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1. What is your full name?

2. How old are you?

3. Are you married or single?

4. Where and when were you born?

5. Where did you learn English?

6. What University (Faculty) did you enter?

7. When did you graduate from the University?

8. What degree have you got? (Bachelor of ….)

9. Why did you decide to enter a master's degree course?

10. What is the subject-matter (тема) of your thesis (dissertation)?

11. What does your study deal with? / What is your thesis devoted to?

12. Who is your scientific supervisor?

13. What is the aim (goal) (цель) of your future study?

14. What tasks are you going to set in order to reach this aim? (In order to reach this aim, I am going to set the following tasks. Firstly…, secondly…., thirdly…. and finally….)

15. Which investigation methods do you apply?

16. What books connected with your thesis do you read? (I read and analyse home and foreign literature connected with the topic of my future dissertation).

17. What are the main advantages of your research work? / Why is your study topical? (We offer a new approach to…)

18. What kind of material do you collect?

19. Do you write papers on the topic of your thesis, participate in the scientific conferences and make reports?

20. Do you have any published papers?


My name is Sidorov Pavel Anatolyevitch. Last year I graduated from Tambov State University named after Derzhavin, the Department of Economics. The same year I decided to enter a master's degree course. Now I study for a master's degree in Economics and Management. I specialize in Economics and Regional Management. This field of Economics studies the problems of the resource potential, the population, starting level of economics, the main factors of productive force distribution and regional economics structure reorganization in Russia. As a student, I was interested in theoretical and practical aspects of investment as a mechanism of social and economic reorganization. That is the reason why I decided to continue research work in this field of Economics.

I think the question of investment policy efficiency is up-to-date and quite urgent nowadays because it is considered to be the basis of enterprise development, the technical equipment level, it can help to solve ecological and social problems. Therefore, the subject-matter of my future thesis [’ϑɪsɪs] is “The Regional Investment Management”. I perform my investigation under my scientific supervisor. He is Doctor of Economics, Professor Petrov Ivan Nikolayevitch.

I think this problem is worth considering, that is why the aim of my study is to analyze the main tendencies in the sphere of investment activity in particular region, that is, in Tambov region, and to work out effective investment management policy and to consider its development in prospect. In order to reach this aim, I am going to set the following tasks. First of all, the overall pattern of investment activity in economics should be evaluated. Second, different factors of investment policy in Tambov region are to be outlined, such as: social and economic potential in our region, the legal foundations for attracting investments, and the development of investment activity in perspective. Third, it is very important to investigate different ways of investment inflow, as they are hardly ever being used. Foreign investments are also to be taken into consideration.

I am sure that both home and foreign investments are vital to find a way out of the economic crisis in our country. But, I think, Russian legislative power should work out flexible economic policy for it to be acceptable as for the Russian people, as for the foreign investors.

In order to carry out the investigation I am going to read and analyse home and foreign literature connected with the topic of my future dissertation. I also plan to outline basic methods of the investment policy analysis. I try to write and publish papers on this topic, to participate in the scientific conferences on Economics and to make reports.




Виды работы:

summary, synopsis abstracts of communication paper review monograph is studied were studied The paper studies … is analyzed to investigate to describe to outline to consider collected material a study is made of … to make a study = to undertake a study, to perform a study, to carry out an investigation to perform analysis of accurately, carefully thoroughly, in detail comprehensive preliminary to develop (method) approach to a method generally used modern, current, up-to-date promising, perspective резюме тезисы доклада научная статья обзорная статья монография изучается был рассмотрен в статье рассматривается … анализируется изучать описывать очерчивать рассматривать разные параметры собранный материал исследование проводится   } проводить исследование   выполнить анализ тщательно подробно исчерпывающий предварительный разрабатывать (метод) подход к (проблеме) общепринятый метод современный перспективный


Цель работы:

the aim, the object, the purpose, the task The aim of the study is to determine…   application This method is used (=finds use) in the studies on … be useful, be of use, be helpful be efficient be adequate be devoted, be referred to feature characteristics peculiarity be characteristic of … The method is to … (=consists in … , involves …) can, be capable of to allow, to permit, to enable (us) to make it possible цель, назначение, задача Цель исследования состоит в том, чтобы установить … применение Этот метод применим к исследованиям по … применимый, подходящий действенный соответствующий посвящена черта характерная черта особенность характерно для … Этот метод состоит в том, чтобы … (= состоит в … , заключается в …) может, способен позволять (нам) делать возможным

Оценка и результаты работы:

advantage merit contribution disadvantage, drawback The approach has (presents, offers) several advantages … result on (of) … data on … give strong evidence of … to sum up to search for to find to extend to to obtain to estimate, to evaluate to determine from to conclude to explain (to interpret) in terms of considering, taking into account, with the allowance for agree with correlation be fit to associate with, to relate to преимущество достоинство вклад недостаток Данный подход имеет некоторые преимущества … результат по (чего-либо) … данные о … давать веское доказательство … суммировать, подытоживать исследовать, подбирать находить, обнаруживать распространяться на получать оценивать определять по делать заключение объяснять с точки зрения } с учетом соответствовать соответствие годиться, подходить связывать с

Структура работы:

part, chapter section references list of literature publications the main reason why revision to appear in print recently, lately to make an attempt the last few (decades, months …) часть, глава раздел ссылки список литературы издания основная причина (для) переработка выходить из печати недавно предпринять попытку за последние (десятилетия, месяцы)

Выводы и заключения:

to make (draw, reach) a conclusion to come to a conclusion that … It may be noted that … thus, therefore, consequently, as a result сделать вывод прийти к выводу о том, что Можно отметить, что … таким образом, в результате



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