dinner she had a short rest, read newspapers, made some telephone calls. Sometimes when her group mates and she go to the library after classes they go to the canteen and have dinner there. Then she did her homework. It usually takes her three hours to do the homework. As a rule she has very little free time on her weekdays. But when she has some spare time she helps her mother about the house. Eight oТclock is supper time in her family. As usual, they all got together in the kitchen, then went to the sitting-room and watched TV, read newspapers and books or discussed different problems. Twice a week Ann plays volleyball with her friends in the evening. She is a member of the University volleyball team. So, yesterday she went to the sport club, which is next to her house and played volleyball. At about 11 at night she went to bed.

Active vocabulary:

a working day(week-day) Ц рабочий (будний)день Ц жумыс күн≥;

to take a bus (tram, trolleybus) Цехатьавтобусом (трамвайем,троллейбусом) Ц автобуспен(трамваймен,троллейбуспен) жүру; to walk Ц ходить пешком(прогуливатьс€) Ц жа€у жүру

to wash Ц умыватьс€ Ц жуыну;

to have a rest Ц отдыхать Ц демалу;

tomakeoneТsbed Ц заправл€ть постель Ц төсек жинау;

to have a break Ц иметьперерыв Ц үз≥л≥салу;

to make a telephone call Ц звонить Ц қоңыраушалу;

to clean teeth Цчиститьзубы Ц т≥с тазалау;

to do homework Ц делатьдомашнеезадание Ц үйтапсырмасынорындау;

to comb (brush) oneТs hair Ц расчесыватьс€ Ц шашты тарау;

to play volleyball Цигратьволейбол Ц волейболойнау;

to wake up Ц просыпатьс€ Ц о€ну;

a groupmate Ц однокурсник Ц группалас;

to get up Ц вставать Ц ұйқыдан тұру.

Answer the questions to the text:

1. When did AnnТs working day begin yesterday?

2. What did she do when she get up?

3. Who makes breakfast for Ann?

4. How long does it take her to get to the University?

5. When do your classes begin and how long do they last?

6. How many pairs had Ann yesterday?

7. What did she do after dinner?

8. How long does it take her to do homework?

9. What did Ann do in the evening yesterday?

10. When did she go to bed yesterday?

Exercise 1. Learn the words and expressions. Mind the pronunciation:

cloakroom to dress

canteen to get off

spare time to be late

pair to be in a hurry

classes to have an opportunity of doing smth

Exercise 2. Learn the poem:

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