Unit 8. The Fox and the Goat

Unit 1. The Sack Race

Vocabulary Practice

1. lead 2. sack 3. bump

4. forward 5. finish 6. fall down

Sentence Practice

1. Welcome to sports day.

2. The kids are all in sacks.

3. Josh bumps Jenny and Ron!

4. She is helping them up.


1. They jump forward.

2. Josh is right behind them!

3. They are falling down!

4. Amy is going to win!


sack, forward, behind, bumps, win, finishing

Unit 2. Secret Santa

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. My class is playing Secret Santa.

2. The paper has a name on it.

3. You don’t show it to anyone.

4. Who is my secret Santa?


1. Christmas is coming!

2. You take a piece of paper from a box.

3. You give that person a present.

4. There is a present on my desk.


Secret, fun, take, name, present, wonder

Unit 3. My Brother’s Ukulele

Vocabulary Practice

1. s / r (string) 2. r / t / e (practice) 3. g / t (guitar)

4. e / c (teach) 5. p / m / i (promise) 6. h / f / l (cheerful)

Sentence Practice

1. I look at it closely.

2. It is a ukulele from Hawaii.

3. I ask him to teach me.

4. It will be so much fun!


1. My brother is playing a guitar.

2. It is not a guitar!

3. It has four strings.

4. I love its bright, cheerful sounds.


closely, strings, bright, teach, practice, promise


Unit 4. The Treasure Hunt

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. We are on a treasure hunt.

2. Let’s go to the fountain!

3. It shows some flowers.

4. There is a box of candy!

1. Our teacher gives us a picture of water.

2. What about the pond?

3. I found something!

4. We rush to the garden.


treasure, fountain, find, pond, garden, candy

Unit 5. Goodbye, Old House!

Vocabulary Practice

Sentence Practice

1. We are moving to a new house.

2. Dad is carrying the boxes to the van.

3. Don’t leave anything behind!

4. I can’t wait to have my own room!


1. Mom is packing things in boxes.

2. My sister and I are putting our clothes in bags.

3. Look in your drawers.

4. We are ready to go!


packing, carrying, putting, leave, ready, room

Unit 6. They Look Alike!

Vocabulary Practice

1. a / i (alike) 2. u / p (bumpy) 3. k / i (skin)

4. s / o (smooth) 5. d / f / n (difference) 6. s / m (slim)

Sentence Practice

1. Frogs and toads look alike.

2. Toads have dry, bumpy skin.

3. Frogs also have slim bodies with long legs.

4. Toads can live far away from water.


1. They have some differences.

2. Frogs have wet, smooth skin.

3. Toads have wide bodies with short legs.

4. You can tell frogs from toads!


differences, smooth, dry, slim, near, tell


Unit 7. Good Job, Everyone!

Vocabulary Practice

1. bowl 2. cage 3. bathe

4. afraid 5. volunteer 6. nimal helter

Sentence Practice

1. We are at an animal shelter.

2. I also fill their water bowls.

3. She washes and dries their fur carefully.

4. We are tired but feel very proud.


1. We are volunteering here!

2. Lily bathes the animals.

3. Rachel takes the dogs on a walk.

4. They play and run around.


volunteering, cages, bathes, fur, afraid, proud



Unit 8. The Fox and the Goat

Vocabulary Practice

1. goat 2. leap 3. well

4. without 5. thirsty 6. get out

Sentence Practice

1. He can’t get out!

2. The water tastes really good.

3. He gets out of the well.

4. Next time look before you leap!

1. A fox falls into a well.

2. A thirsty goat comes.

3. The fox jumps onto the goat.

4. Help me out too!


well, thirsty, Jump, leaps, Help, before


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