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Exercise 12. Say what the true is and what is false

1. HelenТs mother is forty, but she looks much younger.

2. Her father John Brown is fifty-one and so he is eleven years older than my mother.

3. He works at a big automobile plant as a fire fighter.

4. By character HelenТs father is a modest, a cheerful and well-bred man.

5. HelenТs father is fond of football and my mother likes hockey.

6. HelenТs sister is married has a family of her own.

7. Her sister and her husband work in a small business company.

8. HelenТs brother is two years younger than me.

9. Their family often go to the village to see their grandparents.

10. We havenТt relatives.


Exercise 13. Speak about your family.

IV. Our flat.

Read and translate the text: УOur flatФ.

I live in a new nine-storey block of flats. Our flat is on the third floor. It is very comfortable. We have all modern conveniences, such as central heating, electricity, gas, cold and hot running water and a telephone. There are three rooms in our flat: a living-room, a study and a bedroom. We also have a kitchen, a bathroom, a lavatory, a small entrance hall and two balconies.

Our living-room is the largest in the flat. There is a suite of modern furniture with a wardrobe and a bookcase. To the left of the wardrobe there is a corner-sofa with two armchairs and a small table for newspapers. In the opposite corner there is a TV set. A beautiful crystal chandelier gives much light to the room. My mother usually buys everything for the living-room.

I spend most of my time in my bedroom which I use as a study. Here you can see a writing-desk, where I do my homework. There is a computer on my desk. There are some books in the bookshelves above the writing-desk. Near the wall there is a pull-out sofa. There is a thick carpet in the middle of the room.

My parentsТ bedroom is cosy. There is a double-bed, a mirror-stand, two bedside tables and a wardrobe there.

Our kitchen is rather large. There is a set of modern kitchen furniture, a gas-stove, a microwave oven, a food processor, a refrigerator and a cupboard where we keep our dishes. The kitchen serves us as a dining-room. But when we receive guests we have meals in the living-room.

I like my bathroom too because it provides us with maximum of convenience. There is a nice mirror, a rack for towels, a bath-tab and a basin. There is a shelf above the basin where I keep soap, tooth-paste, tooth-brush, combs, creams, shampoos and make-up.

The entrance hall is small. There is a hall-stand and a mirror on the wall. A telephone is on a special table under the mirror. We try to keep our flat clean.

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