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Unit 11. Rabbits in Winter

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. A cute rabbit hops into the backyard.

2. Bears and squirrels are sleeping now.

3. They become less active.

4. I want to feel warm like a rabbit.


1. It is a cold morning.

2. Grandpa gives it a lettuce leaf.

3. They grow more fur.

4. It is like a warm winter coat.


hops, lettuce, sleep, active, fur, warm

Unit 12. EmmaТs Bad Habit

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. Emma has a bad habit.

2. Her knee gets hurt.

3. She stepped on a banana peel.

4. I will put trash in trash cans.


1. She always throws trash in the street.

2. Her parents scold her.

3. She learns a lesson.

4. She stops her bad habit!



habit, throws, slips, hurt, peel, stops

Unit 13. JojoТs Story

Vocabulary Practice

1. dry 2. hole 3. bare

4. pour 5. city 6. journey

Sentence Practice

1. He goes to school in the early morning.

2. His long journey is over 10 kilometers.

3. His school is far from any cities.

4. He is happy to be a student.


1. Jojo lives in a small village.

2. He walks on dry land with bare feet.

3. There arenТt any windows.

4. He loves to learn.


early, journey, bare, far, pours, learn

Unit 14. Animal Moms

Vocabulary Practice

1. s / a (sharp) 2. r / e / t (protect) 3. r / e (raise)

4. b / y / s (babysit) 5. e / c (fence) 6. p / c (pouch)

Sentence Practice

1. How do animal moms care for their babies?

2. Her sharp teeth are like a fence.

3. Elephants live in a group.

4. They all love their babies!

1. The baby drinks her milk.

2. A crocodile mom puts her babies in her mouth.

3. They protect her babies.

4. They babysit for each other.


care, warm, teeth, protect, raises, different

Unit 15. A Lesson from Hercules

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. It sinks into the mud.

2. His horse tries to move forward.

3. One wheel wonТt come out of the mud.

4. Try before you ask for help!


1. A man is driving a wagon.

2. I canТt do anything!

3. Why arenТt you doing anything?

4. Put your shoulder on the wheel!


wagon, forward, prays, appears, push, Try

Unit 16. My Green Family

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. We care for the environment.

2. We try not to make it dirty.

3. LetТs use our bikes, not the car.

4. Our actions may look small.


1. We can keep the air clean.

2. I put water bottles and cups in my bag.

3. We bring them back home.

4. They will help save our earth!


environment, bikes, clean, bottles, trash, save

Unit 17. Jane Goodall

Vocabulary Practice

1. lay 2. human 3. tool

4. feeling 5. chimpanzee 6. come true

Sentence Practice

1. There was a young English girl long ago.

2. She spent five hours in a henhouse.

3. She always wanted to live with animals.

4. She found out that chimpanzees are like humans.


1. She loved watching animals.

2. She watched hens lay eggs.

3. Her dream came true.

4. They use tools like us!


watching, lay, true, humans, feelings, tools



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